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Acquisition of a Good Education

Education is defined as acquiring skills. There are many different ways to be educated and many subjects that can be studied. A good education is one that teaches a student to think. This is proven by Edith Hamilton, Malcolm X, and Adrian Rich in their works to define what they believe about learning and its importance to our world. In Edith Hamilton's essay, The Ever-present Past, she described a good education as one that is modeled after the ancient Greek's ideas. She defines being educated as being â€Å"able to be caught up into a world of thought† (752). The Greeks were taught to think. They were cultivated on an individual level so that they knew how to conceive ideas on their own. During the times of the ancient Greeks students were shown how to appreciate poetry, music, arts, and mathematics. They carried their education of thought into their government and their ways of life. The era of the ancient Greeks was laid by the teachings of their schools and therefore helped make them into a notable civilization. Today, Hamilton believes that with our set way of teaching we are not encouraging individuals to think. She concludes that we are â€Å"headed towards a standardization of minds† (756). Hamilton believes that we need to challenge our society to shape our educational goals after those of the Greeks. With the problems our world faces we should study how the Greeks triumphed in a savage world and how they were educated to do so. Then maybe we can learn how to prevent the â€Å"standardization of the minds† in our society and avoid repeating the ill-fated history of the ancient Greeks (754). In Malcolm X's, â€Å"Freedom Through Learning To Read†, a chapter of his autobiography, he describes a good education as being able to understand life. He wrote of how he desired to acquire more knowledge. This inner struggle began when he envied his friend's intelligence and when he was unable to express himself eloquently in letters. From that point he began to read everything. Malcolm X started by copying a dictionary to learn all the words he could. From there he never spent fifteen minutes free time without a book (48). As he studied the works of Mr. Elijah Muhammad he realized how the history of the black Americans were not included in most books. He searched to find a book to learn the history of the African-Americans and finally found a few that taught him about slavery (49). Malcolm X said that through his domestic education a new world had been opened up to him. He achieved his goal of learning to read and through that obtain what is considered by many a good education. He was able to read, understand, and form ideas and opinions based on what he had read (53). Through reading Malcolm X was capable of expressing his own views and our society benefited greatly from this self-educated man. In Adrienne Rich's, â€Å"Claiming An Education†, a speech given at Douglass College, she describes a good or serious education as the study of languages, ideas, methods, and values (58). Part of being educated is â€Å"refusing to let others do your thinking, naming, or talking for you†(59). Some of the most important things needed to fulfill intellectual independence are to learn the ways of rationalizing, deep discussions, and writing. Rich writes about how it is our own responsibility to claim an education and how we should not sell ourselves short (59). In order to learn we first need to assess what we hear and read in our courses to form an opinion (57). In order to form an opinion, Rich says that we have to first commit ourselves to our studies and expect others to show us respect. Rich describes an education as a commitment and a responsibility (59). Throughout these essays the main ideas were that to be educated a student has to be an individual and be able to think. There are many arguments over what we should study and how we should be taught. There is no wrong or right way to teach or certain subjects that need to be studied. As long as the students are taught to think for themselves and have the desire to learn, they will be able to obtain a good education.

Legal Framework †Employement Act Essay

The company complained that Encik Pokok’s application for leave was only received by Encik Bunga on the 26th November 1996. The leave application was not approved because it was not following the company procedure and secondly, reasonable excuse was not given. Encik Pokok was dismissed without internal inquiry done. Encik Pokok claimed that he had submitted his leave application on the 23rd November 1996. His application was pass to his friend to be given to his supervisor, Encik Daun. He assumed that his leave application was authorized. Encik Pokok said that he went to the Pejabat Kadi on the 23rd November 1996 to settle his sister in law’s case and the next two days, to celebrate their engagement. For the 26th November 1996, he claimed he went to the labour office in Temerloh with his friend. Due to fatigue, he did not go to work. He made a verbal leave application to the company through one of the company’s officers who was available at that time. Encik Pokok claimed that he was unlawfully terminated. He complained that internal inquiry had to be done prior to his termination because it violates Section 14 of the Employment Act 1955 and Item 35 of the joint agreement. Power to make awards 35. —(1) A Court shall have power in relation to a trade dispute of which it has cognizance to make an award (including an interim award) relating to all or any of the industrial matters in dispute. (1A) A Court shall not consider a dispute relating to the dismissal of an employee or make an award relating to the reinstatement of an employee except in circumstances arising out of a contravention of section 82. 2) Notwithstanding subsection (1A), where an employee considers that he has been dismissed without just cause or excuse by his employer, in circumstances other than those arising out of a contravention of section 82, he may, within one month of such dismissal, make, through his trade union, representations in writing to the Minister to be reinstated in his former employment (3) The M inister may, before making decision on any such representations, by writing under his hand request the Commissioner to inquire into the dismissal and report whether in his opinion the dismissal is without just cause or excuse instated in his former employment. (4) The Minister, if he decides to deal with the representations himself, shall before making a decision thereon give an opportunity to the employer to make representations in writing as to the reasons why he considered the dismissal of the employee to be justified. 5) If, after considering the representations of the trade union and of the employer (if any) and any report made by the Commissioner under subsection (3), the Minister is satisfied that the employee has been dismissed without just cause or excuse he may, notwithstanding any rule of law or agreement to the contrary — (a) direct the employer to reinstate the employee in his former employment and to pay the employee an amount that is equivalent to the wages that the employee would have earned had he not been dismissed by the employer; or (b) direct the employer to pay such amount of wages as compensation as may be determined by the Minister. 5A) The employer shall comply with the direction of the Minister under subsec tion (5). (6) The decision of the Minister on any representations made under this section shall be final and conclusive and shall not be challenged in any court or in a Court established under this Act. 7) Any direction by the Minister under subsection (5) shall operate as a bar to any action for damages by the employee in any court in respect of the wrongful dismissal (8) An employer who fails to comply with the direction of the Minister under subsection (5) shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction by a District Court to a fine not exceeding $5,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both. 9) Where an amount to be paid under subsection (5) is not paid in accordance with the direction of the Minister and the employer has been convicted of an offence under subsection (8), the amount, or so much thereof as remains unpaid, shall be recoverable by a District Court as if it were a fine and the amount so recovered shall be paid to the employe e entitled under the direction. Answer: As the defending lawyer, the Company did not make a correct decision in terminating Encik Pokok. The reason is because Encik Pokok has attempted to inform the Company by submitting the leave application form to Encik Daud through his friend on 23rd Nov 1996. Encik Pokok also made a verbal application for leave on the 26th November 1996 through a company official on duty at that time. This would mean that technically he was not absent for more than two consecutive days. Therefore ; According to Employment Act 1955, section 15(2), An employee shall be deemed to have broken his contract of service with the employer if he has been continuously absent from work for more than two consecutive working days without prior leave from his employer, unless he has a reasonable excuse for such absence and has informed or attempted to inform his employer of such excuse prior to or at the earliest opportunity during such absence. The Company also failed to conduct a domestic inquiry to give Encik Pokok a chance to defend himself and offer reasonable excuse why he failed to turn up for work. Therefore Section 14(1) of the Employment Act applies. According to Employment Act 1955 section 14(1), An employer may, on the grounds of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfillment of the express or implied condition of his service, after a due inquiry – (a) Dismiss without notice the employee; Habitual absenteeism (of less than two days at a time but on a frequent basis) would be defined as unauthorized absence from work on a certain number of days per month over a 6 month period. Initially warnings would be given, but if the absence persists, the employee may face dismissal. The failure to be punctual would be treated the same way as habitual absenteeism. In this case, the company failed to show whether Encik Pokok is a habitual absentee by not producing historical records of his attendance. However reported cases show that a breach of contract and termination are dealt as separate issues. As such a breach of contract may not lead to an automatic termination of employment. The consequence of such a breach would depend on the conditions of employment. Conclusion Encik Pokok was a victim of wrongful dismissal and the company must reinstate him immediately. The company has the right to issue written warning for the 24th and 25th November 1996 for unauthorized leave. Question 3 (b) You are defending lawyer for the Company. Has the Company made a correct decision in terminating Mr. Good . Discuss? Case facts: Mr. Good was charged with sleeping while on duty on 12th June 1997 at 7. 30pm in the music room at Tan Sri William Cheng’s house in Petaling Jaya. Mr. Good was instructed Vide a letter on 17th June 1997 to attend an inquiry on 20th June 1997 to hear the charge. Mr. Good says that he had been dismissed without due inquire. He denied that he had committed the offence alleged of and argued that the company had merely acted on suspicion. Answer: Company did not make a correct decision. This is due to the fact that Mr. Good was not caught sleeping red handed and Mr. Bad and Miss Sexy’s allegations were only implied. There were actually no eye witnesses. The court may conclude as it is only allegation as there is no evidence of Mr. Good committing the misconduct, as such the Company even failed to: 1) The Company did not conduct a domestic inquiry. The company should call for domestic inquire as it is an internal inquiry into some alleged misconduct by an employee. The main objectives of the domestic inquiry are to establish whether the alleged misconduct is proven or not and if the misconduct is proven, to recommend a punishment that is appropriate to the offence committed. The complainant is normally the management of the company but sometimes, can also be the victim of the alleged misconduct. At the domestic inquiry, the employer will present its case and the employee is given an equal opportunity to defend himself against the charges of misconduct. Under Employment Act 1955 Section14 (1) where an employer may on the grounds of misconduct inconsistent with the fulfillment of the express of implied conditions of his service, after due inquiry – 2) Absence of show cause letter or letter of disciplinary, As to Mr. Bad and Ms. Sexy’s statement on Mr. Good was caught committing the same offence 3 years ago, there were no records as the company did not issue any show cause letter or letter of disciplinary action. Conclusion The Company did not follow the proper dismissal procedures in accordance to Employment Act 1955, which relates to misconduct.

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Critically discuss Michel Foucault’s concept of knowledge/power

In â€Å"The Order of Things† (1973) Michel Foucault describes an episteme as the combination of institutions, discourses, knowledges and practices that organise the way we do things, making some actions acceptable and others unthinkable. He also says these processes of organisation in society are generally invisible. Critically discuss Michel Foucault's concept of knowledge/power with reference to Arthur Miller's film â€Å"The Crucible. † Michel Foucault's is a theorist who demonstrates a modernist way of thinking. Based on one of David Morley's definitions of the postmodern phenomenon being â€Å"a form of cultural sensibility and a mode of thought, particularly appropriate to analyzing the period† (Morley: 1996, p. 50), Foucault could be considered a postmodernist and a poststructuralist. However, some may consider his earlier works, like The Order of Things, to be structuralist as it may have possibly reflected a lack of distinction at the time it was written and received. Rather than narrating the nature of reality, Foucault intended to give descriptions of a variety of structures of knowledge also referred to as episteme. Arthur Miller's film â€Å"The Crucible† explores issues that are parallel to Foucault's thoughts of power and knowledge, however, Miller uses actual historical events as the background for his modernist ideas. The concept of knowledge and power explored in Foucault's text The Order of Things can be critically analysed with reference to more contemporary work of Arthur Miller, allowing one to draw distinctions between Foucault's theories and the concepts of collective evil, personal conscience, guilt, love and redemption explored in the film. In The Order of Things, Foucault can give up the philosophy of the subject without depending on ideas from social issues in society, which, according to his own analysis, are confined the modern form of knowledge. Foucault had studied the form of knowledge that appears with the claim of rescuing the intelligible from everything empirical, accidental, and particular, and that becomes especially suitable as medium of power in particular on account of this â€Å"pretended separation of validity from genesis† (Kelly: 1995, p. 82). This lack of empiricism in Foucault's thoughts reflects a modernist way of thinking. The article â€Å"Conclusion: Speaking as Deputy Sheriff† by Osborne and Lewis, has evidence of a similar modernist approach to thinking and lack of empirical theories. It is less focused on the idea that what ever is true should be measured; instead it makes statements and develops an analysis based on sciences or theory. An example is when it suggests that â€Å"a more historically aware approach to thinking about communication in Australia would be a useful place to start† (Lewis & Osborne: 2001, p212). This modernist approach to thinking about knowledge determines â€Å"the ensemble of rules according to which the true and the false are separated and specific effects of power attached to the true† (Kelly: 1995, p. 82). At the beginning of The Order of Things, Foucault claims for a will that consists of truth for all times and all societies: â€Å"Every society has its regime of truth, its ‘general politics' of truth: that is, the types of discourse which it accepts and makes it function as true. † This ideology is reflected in Arthur Miller's film â€Å"The Crucible† which is set in a small town, Salem. The entire village becomes consumed by certain beliefs and certain truths which include their indisputable faith in God and the existence of witches, witch craft and the devil. The Order of Things is the story of the â€Å"return of language† which explains the fundamental position of literature in our culture. Ours is a period in which language is taken to be at the source of all thought, and this is what highlights the importance of modernist writing. Language is â€Å"the strict unfolding of Western culture in accordance with the necessity it imposed upon itself at the beginning of the nineteenth century† (Rajchman: 1985, p. 3). The significance of language is also reflected in ‘The Crucible' when John Proctor refuses to sign a false confession, claiming â€Å"you can not take away my name†. He believed this would have happened by signing the confession onto paper, epitomising the impact that language has when printed on paper. In The Order of Things, Foucault paints a picture of modernist culture in which there is no character of man and science is no longer independent or universal. All scientific, aesthetic, and moral problems are reduced to problems of language, and languages have no warrant or foundation beyond themselves. Rajchman states that â€Å"Language becomes the limits of our being. It is only in transgressive writing that these limits are transcended; writers are the heroes of our age. This is a picture of what I call ‘post-Enlightenment literary culture. ‘† Many literary modernists, including Rajchman and Foucault, tell the story of how language had returned as the fundamental problem of our period, and our literacy culture which thus â€Å"finds itself† to be telling its own history. Foucault claims that â€Å"literature in our day†¦ s a phenomenon whose necessity has its roots in a vast configuration in which the whole structure of our thought and our knowledge is traced† (Rajchman: 1985, p. 25). In The Order of Things, it is clear that Foucault is hostile to the culture that reifies Man, and urges the reader to embrace the post-humanist age he foresees. Foucault rejects the traditional (Enlightenment) idea of progress and science, instead he constructs his history of knowledge with a lack of connection, and his literary history contains a hidden teleology giving way to immediate links to â€Å"The Crucible†. Stuart Hall and Bram Gieben describe the Enlightenment idea of progress as â€Å"the idea that the natural and social condition of human beings could be improved, by the application of science and reason† (Hall & Gieben: 1992, p. 22). â€Å". Both Miller and Foucault are modernist thinkers as they reject this Enlightenment concepts of progress, for example, the film â€Å"The Crucible† does not end with an improved social condition and happiness instead it comes to an abrupt end by the death of a central character and hero. In The Order of Things we find an attempt to â€Å"de-anthropologise† the concept of freedom. In â€Å"The Crucible†, John Proctor found freedom in the form of death. By not giving up his name in the confession he was condemned to be hung. However, his knowledge of what the real truth was allowed him to be free in his own sense of the word. This relates to Foucault's idea of power that he describes as â€Å"a way in which certain actions modify others† (O'Farrell: 1989, p. 119). But because of the freedom of the acting subjects, no matter what violence or seduction actions that make up power choose to exercise, the object of power can ultimately escape and refuse power even if only through death. This idea was taken from Foucault who said â€Å"the exercise of power may produce as much acceptance as may be wished for: it can pile up the dead and shelter itself behind whatever threats it can imagine. In itself the exercise of power is not violence; nor is it a consent which implicitly is renewable† (Foucault: 1977, p. 228). O'Farrell and Foucault's ideas are epitomized in the film ‘The Crucible', when John Proctor refused to sign the confession or in this case refused power, he was set free even if it were to be through death. These power relationships were then abolished once the subject was freed and hence there was no possible point of reversal hence the film was forced to an abrupt end. Foucault also believes there is no suspicion that our language, our work, and our bodies might determine the description of our actions and our world in ways we do not realise and can't change. However, there are many reasons why this theory should be questioned, an example existing in the film â€Å"The Crucible†. The young girls who were accused of witchery manifested power over their bodies and their language in order to convince the courts and an entire village of the existence of ‘their world' and the fact they could see the devil. All this was done in a quest to cover up their actions that was dancing naked around a fire in the forest. This idea creates a contradiction to Foucault's theory. However, Foucault also says that our problem becomes â€Å"not the possibility of knowledge but the possibility of a primary misunderstanding† (Rajchman: 1985, p. 13) which indeed was true in the case of the young girls of the film. In The Order Of Things, Foucault challenges new intellectual writings in regard to the change in utopian thought. In the classical period, utopia was the dream of an ideal beginning in which everything would perfectly fit into Tables of Representation. In Foucault's argument he states that â€Å"The great dream of an end of History is the utopia of casual systems of thought just as the dream of the world's beginnings was the utopia of the classifying systems of thoughts. In â€Å"The Crucible† the idea of witch craft challenges this world of utopia and one can question who has the authority to classify utopia, Miller or Foucault? Foucault's ideas challenge many of the ideas that run through â€Å"The Crucible† as he wishes not only to â€Å"de anthropologise† any nineteenth century utopian imaginations, dissociate our hopes of ever realising meaning and separate our freedom from philosophical theories about our nature. Much of Foucault's work is contradictory and this confuses anyone trying to analyse meaning in his writings. In The Order of Things he had looked at the way in which the human subject is defined through scientific discourse as a working, living, speaking individual (O'Leary: 2002, p. 59). However, Foucault deals with a collective and a great deal is to do with his unconscious ideas of perceptions; individuals play almost no role in his work. He is not concerned with the discoveries of scientists or other philosophers. However, it is difficult to imagine the human sciences without specific individuals. Thus, Foucault uses individuals such as Ricardo, Cuvier and Bopp in his work, however they â€Å"are not depicted as real people, no reference is made to their lives and little consideration is given to the controversies surrounding their ideas, since these issues are regarded as merely surface phenomena† (Spier: 1983, p. 166). As a result, the reliability of Foucault's work can be questioned because a crucial part of critical thinking and analysis when investigating other theorists work is their background and what may be the reasons behind their specific way of thinking. However, Foucault justifies himself explaining that he â€Å"tries to explore scientific discourse not from the point of view of the formal structures of what they are saying, but from the point of view of the rules that come into play in the very existence of such discourse† (Spier: 1983, p. 166). Spier raises an interesting critic of Foucault bringing his status as an author-subject into question. â€Å"If language rather than man speaks, as he claims, and if the statement â€Å"I am writing† is a contradiction comparable to â€Å"I am lying†, then who is the author of the order of things? (Spier: 1983, p. 167). This raises the question, is Foucault a universal voice of our time or is he merely speaking for himself. If he is speaking for himself as he suggests, then does he claim that what he is saying is a lie? Much of Foucault's work makes contradictory statements and thus is not necessarily reliable when looking for truths, instead his writing is the developing process of his thoughts and is often experimental so should be read with an open mind and thought about critically. Foucault's analyses may be regarded as a contribution to an understanding of the historical conditions of possibility of the human sciences and their social and political effects. The underlying connection within Foucault's work is the assessment of the relation between forms of rationality and forms of power, or of the relation between the emergence of particular forms of knowledge and the exercise of specific forms of power. Foucault believes that power is exercised upon the dominant as well as on the dominated and that there is a process of self-formation or auto-colonisation involved (Smart: 1983, p. 4). If we put this theory into practice within â€Å"The Crucible† one can suggest that Foucault's idea of power is quite naive. In â€Å"The Crucible† the young girls were from the dominant culture in Salem and exercised their power over the lower classes (or the dominated). However, there was no retaliation and so power was not exercised onto the girls (the dominant) in any case. Thus, Foucault theory is merely a generalisation and not appropriate as a rule on the whole. Power relations, Foucault claims are â€Å"‘intentional' and ‘non-subjective'†¦ They are imbued, through and through, with calculation: there is no power that is exercised without a series of aims and objectives† (Dreyfus & Rabinow: 1982, p. 187). This idea states that at the local level there is often a high degree of conscious decision making, planning and plotting. Foucault refers to this as the local cynicism of power (Dreyfus & Rabinow: 1982, p. 187). In â€Å"The Crucible† the young girls execute power over the village through their conscious actions to protect themselves, many were young and naive, and fear was driving them to accuse the innocent. Their actions would ultimately lead the execution of innocent and respected members of the town. Some of the elder girls such as the head Abigail knew very well of her actions and used strategically planned methods of power. The following phrase by Foucault epitomises power very accurately when in relation to these girls from â€Å"The Crucible†; â€Å"People know what they do; they frequently know why they do what they do; but don't know is what they do does† (Dreyfus & Rabinow: 1982, p. 187). This theory on power is an example of how both Foucault and Miller may have been influenced by other modernist thinkers such as Max Weber, a modernist thinker. He believed that power is the †chance of a man or a number of men to realize their own will in a social action even against the resistance of others who are participating in the action† (Max Weber, Basic Terms-The Fundamental Concepts of Sociology: 1942) In much of Foucault's writing there are seeming contradictions especially in this return to the traditional philosophic view or Enlightenment idea that description and interpretation ultimately must correspond to the way things really are. However, Foucault does admit to his somewhat unreal approach to writing. â€Å"I am fully aware that I have never written anything other than fiction. For all that, I would want to say that they were outside the truth. It seems plausible to me to make fictions work within truth, to introduce truth-effects within a fictional discourse†¦ † With this is mind one can say that Foucault's writing is still informative and helpful in its own right and reveals more about society and its practices than about ultimate reality. In The Order of Things, Foucault does describe an episteme as the combination of institutions, discourses, knowledge and practices that organise the way we do things, making some actions acceptable rather than unthinkable. In many ways Foucault's concepts of knowledge and power are contradictory to his own existing theories. While many of Foucault's ideas are parallel with Arthur Miller's film, â€Å"The Crucible†, some of his ideas reject Miller's way of thinking. This non-uniformity in Foucault's analysis can however be justified, because it is hard to believe that in any given culture and at any given moment, there is only one episteme that defines the possibility of all knowledge, power relations, the concepts of freedom and truth, whether it be in a theory or demonstrated in practice or action.

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The Nature of Tragedy in Antigone is Unique and Profound Essay

The Nature of Tragedy in Antigone is Unique and Profound - Essay Example It is hard to see how it could ever have been maintained, except by those whose minds were prejudiced by predetermined opinions regarding the proper functions of tragedy. The whole tone of the play is against it. Right from the beginning to the end the reader’s/spectator’s sympathies are enlisted on the side of Antigone and in favor of the belief that human law must give way to the divine promptings of the ethics. Midway through the play, the Chorus makes an appearance on the scene to announce that the tragedy has begun. His speech offers a meta-theatrical commentary on the nature of tragedy. Here, in an obvious reference to Jean Cocteau, tragedy emulates the workings of a machine in perfect order, blithe and automatic in function. The candid and desultory event sets it on its unalterable march: in some sense, it has been lying in wait for its medium. Tragedy belongs to an order outside human time and action. It will advocate itself in spite of its players’ agenda and their attempts at involvement. Many critics allude to the ambivalent nature of this suspense. As noted by the Chorus, in tragedy everything is in the past. The spectator has abdicated, masochistically, to an array of events it abhors to watch. Suspense, here, is the period before those events actual realization. Having compared tragedy to other media, the Chorus then sets it off circuitously, particularly in the mode of melodrama. The tragedy is manifest as docile, cogent and eminent, free of melodramatic stock characters, dialogues, and other confrontations. All these are exigencies and hence inevitable.

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Wellness Center. Sunnyside Wellness Center Inc Essay

Wellness Center. Sunnyside Wellness Center Inc - Essay Example These services will give the firm a competitive edge over what the others in this industry have to offer. The demand for organic cooking classes is on the rise. â€Å"Recent surveys indicate that the demand is so strong that supply is not able to keep up with it† (Stith, 2011). The company will be a full service 24 hour facility with state of the art equipment, personal training, spa, sauna cooking classes, and class connection via internet. The customers will have the ability to not only take our organic cooking classes live, but also via the internet. Mission Statement The mission of the company is to focus on individual health and well being while increasing the knowledge of organic nutrition to achieve rejuvenation of the mind body and spirit. The firm’s objective is to be recognized as an alternative health and fitness solution resource for families, businesses, and individuals. The idea is to eventually spread into a franchise opportunity where others will have a chance to benefit from the pro-type business. Upon review of the competition no one is currently offering the service of organic cooking classes live or via internet. Introduction Sunnyside will offer new and innovating services which will educate and empower our consumers. In addition our consumers will experience the ultimate rejuvenation services through a combination of medical massage therapy in our state of the art sauna and spa rooms. This new way of servicing consumers in the fitness industry was born out of the ideal to addresses a need and want, and impact health issues in a positive way. New services are created to address the needs of society. The purpose of this business project is to establish a facility that concentrates on fitness and nutrition concerns for everyday people. In addition providing essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside, using natural methods that are chemical-free and allow the consumer to take responsibility for their health . This is a viable business opportunity because it utilizes the key foundational factors of health and fitness. In 2010 the health and fitness industry in the United States generated $24.23 billion (Ibisworld, 2011). Sunnyside Wellness & Spa Centers (SWSC) competitive edge will be the new and dynamic organic cooking classes within its facilities in addition to the sauna & spa. This venture will be successful because it addresses the nutritional and physical concerns that many consumers have. â€Å"Public and private organizations have mounted ongoing efforts to change Americans behavior toward nutrition and exercise† (Fatworld). The other similar businesses in the greater Chicagoland area currently do not offer nutritional instruction along with fitness programs, sauna/spa, and workout equipment. A full service health and wellness center with an equal emphasis on healthy cooking & eating will be a positive impact on society. The firm expects to see a significant impact the fi rst year; the sales projections for the first year are over 3 million dollars. This information is contained in the sales forecast. The target market of the enterprise are  males, females, either  single and/or with families in the greater Chicagoland area. The first task is to convince consumers of the benefits of enrolling in an organic cooking class along with the fitness programs. This will be accomplished by aggressively pursuing interaction and relationships with individuals who would profit from using this new service. Once a strong image is established, Sunnyside Wellness

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Films Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Films - Essay Example Furthermore, it may be believed that almost fifty years later, these directors and auteurs may have lost their magic. These thoughts could not be further from the truth. Film is an ever-changing entity, though this does not mean that what was in the past is no longer accepted in the present. The works of Scorsese, Coppola, Lucas, and Allen are still being highly praised for their unique styles. Not only have some of these directors and auteurs made new films that still hold true to their extraordinary talents, such as Scorsese’s newest animated film and Lucas’s consistent reign over the Star Wars franchise, but their older works - the ones that brought these men under a still-burning spotlight - are continuing to be held in high regard. Their style of films may not be as common today as they were decades ago, but they are still appreciated and revered. As such, the time of these men have not passed. Indeed, these men are going as strong as ever. As long as people continue to value and praise the works of these talented men, they will still be considered some of the film industry’s greatest and most unique contributors. These men may be getting along in age and experimenting with new methods of film, but they will never be past their

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Internal refusal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Internal refusal - Essay Example I would like to inform you that at the moment the company is going through a lot of challenges and, therefore, at the moment we are unable to attend to that request. I really appreciate your creativity and innovativeness by coming up with such a proposal as we know knowledge is power and, therefore, it should always be pursued at all stages in career development. Currently we are opening up a new branch and in addition a lot of funds have been set aside for the setting up of ten automatic teller machines within the state. Therefore, with all these plans in place, it is virtually impossible to set up such an innovative program as it requires quite a considerable amount of funds to establish. As the human resource manager, I would try and talk with the managing director and see what measures can be set up to implement the program in the coming financial year. I would like to let you that your annual appraisal has matured and you can pick it from the accounts department anytime from next week. We are looking forward to your continued

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Explain how the treatment of internal and external customers is one Essay

Explain how the treatment of internal and external customers is one more important than the other How does this affect "quality" in the organization - Essay Example Internal customers are the human capital that constitutes the factors of production. The expertise of the internal customers determine the quality of the output which the influence the external customers. In a service industry for example, the knowledge and skills of the employees influence the end product which determines the satisfaction of external customers. In Hill & Allen (2007) the external customers also influence the operations of the organization. A service industry like the Insurance industry is usually operated by the needs and wants of the external customers. The needs or complaints of the external customers are normally factored by the organization with great interest. In return, the organization executes their demand with effective conditions in order to suit their tastes and preferences. Martinez & Hobbi (2008) explain that the internal customers facilitate in the marketing of the organizations services. The internal customers through effective communication and delivery of the services influence the customers’ perception. The Insurance Industry in one slippery sector that is entirely operated by the act of faith. The internal customers are required to fully disclose the benefits and terms and conditions of the policy so as the external customers can be convinced in order to purchase the product. Hill & Alexander (2006) explain the external customers act as a measure of the organization’s performance. The effectiveness of an organization’s operations can be evaluated based on the external customers’ feedbacks. A company that pollutes the environment can receive negative comments regarding activities and vice versa. In addition, the quality of its services and products can be evaluated based on their numbers (sales), feedbacks and support. The services or products delivery of the internal customers is highly on the organization’s support. The health sector for example, is a vital

Take home final exam Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Take home final exam - Term Paper Example The advent of ‘Email’ as a form of social media was made in the year 1966. This form of social media has been of great help to the society. In keeping with the advantage, apart from normal sending and receiving of messages through mail, one can also send greeting cards among others. Another form of social media that has facilitated to ease the lifestyle of the masses worldwide is ‘LinkedIn’. This form of social media has been of great assistance to the working people or for businesses. By executing this social media within the organizations, it becomes convenient to get connected with professionals and executives. YouTube became functional in the year 2005. This was considered to be the first major website for hosting along with sharing of the videos worldwide. This has helped the users’ in viewing the videos of their interest. In the year 2006, social media emerged with a new innovation for common users i.e. ‘Facebook’. With this social media, communication amidst the society has become more effective. This assists the society to maintain connection with their closed ones worldwide. ‘Google Buzz’ is the form of social media that acts as a messaging tool. By applying this form of social media, the users can send messages, photos and links among others (Ritholtz Barry, â€Å"History of Social Media†). 2. ... Social media ensures the connection of individuals with friends, along with facilitating to share information and contents among others which contribute to the popularity of social media. In the modern day scenario, communication within the organizations has greatly changed. The traditional form of media is quite different as compared to the new form. Traditional social media comprises newspapers, films and magazines among others. The new form of social media entails inherent properties that have made it more successful rather than the traditional form. With regard to the dimension of accessibility, social media is very easily available at minimum or no cost at all. In order to use social media, there is no requirement of specialized knowledge or skills. In keeping with speed as a property of social media, it is readily available everywhere. Furthermore, it is being used by everyone within the community. Moreover, an individual can communicate with a larger base of audiences without any interruption. New social media is being highly applied by the marketing departments in organizations in order to reach the larger client base at a shorter tenure. Interactivity as another property of social media basically fosters two or multiple way communication. In accordance with longevity as a property of social media, it is generally volatile by nature. Reach of social media is unlimited in terms of contents. Application of social media in modern day context enables the users to search unlimited contents of their interest. Comparatively, in case of traditional media, it is not that volatile, speedy and accessible as the new form of media i.e. social media (Taprial and Kanwar 6-39; Blazevic,

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Wood in Construction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Wood in Construction - Essay Example Working with laminates is much harder than working with plywood. The traditional methods of working with screws and nails work well with plywood. However, laminates cannot hold nails since they are weaker hence they are only joined by screws. Laminates and plywood can be compared in terms of their difference in lamination. Laminates are often laminated when they are being manufactured. Plywood, on the other hand, is not pre laminated by the manufacturer (Miller, 1963). Therefore, decorative laminates have to be bought separately, trimmed to size and glued to the plywood during construction. Lastly, laminates and plywood differ in quality. Laminates get damaged easily when exposed to humidity and moisture while plywood is mostly resistant. It is manufactured in various grades ranging from marine grade plywood to moisture resistant ply wood.Today, various types of wood are used in construction. For example, Pine, Douglas fir, and Poplar are often used to make solid wood doors (Meza, 20 13). Wood has been tested and used efficiently over the years for a different variety of structural activities. New houses in the world today are mostly made of wood framed construction. However, one needs to comprehend its weaknesses and strengths in the construction process before using it. The most attractive component of laminates for customers in the construction industry is most likely that it is cheaper when compared to solid wood or plywood. However, plywood is more durable and costlier.

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Obama or Romney Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Obama or Romney - Essay Example Firstly, this brief essay will consider Romney. Romney claims to have a very different view from the President with regards to the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009. However, the fact of the matter is that while governor of Massachusetts, Romney instituted a healthcare plan statewide that served as the very inspiration for the later adoption of the Affordable Health Care Act. As such, Romney continues to attempt to distance himself from this and claim that if he is elected president he will do all in his power to overturn the legislation. Obviously, such a disconnect from action/practice and actuality does not help Romney to appear as a steadfast candidate with regards to this particular issue. Similarly, much the same is true with regards to Romney’s stance on abortion. While campaigning for the gubernatorial race of Massachusetts, Romney went out of his way to emphasize that he was a pro-choice candidate. Similarly, most of the issues that involved abortion he masterfully d odged without coming down too hard in either direction. Yet, as he is running for a nationwide audience now and not merely for the gubernatorial candidacy of a small moderately liberal northeastern state, Romney has tracked to the right significantly and now claims that he will make it a policy directive to use his power to enforce the â€Å"sanctity of life†. Such a disconnect from his prior positions begs the question to what degree Romney is merely playing to the base of the Republican/conservative movement and what degree he actually espouses such a newfound believe in the sanctity of life. The case with Obama is somewhat different. Due to the fact that Obama is a sitting president, it is much easier to measure his actions against the words that he spoke back in the 2008 presidential election cycle. Although like any politician, Obama has embellished a bit and claimed to be able to perform feats that no president be reasonably expected to perform, the fact of the matter i s that in regards to the main issues, Obama has remained decidedly issue oriented and issue focused. With respect to his campaign promise to engage with Congress to create a lasting and historic solution to the issues that face many Americans in regards to healthcare, Obama, with the help of a Democratic controlled Congress, enacted the Affordable Health Care Act of 2009. Additionally, Obama has also made good on his campaign promise to cease military operations within Iraq and bring the majority of combat troops stationed there back home. This campaign promise and its ultimate implementation was an important step due to the fact that it allowed him to take an increased role of tracking al Qaeda and in helping the United States to locate and kill Osama bin Laden; the mastermind of the September 11th attacks that killed over 3,000 United States citizens. It should be noted though that this author does have a strong issue with the President’s foreign policy. Whereas he campaign ed on a platform of military non-aggression and sought to bring the majority of US combat troops home as a function of ending the pointless Iraq war, he entirely failed to keep the

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Eddie Carbone Essay Example for Free

Eddie Carbone Essay Eddie Carbone is a hard working, caring man but he is also jealous, over-protective and he exaggerates the idea of honour and masculinity which result into his own downfall. He is presented to the audience in contrast when he meets Alfieri compared to in his own house. However still the audience can manage to portray Eddies character by the way he talks, how others react to him and how the stage directions enhance his own actions. Eddies irrational and stereotyping nature can be seen along with his characteristic of respecting others and also honour. When Eddie is sitting beside the desk with his (cap in hand) it can be seen that he has a lot of respect for Alfieri. This trait appeals to the audience that he is not all a bad person and that he does have some good qualities within him. This comes important throughout the play because Miller has had to portray every character with some empathy from the audience otherwise there will be no reason to follow this character. Also, he takes honour very seriously and this can be seen when he tells Catherine the Vinny Bolzano story. This can be applied where Eddie is talking to Alfieri as well. For example, when Eddie is trying to explain to Alfieri the kind of person Rodolfo is, he (takes a breath and glances briefly over each shoulder). This tells us as the audience that he needs to keep things confidential otherwise if this is out into the public, people may already suspect of him doing any wrongdoings later, like snitching. Eddies talks can only go as far as speculative and irrational. He cannot back up anything he says substantially. He makes Rodolfo seem homosexual by, He aint right and If you came in the house and you didnt know who was singing you wouldnt be lookin for him, you would be lookin for her. This shows us that he lacks in articulation and he cant get his words right when he wants to prove something. This gives a strong sense of desperateness from Eddie and that he really wants Alfieri to do something about it. Because Eddie is hot tempered, he needs to be calmed down and Alfieri tries explaining to Eddie about Rodolfo. This is done through God by saying, God mixes up the people. Since Eddie is from an Italian background he would have strong religious beliefs as well. Therefore, Alfieri finds it easy to go past Eddie from religions point of view. However, Eddie replies back (sardonically) showing the audience that Eddie does not want to listen to anyone and that his stubbornness takes over his mind. Alfieri tells him there is no law on his side, and that he understands how Eddie feels, but he has to let Catherine go sometimes there is too much love for the niece but this makes Eddie angry a son-of-a-bitch punk like that I give him my house to sleep! I take the blankets off my bed for him, and he takes and puts his filthy hands on her like a goddam thief! This use of strong language indicates Eddies belligerent character. He is verbally-limited so he uses strong language and this soon comes out into actions when he cant express what he wants to say verbally. He wants to do everything physically which is his masculine attribute. This is very significant as it is the first time Eddie has let his true feelings known, and his raw emotion shows through, illuminating the flaw he retains.

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Porters 5 forces analysis

Porters 5 forces analysis The porters 5 forces is a simple tool to understanding where the company power lies in a business situation. The porters forces also helping company understand the strength of a current competitive position. The porter 5 forces includes bargaining power of buyers, bargaining power of supplier, threat of new entry, threat of substitute and rivalry among competitors. The bargaining power of buyer is described as the market of outputs. The bargaining power of buyers ability of the customers exert pressure on businesses by demanding reduce price and increasing the product quality. Company must recognize consumer want and need. In order to boost sales volume, manufactures follow changing consumer trends. The bargaining power of buyer will be high when the large volume buyer are concentrated buying the product or services. There is a concentration of buyers. Other factor will be increasing bargaining power of buyers is the products available replaces by substitutes in the market. In automotive industry the buyers have the greatest power because they can the low switching costs associated with selecting from competing brands. If buyers become disenchanted with some automaker, they can look for alternatives especially foreign cars. Automotive industries have many automakers can substitutes replace General Motors Corporate such as Toyota, Honda, Ford, a nd so on. General Motors Corporate in order to avoid replaces by other automakers, General Motors Corporate always carve out unique line of cars and trucks like fuel cell electric and hybrid vehicles. The bargaining power of supplier is described as the market of inputs. Supplier is provided the raw materials and machinery to company than the company can carry out its business operations. When the bargaining power of supplier will be high is an industry relies on just few suppliers or there are not substitutes available for suppliers product. If bargaining power of supplier higher, the company will be often faces to high pressure on margins from supplier. For example, if General Motors Corporate have one supplier to supply raw material, then the supplier increase their price this will lead General Motors cars and truck also will increase the price because General Motors dont have other supplier to supply raw material. In order to reducing the bargaining power of supplier, the company will be increasing dependency means partnering with many suppliers. Some biggest company maybe will take over a supplier. The threat of substitutes is described as an industrys profitability depends on the relative price to performance of the different types services or product to which customer can turn to buy other product that almost has the same functions. The threats of substitutes exist when a products demand is affected by switching costs. This means the costs of switching to substitutes. In the automotive industry the threat of substitutes product is very huge because automotive industry has many automakers. In order to avoid substitute product replace the General Motors cars and trucks, General Motors Corporate has carve out its own unique product. For example, General Motors carve out alternative fuel vehicles like fuel cell electric and hybrid vehicles. Product differentiation can reduce the threat of substitute so each company also attempts to carve out unique products. Some company will be buy patent developed by potential substitute because avoid the substitute entry markets. The rivalry among competitor is described the intensity of competitive rivalry. The rivalry among competitor means have the major determinant of the competitiveness of industry. The rivalry among competitor is most obvious of any industry. The competitor normally will offer the same product or services as your company. Competitive battles include price wars, new product introduction or advertising campaigns. In order to gain more market share and increase sales, every company often use comparative advertising to emphasize areas where it outperformance its competitor. Rivalry among competitor can reduce the profitability of company but these maybe good things of publics. The rivalry among competitor exist when the industry growth. In order to reduce the rivalry among competitor, General Motors Corporate avoid price competition with other automakers and focus on different segments. Company communicates with competitor also can reduce the rivalry among competitor. This also can build wi n-win relationship with competitors. The threat of new entry is described the new competitor or firms entering into industry. In order to reduce the threat of new entry, the company needs to create a good brand image. If the company have a good brand image, then customer would like to stay with the brand products. The customer loyalty is a barrier entry into market. The threat of new entry depends on economics of scale. For example, company minimum size requirement for profitable operations. Automotive industry is a high threat of new entry but some industry low threat of new entry like shipbuilding because shipbuilding industry has high entry barriers. The government restriction also can reduce threat of new entry. For example, Malaysia government restricts new entry into automotive industry because government wants to protect of local cars (PROTON). Limitation of Porter Analysis The porters 5 forces is a useful framework for competitive analysis within industry. Competitive analysis is lead into strategic planning and the development of a tailored competitive strategy that expects to exploit the situation. The porters 5 forces model has some limitation and weaknesses. In general, porters analysis focuses on company external competitive environment. In order to complete a full competitive analysis, the porters 5 forces need to be compensated. The porters 5 forces has further limitation in today market environment because porters analysis is assumes relativity static market structures. This means porters 5 forces are applicable for simple market structures not best applicable for today dynamic markets. Today dynamic markets are highly influenced by technological innovation such as information technology, so porters analysis cannot analyze today dynamic changes. The second limitation of porters analysis is generally based on the idea of competition. In porters analysis just described how to company or business to achieve competitive advantages. Porters analysis just focuses on competitive advantages and then ignores other important consideration strategy. For example, company not really into consideration strategy such as electronic linking of information system of all company along a value chain, virtual network or enterprise and strategies alliances. The third limitation of porters analysis is porters 5 forces are designed for analyzing individual business strategy. Porters analysis cannot cope with interdependencies and synergies within the portfolio a large company. The fourth limitation of porters analysis is the sources of value are structural advantages. Sometimes may be possible to create barriers to entry. This mean porters analysis possible will create completely new market rather than selecting existing ones. Although porters analysis are not best applicable for today dynamic markets but porters analysis still can compensated with other analysis such as SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Value Chain analysis and etc. Porters analysis in conjunction with other tools such as PEST and SWOT can define effective competitive strategy. General Motors Corporate also uses SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, and Value Chain analysis to compensated limitation of porters analysis. PEST analysis also can uses to compensated limitation of porters analysis. PEST analysis is described macro environment such as political, economic, social and technological. PEST analysis is strategy tool for understanding markets growth or decline and potential and direction for operations. For example, General Motors must be doing market research before carve out new cars or new markets. The markets research includes economic condition, political and government policy. Government decision can affect organization directly like employments law, tax policy, trade restrictions and tariffs and environmental regulation. The economic condition also can affect company profitability like oil price, interest rates, and economic growth and financial crisis. Especially financial crisis because many people lose job, then almost people temporary dont want buy a new cars. This is can influence company make lose. We can refer to appendix 2; we can understand how PEST analysis is function. SWOT analysis is a strategic planning used to identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for company or business. SWOT analysis applicable to measures a business units, and a proposition. SWOT analysis also can understand where the company strengths and weaknesses and then minimize the affect of weaknesses on company and maximizing or maintain company strengths. When company have know weaknesses and strengths itself then can making good decision for strategy of business proposition. For example, General Motors strengths are have large market shares, global experience, and variety of brand names and current development of alternative vehicles. So General Motors always maintain them strengths. The weaknesses of General Motors are poor customers perception, stagnant profitability, higher labor costs and overly dependent on U.S market. So General Motors try to gain more market share and increase sale volume at other countries such as China, Japan, and Malaysia and so o n. General Motors also need to increase customers perception. We can refer to appendix 3; we can see how company uses SWOT analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses themselves. Value Chain analysis can overcome the limitation of porter 5 forces. Value Chain analysis described the activities that take place in a business and relates them to an analysis of the competitive strengths of the business. Value Chain analysis will help the company pursue a competitive advantages. Porters described value chain have two different categories of activities that is a primary activities and support activities. The primary activities of company include inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing and sales and services. The support activities include procurement, human resources management, technology development and firm infrastructure. Value Chain analysis will help the company pursue a competitive advantages. We can refer to appendix 4. In appendix 4, we can see how to value chain contribution from different functions of an organization in the value adding process. Balanced scorecard is a good way to overcome the limitation of porters 5 forces. Balanced scorecard is defined are strategic planning or management system that is used extensively in industry and business to align business activities to the vision and strategy of the organization and monitor organization performance against strategic goals. Balanced scorecard can help company known how well business is running. Balanced scorecard also allows company measures economic value added and operating income. For example, General Motors use balanced scorecard to measures customer satisfaction and market share in target segments. . We can refer to appendix 5; we can see how 2 balanced scorecard running. Product life cycle can overcome the limitation of porters 5 forces. Product life cycle is defined a new product progress through a sequence of stages from introduction to growth, maturity and decline. When companies produce some product like cars or trucks they must take cars market life and services life into account. Recently more and more company is attempting to optimize profit and revenue over entire life cycle. Company does this need to consideration product warranties, the ability to upgrade existing product and space part. For example, General Motors cars have 3 years warranty. . We can refer to appendix 6; we can see the new product progress thought life cycle.

Examination Of Telenor Pakistan And Its Human Resources Management

Examination Of Telenor Pakistan And Its Human Resources Management We are here to help our clients obtain the maximum advantage of communications services in their day to day life. The answer to achieve this vision is a state of mind where all of us work side by side. Whilst assuring it easy and simple to buy use our services. We make sure that we keep our promises staying reverent of disparity. We Inspire public to discover new ways. Section # 1 Understand how the HR plans supports the strategic objectives Learning Outcome # 1 Telenor Group Telenor is a global supplier of high quality data and media communication services. Telenor is ranked the 7th  largest mobile operator with a total of  164 million  subscribers in its mobile operations. Telenor Pakistan Telenor Group is the only owner of Telenor Pakistan which is an international contents and communication services, voice and data provider of high in fourteen marketplaces across Europe and Asia. With over 1.79 Million mobile users (Q1 2010) and about 40,000 employees the Telenor Group is one of the largest mobile operators around the globe. With a massive investment of above 2 billion US$ Telenor Pakistan is the countrys biggest EU investor. Telenor Pakistan got a GSM license in the Year 2004 and started commercial Operations on 15th March, 2005. A report that was published in the end of May this year Telenor subscribers are more than 23.5 Million. It also holds the 24 percent of the market claiming the 2nd largest Mobile operator. Currently Telenor in Pakistan has developed itself to become the top mobile service provide. The headquarter of Telenor Pakistan is in Islamabad, it has many regional officers in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. ( Define Values Values are qualities, principles, attitudes or beliefs about the inherent worth of an object, behavior or idea. Values guide action by sanctioning certain behaviors and negating others. Values and beliefs are essential factors in design and implementation of nursing interventions (Guttman, 2000) CORE VALUES OF TELENOR The core values of Telenor Pakistan are as followings: Keep the Promises At Telenor keep the promises means that whatever the plan they chose it should work, however if it doesnt works, they are always here to assist. Telenor believes in delivering whatever they have promised so they believe in doing instead just sayings. They always fulfil what they say. Make it Easy Telenor do not make things difficult. They are very practical and they try their best that whatever they do should be simple and should be very easy to understand. As they say that they never forget that they are making the customers life easier. Be Respectful At Telenor they admit and value local cultures. They do not compel one formula all over the worldwide. They wish to be a part of local neighbourhood anywhere they operate. At Telenor they deem faithfulness has to be earned. Be Inspiring At Telenor they are inspired they struggle to bring liveliness to the things they do. They try that everything they deliver should appear good, up to date and fresh. At Telenor they are obsessive regarding their business and clients. ( Strategic capabilities of Telenor Pakistan Telenor Pakistan has got outstanding tactical capabilities in terms of Resource-based, self-motivated competence and is doing well in developing the strategic capabilities. Resource Based Strategy Telenor Pakistan has got a mixture of sources such the branches of Telenor Pakistan are spread across the country. These branches are well equipped with all infrastructures furnished for effective running of organization. In addition to this adequate utilities are available for the effectiveness of service providing to the customers and the employees of the Company. Raw materials like broachers and product folders are well planned to keep the strategic path in production processes. As it is a service based company human resources are the key asset to the organization. Fiscal resources of Telenor Pakistan are prearranged with Capital investments and sufficient flow of resources in terms of cash through Creditors and debtors of the organization. Logically the organisation has a superior repute and goodwill in the market and they have got copyright of their products along with systems and data storage devices. Telenor Pakistan employees play a vital role in business procedures associated with several advisors and franchises that have thorough knowledge skills servicing the customers. Types of Resources and competencies To persuade the minimum requirements of the customers Telenor Pakistan had enough Threshold Capital and there by stays on top in the market. Thanks to its excellent services like crystal clear voice quality, best reception in rural, urban and suburban areas i.e. across the country, unmatched call rates and calling packages Telenor Pakistan has gained competitive advantage adding value unmatched thus Winning Core Competencies against its competitors like Mobilink GSM and Ufone. In resolving the issues of timing satisfying the need of customers the organisation hardly ever but has got the Redundancy competencies. With their proficiency and expertise Telenor Pakistan has gained Core competency in the target customers and satisfy them by providing great services for the money. Dynamic Capabilities of the Company Telenor Pakistan showed its dynamic ability by introducing its new packages suitable for people from different segments, like for students, professionals and businessmen it has introduced different contract packages and services at a wide range. Using innovation considering environmental aspects and technological changes it improved the characteristics of its services. To meet the requirements of internal and external organizational skills and competences Telenor Pakistan has widely apparent Strategic Management roles. Telenor Pakistans dynamic approach has a notion called Learning which is a continuing process of implementation of tasks and work performances that are ad hoc by knowing loops from past understandings and retrieving it with new expansions to it move on faster. Developing Strategic Competence Telenor always kept recognising the customers provision regarding the services and the products with the change in environment and market structure. Through a tactical approach Telenor Pakistan has enhanced its work process and developed it capabilities in an efficient format to achieve strategic advantage over its competitors. Organizational Learning To persuade the skills under common culture to achieve a common goal Telenor Pakistan gives facts and figures of experience, know-how, services and procedures. Awareness Developing At Telenor Pakistan every employee is trained to know their roles and responsibilities by working according to a purpose of strategy. Learning Outcome # 2 Attracting, recruiting and selecting talent Process for Recruitment and Selection At Telenor Pakistan, the beliefs are to reveal the hidden human talent by building expertise and by providing an energetic atmosphere. The plan is to discover young talent and furnish it with the competencies that are necessary in this fast paced market. The Career Management Workshop (CMW) of Telenor Pakistan is an effort to teach students on making an improved curriculum and efficiently presenting themselves in interviews. Hence Telenor Pakistan is giving them a breakthrough in the corporate sector. The recruitment panel evaluates the applicants on the basis of a skill framework to hire the best. To date Telenor Pakistan enjoys a very nice mix of talent from local and international universities. The hiring process of Telenor Pakistan has the following steps: Hiring funnel Advertising/C.V Collecting/ Talent hunt Screening / Short listing General Test (Line Recruitment) TST, PPA or Simulation Interview Candidate Finalization Offer Acceptance On-Boarding Cronhach, 2005 A test is a systematic procedure for comparing the behaviour of two or more persons. (Ved Prakash (2005) A handbook of Human Resource Management 2005) The recruitment process takes 6-8 weeks Before applying for any position, it is very important for the graduates to assess themselves and recognize their interests, their strengths, and those avenues that they may like to discover, short the candidates need to have a strong sense of their career track. When an applicant comes for an interview, its strongly suggested that they must reconsider and be able to give reason for all they have stated on their curriculum. Telenor Pakistan believes in equal opportunity. At Telenor they have very diverse aptitude functioning for them that also include Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The salary packages at Telenor Pakistan are very competitive and Telenor has the best insurance policy for its employees as compare to its competitors. It gives laptops, Telenor SIM card and a Mobile phone to all its interns. it also provides transportation for female interns. In addition to make their internship a superior learning course, they are given projects that they have to submit before their internship ends. The criteria for short listing a candidate is not only their GPA but Telenor also we look for approach and hire for skills. Its internship program caters students who are at present studying but not the graduated batches. ( HR Strategy of Telenor Pakistan THE CULTURAL AFFECT OF HR TO ITS RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION OF STAFF The strategies of Telenor make it CULTURALLY COMPATIBLE to the HR of different nations wherever it has set up its business. These strategies are as following General Set-Up At Telenor all the employees are given great respect where the manager shakes hand with the cleaner. At Telenor Pakistan the CEO, VPs, Directors, Managers, Executives and Officers all share the same workspace and the same privileges. Absence of physical dividers translates into reduced communication barriers. In coincidence with the practice of Late Mughal King Jahangir who used to hear the appeals of his subordinates whoever has any complaint a big bell with a string on the main door has been placed of offices as cultural symbol in Pakistani Telenor offices. It is for the idea that anyone who feels himself satisfied with Telenor services can ring the bell. Recruitment Telenor believes in equal opportunity and maintain FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. The hiring principle in Telenor is same all through the world. As in different countries the knowledge, abilities and skills of people are different hence Telenor adopts different recruitment priorities. Talking the example of Pakistan we see that the university level education is cheaper compared to EU countries. Moreover Pakistan is blessed with a pool of graduates and post-graduates students, so obviously more skilled and educated individuals are hired. Telenor has mostly graduates in jobs in Europe. As creativity and brightness is vital by service sector which is more frequently found in Asian countries Telenor prefers to hire young and skilful individuals over elderly experienced in Asian countries. The middle aged people in Asian countries are less excited and bright. However people in EU remain enthusiastic and bright for a relatively longer period of time. Currently about 80% of staff at Telenor is young generation. Training In European Telenor setups training system is much energetic. Telenor is not carrying out best training in Asia because less revenue is generated in the markets. Especially in Pakistan training is always ignored by all. However Telenor for its employees keeps on conducting 1 day training during their career with it. Job Duties Equal and uniform strategies are carried out everywhere in Telenor. The requirements of the duties are same at and Telenor offers flexible work hours to its employees in its customers service call centres. Everyone is remunerated on good performance in financial units as well as acknowledgment and applaud. Its reward system is same everywhere. Up to Rs.1, 000,000 medical insurance for self and family is provided for free to all employees. Telenor prefers to retain young and healthy employees because there are more health problems in elderly in Asian countries. Instead of pension plans Telenor provides provident funds. Learning outcome # 3 Culture and its effects on employees Culture is the characteristic way of behaving and believing that a group of people in a country or region (or firm) have evolved over time and share. (Dennis R. Briscoe Randall S. SCHULER (2004) Cultural Compatibility Telenor do value the culture of its company bases in Pakistan by having the policy to gift complete Hajj package for two employees every year it also arranges AFTAR for its staff in Ramadan. Telenor Pakistan promotes a smart casual dress code, empowering its employees with the right to choose whatever they feel comfortable with. Even in inter-province cultural differences, for example in Telenor Quetta is interesting where employees arent asked to wear suits. They wear TUNIC AND PREACHES ( Strategic Human Resource Planning Humans are the basic resource for having competitive edge in the market for the majority of the organizations and Telenor Pakistan is one of these. With one of the best HR structure in Pakistan that gives it an edge over its competitors. HR strategy refers to the specific human resource management course of actions that a company follows to achieve its objectives. We will see how these strategies are formulated and applied at Telenor Pakistan. In Telenor Pakistan the HR process is done in accordance with its mission. The first step that HR planners do is rife the culture of Telenor. The do the SWOT analysis of the company and the current market and then on basis of SWOT the Telenor strategic plan is established. With the overall companys strategic plan HR strategies are formulated at the end. LEARNING OUTCOME # 4 LEGAL REQUIREMENT FOR HUMAN RESOURCES Recruitment Process All companies in the Telenor Group handle their own recruitment and selection. Telenor Pakistan believes that a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in the organizations ongoing business success. Telenor is very keen to hire very skilled personnels. This is why recruiting process is very meaningful for the HR department of Telenor. Telenor provides equal opportunity chances to everyone. Recruitment process of Telenor is unbiased. Manual to Internet recruiting In the past Telenor were doing manual recruitment all over the world. It is so expensive the organization and also spent so much time on it. They recruit the people through advertising in magazine newspaper and so many other resources. But now with the passage of time Telenor has started online recruitment all over the world as well as in Pakistan. Online recruitment is very important for the progress of the country. And Telenor is playing major role in it. Its online recruitment process is very easy and useful. Because online recruitment takes less time as compare to manual recruitment. There are few steps for online recruitment process in Telenor Pakistan. THE WORK LIFE BALANCE The work life balance means that making a balance between your work life and your home life. There could be many reasons of changing in working practice of an organisation. Following are few factors responsible for changes in working practices over recent times. CULTURAL DIVERSITY ISSUES SKILSS SHORTAGE DEMOGRAPHICS CUSTOMER DEMANDS THE MARKET PLACE How Telenor helps the work life balance Telenor helps its employees to keep a vigorous balance between their personal and professional lives. Telenor Pakistan have enables most of its employees to work virtually from remote locations by its IT systems and tools. For fun, employees at key locations enjoy working out at the gym, playing video games, pool, and regular leisure and sports activities, such as cricket matches and adventure trips. There are away-days where employees go out away from their offices, to bond and work in a fun way. Creating an ideal work environment We support a work environment characterized by high job-satisfaction, opportunities for personal and professional development, and low rate of medical leave and injuries. Health, Safety and Working Environment Management System Telenor Safety Security Department has been recognized at the Group level for its vigorous performance. They identify and reduce work related risks and promote overall well-being at work in addition they take care of employee health and safety at all times. Our recent safety and security initiatives for employees included consciousness campaigns on the environment, substance abuse, allergies, first aid, fire safety and study related to relation between workers and their environments. PROCESS TO BE FOLLOWED IN A GRIEVANCE SITUATION Management at Telenor Pakistan Stress with all employees at work takes place in every competitive market, no matter if it is small or its big. The plan should to manage it not to eliminate it. Worldwide many companies have plan and qualified staff, enthusiastic departments to help workers deal with work-related stress. Telenor Pakistan has a qualified team of doctors who work with workforce to help control their pressure as well as an in-house counsellor. I you look for expert opinion you are not going mad. Telenor Pakistan ensures 100% privacy during our counselling meetings. Internal Value Creation (IVC) plays an important part in many of Telenor Pakistans core organizational development processes. This is mainly an employee study accomplished yearly to take proposition / advice on how to progress the processes and job environment at Telenor, together with the anxiety issues. Indication to watch out for:, behavioural, Physical and emotional. If you feel you are feeling tired or angry or depressed, it is ok to talk to a counsellor. He/ She will merely assist you recognize the real grounds of suffering and advice steps to overcome them. For its workers Telenor Pakistan cares very much by giving an open atmosphere however at the spot explicit thinking rooms particularly designed to give an flee for inspired thoughts. Company threshold features periodical health guidelines written by in-house doctors for workers. Global organisations help their workforce to manage pressure by granting yearly leaves, medical cover as well as anxiety management workshops. Particular programme are planned especially to stop tension at work at Telenor Pakistan There are special classes for workers of yoga after work shifts. Telenor provides domestic leisure services also Gym facility is provided in the office building. In order travel for work staff cars are given this facility is especially for employees with disability and also for female workers. Internal sports competition, festive events for National Days and Mango Day, etc. are arranged by the social club in Telenor Pakistan. To relax and watch movies a particular domestic theatre has been provided for Customer Relations (CR). A unique counsel for drivers is also in progress. Contingency planning At Telenor Pakistan they have business unforeseen event procedure to make sure they are capable to handle outside risks and pressure. Telenor also offers its workers a 24 by 7 hotline, examined by the Safety and Security team. Previous year Telenor Pakistan put in place a complete business continuity structure. At present Telenor Pakistan is planning a superior disaster management exercise. On-site medical care For its employees and female workers Telenor Pakistan provides 24 hours on call home health service that is a remarkable and a unique facility Telenor provides. This is also its competitive edge. Telenor is also in the process of organising at the spot dental check-ups its also organising a vaccination program. ( CHALLENGES Telenor faces a lot of challenges with the ever increasing needs of HR. It is really hard to employ and keep the most excellent candidates particularly around the world. The global companies face many disputes regarding the cultural uniqueness of respective countries. They have to adjust culturally to the environment of respective countries. The organization is exposed to many challenges to make them perform at their best when even hiring the HR staff for that country. CONCLUSION After deeply studying the Human resource Department (HRD) of Telenor Pakistan, I consent that Telenor Pakistan is carrying out realistic ethnically compatible approach for its HR. Though its not promoting the cultural identity programme that insistently, but even then it is facing fewer cultural disagreements among its HR. The may be the reason that Telenor is only operating in two markets that are Asia and Europe. The European marketplace holds almost the identical cultures moreover three (3) of its Asian market countries are Muslims. I came through very extraordinary facts concerning managing any companys Human Resource. I think that managing a spirited and culture friendly Human Resource in a spirited worldwide market is a hard job. However, so far, Telenor Pakistan is quite successful in recruiting and retaining astonishingly gifted Human Resource worldwide.

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Rape: A Living Nightmare Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

Rape: A Living Nightmare Is anyone truly a stranger to nightmares? Has anyone not woken up in a feverish sweat with a racing pulse or pounding heart? Whose eyes have never wildly searched their room for the phantoms of a dream? Now, what if the familiar consolation of learning it was all in your head never came? How do you wake up from a nightmare that is, in fact, a reality? I think I’m getting ahead of myself. What I mean to say is, I was raped, and rape is a nightmare. I am a 19-year-old girl, far too old to think I know everything. I don’t pretend to be an expert on rape. Having known the feel of a cold blade pressed to my side gave me no superior understanding of the crime, only a small scar to remember it by. Thus I offer you no solution. I cannot say with any conviction that my writing will help to save even one person from being subjected to a similar fate. Before you’ve read to the bottom of this page three more girls will be sexually assaulted, one girl will be raped. Neither the eloquence of my words, nor the fervor of my voice will have changed a thing. The society we live in is rape-conducive, rape-friendly, if you will. Despite the anger I feel joining those two words together, I know the sad paradox holds within it a great deal of truth. We are a violent society that has shrouded rape in mystery and shame. To stop this nightmare’s venomous crusades, all people must wage a private war to eradicate their own acceptance of the savage crime. While it is only a minority of men that actually commit rape, it is everyone’s silence that tells them it’s ok. Before my emotions coerce me into preaching about the atrocity I survived, excuse me, am surviving, I think some clarifications are in order. L... ... calm disposition is counterfeit. If you must be angry, be angry that by doing nothing to stop the assaults you have been made both the victim and the rapist time and time again. If you have a choice, though, choose to be upset. Be upset that it is our society that is responsible for rape and this nightmare’s reign over women. Bibliography Bode, Janet. The Voices of Rape. New York: Franklin Watts (†¢1990) Ehrhart, Julie K. Campus Gang Rape: Party Games? Washington: Association of American Colleges Gordon, Margaret T. The Female Fear. New York: The Free Press (†¢1989) Hilberman, Elaine. The Rape Victim. Washington: American Psychiatric Association (†¢1976) Macdonald, John. Rape: Offenders and Their Victims. Springfield: Charles C Thomas Publisher (†¢1971) Schwartz, Martin D. Sexual Assault on the College Campus. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications (†¢1997)

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A Good Man Is Hard To Find Essay -- English Literature

A Good Man Is Hard To Find The story "A Good Man is Hard To Find" begins with a family planning to take a vacation to Florida. The grandmother who does not want to take the vacation in Florida is persuading the family. She has read about a crazed killer by the name of the Misfit, who is on the run, heading for Florida. The mambas of her family ignore the grandmother. On the day of the trip, ironically, the grandmother is dressed in her Sunday best. She is decked in white gloves and navy blue dress with matching hat. She is the first one in the car and ready to go. O'Connor is getting the reader to visualize the Southern culture. The grandmother's purpose of dressing this way is to be recognized as a lady, in case someone saw her dead on the highway. This tells me the grandmother's thoughts of death are shallow. Later in the story, the Misfit says, "There never was a body that gave the undertaker a tip." (qtd, in DiYanni 202) The grandmother's readiness for death is an indication that she does not want to go where there is a prisoner on the loose. However, her read...

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Admissions Essay - The Art of Medicine :: Medicine College Admissions Essays

Admissions Essay - The Art of Medicine Once upon a time, it seems, physicians were wise and good, and medicine was an art. That's the feeling I get reading from the Chahar Maqala, tales from a time when doctors diagnosed lovesick princes from a urine sample, a pulse, and a review of local geography. American medicine in the late 20th century seems considerably less romantic. Protocols and seven-minute patient visits are supposed to leave physicians tracking blood pressure readings and calibrating Prozac prescriptions. There's no time for wisdom in an HMO, or so the wiser and more ancient of current physicians lament. So it was with certain trepidation that I spent a day last December in an internist's office. The morning started slowly, with a 63 year old woman with a history of hypertension, back in the office four months after her pills ran out. Her blood pressure, not surprisingly, was high. The doctor reminded her, wearily, to call the office for refills. She nodded. "Compliance," he told me, as we left the exam room, "is our biggest problem." As the day wore on, a steady procession of patients made their way into exam rooms, worried about menopause, stuffy sinuses, colds caught from grandchildren, and all that ails retirees in late December. Just before lunch, an 86-year-old man edged his way into an exam room, dividing his weight between his cane and his wife. "Yesterday, I felt like I couldn't breath," he said. "I can't leave the house. I get too tired." I'd been warned that I would help take the history on this patient, and I was planning out my questions. A pulmonary complaint - "I can't breath" -- elicit a standard list, designed to distinguish heart failure from pneumonia from various other ailments - when did the shortness of breath start? Had he noticed he was more tired recently when he walked or exercised? Did he sleep with lots of pillows to prop him up when he slept? Did he feel pain in his chest when he inhaled? Exhaled? My mind was racing. The doctor, meanwhile, was interested in golf. "Do you get out on the greens at all?," he asked. The patient sighed. "No, I'll fall down, can't walk that far. I'm too tired. I can't breath." After asking the patient's wife to leave the room, the doctor told him to undress. Admissions Essay - The Art of Medicine :: Medicine College Admissions Essays Admissions Essay - The Art of Medicine Once upon a time, it seems, physicians were wise and good, and medicine was an art. That's the feeling I get reading from the Chahar Maqala, tales from a time when doctors diagnosed lovesick princes from a urine sample, a pulse, and a review of local geography. American medicine in the late 20th century seems considerably less romantic. Protocols and seven-minute patient visits are supposed to leave physicians tracking blood pressure readings and calibrating Prozac prescriptions. There's no time for wisdom in an HMO, or so the wiser and more ancient of current physicians lament. So it was with certain trepidation that I spent a day last December in an internist's office. The morning started slowly, with a 63 year old woman with a history of hypertension, back in the office four months after her pills ran out. Her blood pressure, not surprisingly, was high. The doctor reminded her, wearily, to call the office for refills. She nodded. "Compliance," he told me, as we left the exam room, "is our biggest problem." As the day wore on, a steady procession of patients made their way into exam rooms, worried about menopause, stuffy sinuses, colds caught from grandchildren, and all that ails retirees in late December. Just before lunch, an 86-year-old man edged his way into an exam room, dividing his weight between his cane and his wife. "Yesterday, I felt like I couldn't breath," he said. "I can't leave the house. I get too tired." I'd been warned that I would help take the history on this patient, and I was planning out my questions. A pulmonary complaint - "I can't breath" -- elicit a standard list, designed to distinguish heart failure from pneumonia from various other ailments - when did the shortness of breath start? Had he noticed he was more tired recently when he walked or exercised? Did he sleep with lots of pillows to prop him up when he slept? Did he feel pain in his chest when he inhaled? Exhaled? My mind was racing. The doctor, meanwhile, was interested in golf. "Do you get out on the greens at all?," he asked. The patient sighed. "No, I'll fall down, can't walk that far. I'm too tired. I can't breath." After asking the patient's wife to leave the room, the doctor told him to undress.

A Farewell to Arms Summary and Critical Analysis Essay

Ernest Hemingway was born on July 21, 1899, in suburban Oak Park, IL, to Dr. Clarence and Grace Hemingway. Ernest was the second of six children to be raised in the quiet suburban town. His father was a physician, and both parents were devout Christians. Hemingway had an aptitude for physical challenge that engaged him through high school, where he both played football and boxed. Because of permanent eye damage contracted from numerous boxing matches, Hemingway was repeatedly rejected from service in World War I. Hemingway also edited his high school newspaper and reported for the Kansas City Star, adding a year to his age after graduating from high school in 1917. After this short stint, Hemingway finally was able to participate in World War I as an ambulance driver for the American Red Cross. He was wounded on July 8, 1918, on the Italian front near Fossalta di Piave. During his convalescence in Milan, he had an affair with a nurse, Agnes von Kurowsky. Hemingway received two decorations from the Italian government, and he joined the Italian infantry. Clarence Hemingway had been suffering from hypertension and diabetes. This painful experience is reflected in the pondering of Robert Jordan in For Whom the Bell Tolls. In addition to personal experiences with war and death, Hemingway’s extensive travel in pursuit of hunting and other sports provided a great deal of material for his novels. Bullfighting inspired Death in the Afternoon, published in 1932. In 1934, Hemingway went on safari in Africa, which gave him new themes and scenes on which to base The Snows of Kilamanjaro and The Green Hills of Africa, published in 1935. In 1950 he published Across the River and Into the Trees, though it was not received with the usual critical acclaim. In 1952, however, Hemingway proved the comment â€Å"Papa is finished† wrong, in that The Old Man and the Sea won the Pulitzer Prize in 1953. In 1954, he won the Nobel Prize for Literature. On July 2, 1961, he died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds. He was buried in Ketchum. â€Å"Papa† was both a legendary celebrity and a sensitive writer, and his influence, as well as some unseen writings, survived his passing. In 1964, A Moveable Feast was published; in 1969, The Fifth Column and Four Stories of the Spanish Civil War; in 1970, Islands in the Stream; in 1972, The Nick Adams Stories; in 1985, The Dangerous Summer; and in 1986, The Garden of Eden. Hemingway’s own life and character are as fascinating as in any of his stories. On one level, Papa was a legendary adventurer who enjoyed his flamboyant lifestyle and celebrity status. However, deep inside lived a disciplined author who worked tirelessly in pursuit of literary perfection. Being married before or after doesn’t effect the child physically or delays its birth. Marriage in this sense is the outward form of their love. Marriage in the physical sense before or after the fact means nothing as with Catherine’s early comment of â€Å"I couldn’t be any more married. † Henry and Catherine surely learned that they were in love no matter married or not. Having a ring on the finger doesn’t make the love any stronger it just a psychical representation of their love. Henry ignores the temptations of the outward forms of religion, love, and symbols as he achieves becoming authentic. The conclusion of â€Å"A Farewell To Arms† with all its death is marked by a rebirth. Henry looses his child and his lover. He finally achieves the status of being authentic in the final scene â€Å"It was like saying good-by to a statue. After a while I went out and left the hospital and walked back to the hotel in the rain. † Henry prior to Catherine death was seeking hope. During Catherine’s final hour Henry prayed to God once more only to go unanswered:Please, please, please, dear God, don’t let her die. Dear God, don’t let her die. Please, please, please, don’t let her die. God please don’t make her die. I’ll do anything you say if you don’t let her die. You took the baby but don’t let her die. That was all right but don’t let her die. Please, please, dear God, don’t let her die. He now knows all the things around him are false. Henry now knows the true forms of religion,patriotism, and love are empty forms of hope. He know knows that any hope must only comefrom within. Henry is now an authentic in that â€Å"He walks quietly back to the hotel in the rain. † andknows that only he can shape his destiny.

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DOZIER industri Essay

Richard Rothschild, the knob financial officer of Dozier Industries, returned to his office later meeting with two officers of s verbotenheastern discipline Bank. He had requested the meeting to talk over financial issues related to Doziers stolon major outside(a) sales contract, which had been substantiate the previous day, January 13, 1986. Initially, Rothschild had contacted Robert Leigh, a vice chairperson of the bank, who had primary responsibilities for Doziers business with Southeastern national. Leigh, feeling that he lacked the international expertise to answer all the questions Rothschild exp unrivalednt raise, had suggested that stern Gunn of the banks International lineament be included.The meeting had focused on the change gamble related to the impudent sales contract. Doziers play of (British switchs) GBP1.175 one one thousand thousand meg to install an internal security establishment for a queen-size manufacturing firm in the get together Kingdo m had been accepted. In conformance with the contract, the British firm had transferred a 10% deposit (GBP117,500), the oddment callable when the system was completed. Doziers production vice president, microphone Miles, had assured Rothschild that there would be no worry in completing the sick within the 90-day period stipulated in the bid. As a result, Rothschild was planning on receiving GBP1.0575 million on April 14, 1986.Company HistoryDozier Industries, a relatively young firm specializing in electronic security systems, was established in 1973 by Charles L. Dozier, who was still president and the sustainer of 78% of the stock. The remaining 22% was held by other members of centering. Dozier had formerly been a number engineer for a large electronics firm. In 1973 he began his own attach to to commercialise security systems and began by concentrating on military sales. The attach to experienced rapid harvest-festival for almost a decade. But in 1982, as Dozier fa ced sum upd challenger in this market, management attempted to pitchfork out to design systems for small snobbish firms and households. Doziersinexperience in this market, have with poor planning causal agencys, slowed sales offshoot and led to a severe reduction in profits (see give 1). The f stridernity shifted its focus to larger corporations and met with better success. In 1985, the corporation showed a profit for the origin time in three years, and management wasThis case was prepared by professor Mark R. Eaker. It was written as a basis for class discussion quite than to illust post effective or inefficacious handling of an administrative situation. Copyright 1986 by the University of Virginia Darden School Foundation, Charlottesville, VA. All rights reserved. To order copies, come out an e-mail to No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, used in a spreadsheet, or transmitted in any form or by any meanselectronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwisewithout the permission of the Darden School Foundation. confident that the company had turned the corner. evince 2 contains the balance sheet at the end of 1985.The companys management believed that sales to hostile corporations represented good prospects for upcoming growth. Consequently, in the spring of 1985, Dozier had launched a marketing effort overseas. The selling effort had not met with a great deal success until the confirmation of the contract discussed previously. The refreshful sales contract, although large in itself, had the electric potential of being expanded in the future because the company conglomerate was a large multinational firm with manufacturing facilities in umteen countries.Foreign supersede Risk and hedgerowOn January 13, the day the bid was accepted, the cheer of the outfox was (U.S. bucks) USD1.4480. But the mystify had washed-out over the previous six weeks(see E xhibit 5). Rothschild was concerned that the prize of the quid pro quo might depreciate even further during the next 90 age, and it was this worry that prompted his discussion at the bank. He wanted to find out what techniques were available to Dozier to reduce the throw risk created by the outstanding pound receivable.Gunn, the international specialist, had explained that Rothschild had several alternatives. First, of course, he could do nothing. This would will Dozier vulnerable to pound fluctuations, which would entail losings if the pound depreciated, or gains if it appreciated versus the dollar. On the other hand, Rothschild could choose to hedge his exchange risk. Gunn explained that a hedge involved fetching a position opposite to the one that was creating the foreign exchange exposure. This could be completed either by engaging in a forward contract or via a while transaction. Since Dozier had an outstanding pound receivable, the appropriate hedging transactions wou ld be to sell pounds forward 90 years or to secure a 90-day pound contri just noweword. By selling pounds forward, Dozier would incur an obligation to deliver pounds 90 days from outright at the rate established today. This would chink that Dozier would receive a set dollar value for its pound receivable, regardless of the speckle rate that existed in the future. The spot hedge worked similarly in that it overly created a pound obligation 90 days hence.Dozier would borrow pounds and exchange the proceeds into dollars at the spot rate. On April 13, Dozier would use its pound receipts to repay the loan. Any gains or losses on the receivable due to a change in the value of the pound would be offset by equivalent losses or gains on the loan pay. Leigh assured Rothschild that Southeastern National would be able to assist Dozier in implementing whatever decision Rothschild made. Dozier had a USD3 million line of credit with Southeastern National. washbowl Gunn indicated that ther e would be no difficulty for Southeastern to arrange the pound loan for Dozier through its correspondent bank in London. He believed that such a loan would be at 1.5% above the U.K. prime of life rate. In order to assist Rothschild in making hisdecision, Gunn provided him with tuition on engross rates, spot and forward exchange rates, as well as historical and forecasted information on the pound (see Exhibits 4, 5, and 6). Rothschild was aware that in preparing the bid, Dozier had allowed for a profit margin of altogether 6% in order to increase the likelihood of winning the bid and, hence, evolution an important foreign contact. The bid was submitted on declination 3, 1985. In arriving at the bid, the company had estimated the make up of the project, added an amount as profit, but kept in mind the highest bid that could conceivably win the contract. The calculations were made in dollars and then converted to pounds at the spot rate existing on declination 3 (see Exhibit 3), since the U.K. company had stipulated payment in pounds.Rothschild realized that the amount involved in the contract was such that an indecent move in the pound exchange rate could put Dozier in a loss position for 1986 if the transactions were odd unhedged. On the other hand, he also became aware of the fact that hedging had its own costs. Still, a decision had to be made. He knew that no action implied that an unhedged position was the better alternative for the company.Exhibit 1DOZIER INDUSTRIES (A) gross sales and Income SummaryYear Ended celestial latitude 311973197419751976197719781979198019811982198319841985Sales (in thousands)4566318901,6103,8607,24211,33815,13820,37121,45522,50123,98625,462Net Income (in thousands)4154731513247601,1621,4881,925712(242)(36)309Exhibit 2DOZIER INDUSTRIES (A)Balance Sheet as of December 31, 1985Assets accepted assetsCash and securitiesAccounts receivableInventories radical current assetsProperties, dresss, and equipmentAt cost slight Accum ulated depreciationNet plantOther assetsInvestments and loans tote up assetsLiabilities and EquityCurrent liabilitiesAccounts payableNotes payable bankTotal current liabilitiesLong-term liabilitiesNotes payable uncouth honorCommon stockreservesRetained earningsTotal equityTotal liabilities and equityUSD294,5721,719,4942,227,0664,241,1328,429,8122,633,4045,796,408450,000USD10,487,540934,582652,8001,587,382550,0002,253,410627,2445,469,5048,350,158USD10,487,540Exhibit 3DOZIER INDUSTRIES (A)Bid PreparationMaterialsDirect repulseShippingUSD847,061416,82070,000Direct overhead*208,410 parceling of indirect overhead100,492Total costProfit factor1,642,783USD98,567 moorage pound rate on December 3 USD1.4820Pound value of the bid GBP1,175,000* found on 50% of direct labor.Exhibit 4DOZIER INDUSTRIES (A)Interest and Exchange station ComparisonsJanuary 14, 1986Three-month money* prime quantity lending rateThree-month deposits (large amounts)EUR/USD 3-month (LIBOR)EUR/USD 3-month (Paris)3-mont h treasury bills in London join States United Kingdom7.6513.419.5013.508.0012.908.313.212.2The spot rate for the pound USD1.4370Three-month forward pound USD1.4198*Prime commercial paper in the United States Interbank rates in the United Kingdom. opening The Economist.Exhibit 5DOZIER INDUSTRIES (A)Historical ghost and Forward Pound Rates in U.S. Dollars7/9/857/167/237/308/68/138/208/279/49/109/179/2410/110/810/1510/2210/2911/511/1211/1911/2612/312/1012/1712/2312/301/7/861/14/86Spot1.36401.38801.40901.41701.34051.39401.39001.39401.36651.30651.33301.42001.41201.41551.41201.42901.43901.43151.41581.43201.47501.48201.43381.43801.42451.43901.44201.4370Source Chicago Mercantile Exchange Statistical Yearbook.3-Month Forward Rate1.34901.37441.39631.40671.32961.38281.37841.38171.35531.29601.32261.40891.40051.40391.40071.41711.42701.41941.40371.42001.46281.47041.42141.42491.41141.42601.42841.4198