Monday, May 6, 2019

How Cura Personalis Relates to the Practice of Pharmacy Essay

How Cura Personalis Relates to the Practice of Pharmacy - Essay compositors caseThe researcher states that through reflection upon various incidences in his life and that of others, the reference has experienced Gods presence. For instance, the researcher at a time got out from a fatal accident alive, and that encounter made him realize that God still had more plans for the author. That experience get out ever so give him the motivation to care for his patient deeply as brothers and sisters in Christ. Being Gods children created in His image and likeness, we have the potential to tap that power and implement it for the practised of ourselves and others. The author will, thitherfore, always strive to commit himself to do and give the best he can for the greater good of every person at his service. For effective treatment recovery of all patients, personal care is essential. Ignatius determine have taught me to care and show concern for the whole person without discrimination. The researcher will, therefore, respect human lordliness always and treat everyone equally without considering religious affiliation believing that we are all children of God. The Cura Personalis will too help the author to treat his patients body, mind, and spirit, thus, treating the whole person because these three are connected. When dealing with patients, the researcher will not always view it as dealing with a condition or disease entirely rather be compassionate about their situation and lives. As a result, he will always make right decisions and prescribe the best treatment. The authors empathetic nature will pride this value to help him connect with the patients and show them that he cares about their best. At critical moments, faith and look at in God will always keep the author moving forward to offer the best services even when people have given hope. Believing that God calls and we are only there to respond requires faith and trust in Him, the institution has incul cated this value into the authors life by bringing God closer to their classroom every time. Prayers before everything will, therefore, keep him strong in faith, thus, tackling whatsoever situation that prevails with confidence and trust in God.

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