Thursday, July 25, 2019

Take home final exam Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Take home final exam - Term Paper Example The advent of ‘Email’ as a form of social media was made in the year 1966. This form of social media has been of great help to the society. In keeping with the advantage, apart from normal sending and receiving of messages through mail, one can also send greeting cards among others. Another form of social media that has facilitated to ease the lifestyle of the masses worldwide is ‘LinkedIn’. This form of social media has been of great assistance to the working people or for businesses. By executing this social media within the organizations, it becomes convenient to get connected with professionals and executives. YouTube became functional in the year 2005. This was considered to be the first major website for hosting along with sharing of the videos worldwide. This has helped the users’ in viewing the videos of their interest. In the year 2006, social media emerged with a new innovation for common users i.e. ‘Facebook’. With this social media, communication amidst the society has become more effective. This assists the society to maintain connection with their closed ones worldwide. ‘Google Buzz’ is the form of social media that acts as a messaging tool. By applying this form of social media, the users can send messages, photos and links among others (Ritholtz Barry, â€Å"History of Social Media†). 2. ... Social media ensures the connection of individuals with friends, along with facilitating to share information and contents among others which contribute to the popularity of social media. In the modern day scenario, communication within the organizations has greatly changed. The traditional form of media is quite different as compared to the new form. Traditional social media comprises newspapers, films and magazines among others. The new form of social media entails inherent properties that have made it more successful rather than the traditional form. With regard to the dimension of accessibility, social media is very easily available at minimum or no cost at all. In order to use social media, there is no requirement of specialized knowledge or skills. In keeping with speed as a property of social media, it is readily available everywhere. Furthermore, it is being used by everyone within the community. Moreover, an individual can communicate with a larger base of audiences without any interruption. New social media is being highly applied by the marketing departments in organizations in order to reach the larger client base at a shorter tenure. Interactivity as another property of social media basically fosters two or multiple way communication. In accordance with longevity as a property of social media, it is generally volatile by nature. Reach of social media is unlimited in terms of contents. Application of social media in modern day context enables the users to search unlimited contents of their interest. Comparatively, in case of traditional media, it is not that volatile, speedy and accessible as the new form of media i.e. social media (Taprial and Kanwar 6-39; Blazevic,

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