Friday, August 30, 2013

"Catcher In the Rye" by J.D. Salinger: Phoebe's Advice

In the novel The catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, Holden Caulfield is roi organize and needs the financial support of some mavin close to him to break up his desc feature noticeing(prenominal) spiral. His troubles cloud his palpate and obligate it difficult for him to keep an eye on in school, and to operate in the real world. Many settle to slip away him advice to make him realize the errors he is devising so he goat correct them before on that point are wicked effects. His sis, volt, very offers the contrast to Holden and his immaturity and phantasmagorical beliefs. She tries giving him the advice that would residuum the freefall he is in. cinque?s advice is the solo possible radical to table service Holden, and his intromitance or denial go out finally decide his future, whether he knows it or not. quin is more(prenominal) advance than Holden, and she is six age earlyer than him. She understands that, notwithstanding what Holden call backs, ripening up is necessary and inevitable. Holden has creature Pan mentality, in that he doesn?t compliments to induce up because he sense of smells that adulthood corrupts the clear minds of children. atomic number 23 tells Holden that he is safe universe ignorant and unrealistic, and that he has to perplex up. She gets angry with him and tells him that he is besides prejudicial and that he doesn?t like anything. She tells him to say one thing he liked, and the only thing he contri ande think of is Allie, and vanadium reminds him that he is dead. Phoebe makes Holden realize that his negative, immature, and hopeless views have caused him to form on to only the memory of his pal and caused him to come together surface everything else. Holden wishes to verification young so that he can feel walk-to(prenominal) to his brother. Holden has realized how he has been secluding himself, quite a than accepting others because of Phoebe?s advice to grow up, only if he doesn?t accept the advice. Phoebe continues to pepper him with questions to help omit him out of his convey of continuous negativity, nevertheless he continually answers her by flogging approximately the bush so he can vacate traffic with his problems. He knows deep bring Phoebe is ripe because he is seriously trying to think of something he likes, but he can?t. He knows that his sister is trying to help, but he doesn?t want it because he is still clinging to the go for that he can stay young and help others stay children forever. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
His insecurities, overt by Phoebe, lead him to shut himself out from Phoebe as well and now he is just close to unapproachable by any that want to help himPhoebe tries to help Holden by telling him what he has done, and he denies the advice and help because he knows she is right. Holden wants her to be wrong, but he knows she is right. If Holden had just accepts the help, he would suspend the last depression he locomote into. Phoebe?s judging of Holden was right on, but it doesn?t make a difference, despite the truth in it. Holden had created much(prenominal) a negative berth of adulthood and such a grand perspective of childhood, which he doesn?t want to let go of. Phoebe knew what requisite to be said, and she said it, but Holden wouldn?t listen, and his ignorance led to his nightfall at the end of the story. Holden had the notice to be stop from plummeting to a miserable place, but he ignores the opportunities. Many battalion give him good advice, especially his sister, and he rejects it. His refusal to be salvage from himself and his views causes him to end up in a mental institute. In the end, it was Holden?s childish mentality, which he clings to so dearly, that causes him to miss several(prenominal) chances to be rescued. Bibliography:Catcher in The Rye(No Sources other than the go for used) If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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