Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Invasive plants Essay -- Native Plant Species, Environment

Since we are accustomed to a life full of modern conveniences, it is important to remember that human survival still depends on the planets subjective diversity. Pennsylvania has 25,000 species of whole shebangs and animals, with more than 2,100 being native (IConserve, 2007). It is critical to appreciate the sustainable expenditure of these natural resources that influence our beautiful states stinting health and quality of life of all Pennsylvanians. Yet many threats to our habitations biodiversity are present. One significant threat is trespassing(a) set species that are eliminating native position species. Invasive plants are plants which rear aggressively, bed cover and displacing other plants (Ball, 2002). Whether it is intentional or non, they are often introduced by humans. On the other hand, native plants are pants that existed within Pennsylvania beforehand European settlement. Because they are meant to grow here, they are quite beneficial to the purlieu as well as people (Fell 1995). In order to keep on Pennsylvanias health and natural beauty, it is essential to control the harvest-home of invasive plant species while supporting the growth of native plant species. When Pennsylvania was first settled in the 1600s by William Penn, riotous plants covered about 90% of the state (IConserve 2007). All of these plants are considered to be natives because they existed in the area before human settlement. Unfortunately, due to human interactions with nature, the embellish has changed significantly over time. Many plants that once defined Pennsylvania suck in been lose however, this problem can be reversed to some extent. By 2000, five percent of Pennsylvanias native plant species had been lost and another twenty-five percent were in danger o... ...s that are invasive and controlling or destroying any invasive species. These plants are adaptable and grow well under a wide range of conditions and therefore befool a much bet ter chance of thriving. It is also important to use fertilizers in moderation because high nitrogen often stimulates the aggressive growth of plants (Fell, 1995). Planning land management is also important. Weekly mowing is important for the upkeep of lawns and weeding is important for gardens. Pennsylvanias meadows should be mowed annually and woodlands should be monitored for the accept to remove invasive plant species (Ball, 2001). Unfortunately, invasive plants are causing problems not only in Pennsylvania, but all across the country (Invasive Plants obtuse Invaders, 2004). It is essential that efforts are made in order to keep this plant crisis from deteriorating further.

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