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W4A 590 Whole Foods Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W4A 590 exclusively Foods Case view - Essay Exampleers especially their leaders need continuous training so that they could interact in a friendly, cooperative manner, think more logically and encourage participation in decision devising process.At Whole Foods, employees are empowered to make their own decision and set goals for themselves. Freibergs mentions that they need to be very friends and have got strong product knowledge because every employee has to assist the store manager in taking important decisions in various areas. An employees mind and judgmental skills have to be calculative because whenever a new candidate is hired, the team member has to be take part in the converse process and his say regarding the candidates potential is given weightage. The sales associates are required to possess strong communication skills because they are the one who deals with the customers on one to one basis and are passing responsible for communicating the image of Whole Foods.Whi ch of the motivational practices are emphasized by Whole Foods in its management system? Tying rewards to performance? Designing enriched jobs? Providing feedback? Clarifying expectations and goals? All of these?The employees turnover at Whole Foods is very low as compared to other grocery stores because here the employees feel motivated and energetic towards achieving the organizational goals. Firstly, the employees are given attractions much(prenominal) as sound compensation and bonuses for teams that perform well. Their goals and expectations are simplified such that each employees understands that his responsibility in the decision making and new candidates selection. The company has all the way communicated its eight core determine to its employees so that they could easily set up their goals in line with these values (Whole Foods, 2015)The demand control model entails the assumption that occupational stress occurs when the demand of job is high as compared to the decision latitude. The second model of effort reward suggests that a person is able

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An evaluation of the planning and delivering of nursing care Essay

An evaluation of the planning and delivering of nursing care - canvas ExampleConsidering the case of the persevering, this study will discuss the importance of health progression / health prevention, the lancinate management of ischemic virgule, and other nursing consideration whilst living with or managing the long-term health terminal figure of the patient. Health Promotion / Health ginmill Aspect Health promotion aims to recrudesce the patients not but on how they can effectively prevent the onset of a disease but also slipway on how they can improve their overall well-being (Leddy, 2006, p. 24). Considering the case of the 52-year old patient, this study will revolve about on discussing the health promotion or health prevention think to ischemic stroke. Primary Prevention Ischaemic stroke happens in case the brain artery is blocked (Stroke Association, 2012). This causes the blood supply uneffective to circulate in the brain. According to Wills (2007, p. 16), the th ree levels of health prevention includes the patriarchal prevention, secondary prevention, and tertiary prevention. In line with this, primary prevention is all about implementing some strategies that could effectively reduce the risk of a disease. The risk factors of ischaemic stroke can be used to determine what specific health promotion should be advise to the patient. Ischaemic stroke can be triggered by several monogenic rowdyism (i.e. mutation in Notch 3 gene, etc.) (Hassan and Markus, 2000). Although genetic disorders that can lead to stroke can be hereditary by nature, most of the risk factors of stroke are highly modifiable. Since the modifiable risk factors associated with ischaemic stroke include bullet, hypertension, diabetes, poor diet, atrial fibrillation, lack of exercise, and obesity among others (Ahmad and Lip, 2012 NHS, 2008 Sudlow, 2008 Goldstein et al., 2006), the nurses can provide a primary prevention by teaching the patient the importance of healthy eating (i.e. eat more fish, fruits and vegetables, leanmeat, totally grain, restriction on fat, sugar, and salt inlet), include a 30-minutes of regular exercise each day or at least five (5) times each week, refrain from binge drinking and limit the intake of alcohol, and avoid or s circus tent the use of tobacco (WHO, 2012 NHS, 2008). Through health teachings, the nurses can empower the patient through self-actualisation. After conducting a health teaching, the nurse can refer to patient to stop smoking clinics in case the patient is a smoker. In case the patient is at risk of stroke due to poor eating habits, the nurse can refer the patient to a professional nutritionist. collateral Prevention The secondary prevention is all about shortening the incidence of stroke through early diagnosis and treatment (Wills, 2007, p. 16). Assuming that the patient has suffered from a mild stroke, the secondary prevention should include encourage the patient to modify their lifestyle and receive e arly treatment. If the patient has a history of smoking, the nurse should educate and encourage the patient to stop smoking. Likewise, it is equally important for the nurse to encourage the patient to avoid alcohol consumption, watch his diet, and maintain his accepted body weight through regular exercise (Sudlow, 2008 Goldstein et al., 2006). On top of modifying the patients lifestyle, the nurse should encourage the patient to receive annual check-up and treatment for signs of risk factors related to the development of a vascular disease. Hyptertention is one of the common risk factors of ischemic

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Communication in Social Work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Communication in Social Work - canvas Examplecommunication is a reciprocal process among all these factions, some of which are not also amenable to reciprocal interaction, begins to highlight why effective communication skills must be developed for a social worker to be effective. At the same time, it is important to remember that communication does not reboot to just words, but also to a whole body of unspoken language that is depicted in letters, tone of voice over the phone or body language and facial expression in face to face meetings. According to Koprowska (2005 6), The quality of the relationship and the quality of communication are deeply connected with each other Communication is by definition interactive. To help foster effective communication skills, it is stabilizing to both practice and analyse practice as a means of determining what was done swell and what could be improved upon. Toward this end, a motion picture recording of one social workers bet with a clie nt will be analysed to determine what was effective and what could be improved.The video analysed is available through Facebook, submitted by Gavin Lacey. It depicts the arrival of a social worker at the home of a young cleaning woman with two very young boys. The sound quality is poor, making it difficult at times to agnise what is being said, particularly at the beginning when the case is introduced, presumably providing the viewer with the same basic knowledge the social worker has been provided as to this particular family situation. The video spans from the social workers arrival at the apartment, through the beginning stages of the initial interview with the young woman. Rather than depicting through to the end of the interview, the video cuts off after approximately three minutes of conversation.The scenario presented in the video is that of Sylvia Walker, the social worker, visiting with Lorraine, a young woman with two young boys who has been reported as not properly ca ring for the boys. The beginning segment of

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Compare Recruitment Strategies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Comp ar Recruitment Strategies - Essay ExampleAll organizations should therefore, be watchful and strikeive in the selection process since any mistake at this stage may at times redeem a long lasting consequence including high sign up, development, and training costs. Effective recruitment will minimize the high incidences of employee turnover, improve the employee performance, and improve employee morale. Consequently, the organization will be in a position of meeting its goals and objectives. In order to action this, the organizations have adopted an employee recruitment dodge, which I have discussed.According to Schuler, recruitment refers to the set of activities and processes used to legally obtain a sufficient number of qualified people at the right place and time so that the people and the organization can select each other in their own best short and long term interests (Schuler, 1987, p. 267). There argon two main methods of employee recruitment, which are internal rec ruitment and external recruitment. The internal involves job promotion, the transfer of exist personnel, or referrals. This method is carried out through job posting, which is a job enrollment strategy that includes enlisting advertisements on physical and bulletin boards, corporate newssheets and via office memos. However, it is not always that the company will achieve the high quality of employees, which they were looking for in the recruitment exercise. Alternatively, the organizations can employ a second strategy known as the external recruitment strategy. The external recruitment strategies may take various forms such(prenominal) as job adverts on the internet, magazines, newspapers, and journals. In addition, the organizations can use the employment agencies to recruit the best genius from other organizations publicizing on the web, or via trade fairs as well as college enrollments (Cascio, 2010).Various advantages are associated with internal recruitment. One of them is tha t, the potential employee is well known in advance

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Trouble Relating to Women Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Trouble Relating to Women - Assignment utilizationThe Lilly Ledbetter honest pay act is the core subject of analysis in the ad and the position of the presidential candidate (Mitt Romney) on the subject being the topic. According to the Act, the employers would be allowed to deny coverage for birth pull strings for women gum olibanum posing an implication on the womens reproductive wellness (Cimpl-Wiemer, 2008). The ad appeals to the target by enabling them understand the position of the candidates with respect to the sensitive issue of fair pay and reproductive health of the women.At the time of the development of the ad, a presidential election campaign was in progress in the United States thus, the issues affecting the American citizens were common discussion points. The Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act was one of the vituperative issues affecting the Americans, as they wanted an understanding of the position of the future government on wedges and reproductive health of women. T he ad seizes the fact that Mitt Romney does not take a position on the debate thus questioning his understanding on the implication of the matter. This could significantly influence the support of the candidate (Mitt Romney) as the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act had a lot of impact for

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Cross-cultual Managment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Cross-cultual Managment - Essay ExampleHow classical are organizational status, prestige and level in the organizational hietrarchy What rights to make decisions are given to managers as function of their positions To what degree should employees automatically defer to the wishes and decisions of their managers Power distance refers to the belief that strong and legitimate decision-making rights separates managers and employees this custom-built is frequently observed in Asian and South American countries. By contrast, employees in the United States and Scandinavian countries subscribe to beliefs of lower power distance and are less likely to believe that their managers are automatically correct. Therefroe, many employees in the United States and Scandinavia do not blindly defer to their managers wishes.Cultures that emphasize individualism hightail it to accent individual rights and freedoms, have very loosely knit social networks and place considerable trouble on self-respect. Strong emphasis is placed on the persons own career and personal rewards. Collectivism severely accents group and prizes harmony among members. Individual feelings are subordinated to the groups overall good, and employees are more likely to ask, What is the stovepipe organization Face-saving (maintaining ones self-image in front of others) is highly important in collectivistic cultures. When face-saving is accomplished, past ones status in the group can be maintained. The United States has an individualistic culture japan is collectivistic, with a culture that can be characterized by the proverb The nail that sticks up gets pounded down. The Chinese culture accents the magnificence of quaxi or relationships.Femininity versus masculinity Masculine societies define gender roles in more traditional and sterile ways whereas distaff societies have broader viewpoints on the great variety of roles that both males and females can play in the workplace and at home. In addition, masc uline societies value assertive behavior and the acquisition of wealth feminine cultures trasure relationships among people, caring for others and a greater balance between family and work life. The Scandinavian countries have the most feministic cultures Japan has a markedly masculine one and the United States has a moderately masculine culture.Uncertainty evasion Employees in some cultures value clarity and feel very comfortable receiving specific directions from their supervisors. These employees have a high level of uncertainty avoidance and prefer to avoid ambiguity at work. Employees elsewhere answer in an opposite manner since ambiguity does not threaten their lower need for stability and security. These employees whitethorn even thrive on the uncertainty associated with their jobs. Employees in countries such as Greece, Portugal and Belgium have high uncertainty avoidance characteristics and often prefer structure, stability, rules, and clarity. Countries lower in uncerta inty avoidance characteristics include China, Ireland and the United States. long-run versus short-term time orientation Some cultures accent values such as the necessity of preparing for the future, the value of thrift and savings and the merits of persistence. Members of these cultures exemplified by Hong Kong, China, Japan

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Passion of The Christ Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Passion of The Christ - Movie Review lessonThroughout the film, Jesus undergoes brutality and much suffering. The other leading roles are Caiaphas (the Jewish High Priest) and Pontius Pilate (the roman print Governor). Both do not want to see Jesus being crucified, but live in a perilous time, and Jesus is a major threat to them1.The film relies just aboutly on the credo of Mark the Jewish crowds shown in almost all scenes of the film support this. The Jewish crowd is shown as indirectly protecting and directly supporting Jesus against the authority of the high priest, which opposes him according to the Gospel of Mark2. In Mark 156, Pilate had established an open Passover amnesty at the festival he used to leaving a prisoner for them, anyone for whom they asked.3 The ceremony was open because the crowd and not the governor selected the person to be released. Mark notes that Barabbas (a prisoner) and Jesus are presented to the crowd for it to choose who is to be released and who is to be crucified.There are legion(predicate) differences between the film and the story of Jesus according to the Gospels. There are some portions of Scripture that break been omitted in the film. Gibson cuts words of Matthew 2725 which states that And all the people said, His blood shall be on us and on our children4 and John 1930 which quotes Jesus saying It is finished.5 There are portions of the film that are extra-biblical such as the scene in which Satan is seen holding a baby. The most central scenes of the film are where Jesus is brutally beaten using a whip by the Roman soldiers and the 14 Stations of the Cross. Techniques used in the film include steadcam cinematography and narrative. The utilization of steadcam cinematography assists in the provision of quasi-documentary feel and look. The film has used the languages of the region where Jesus was actually crucified and the setting of the word-painting appears to capture the Jerusalem atmosphere (though the filmsetti ng was in Italy). The languages used

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Discussion Week 7 Question 1 Comparing Graphical and Computer-Based Assignment

Discussion Week 7 Question 1 Comparing Graphical and Computer-Based Methods - Assignment Examplethe shadow price associated with a incident constraint tells you how much the optimal value of the objective would increase per unit increase in the follow of resources available. In other words, the shadow price associated with a resource tells you how much more moolah you would fall by increasing the amount of that resource by one unit (Spivey, 2011, p. 1).It was emphasized by Taylor (2010) that the graphical radical is applicable for solving LP problems with only two (2) decision variables and could be visualized by the problem-solver period the computer-based methods allow solving problems with more than two variables and would necessitate data input requirements, either through leap out or QM for Windows.Concurrently, these two methods are similar in terms of allowing the decision-makers to evaluate the outcome or solution that was arrived at using either of the methods. Likew ise, as these methods were designed to solve LP problems, they presume that all the necessary elements or characteristics that are essential for solving LP problems must be present the objective ply (either maximize profit or minimize cost), a set of constraints, the decision variables, and finally, linearity among all constraint relationships and the objective function (Taylor, 2010, p. 57).The graphical approach could be preferred as the most viable approach to solve LP problems when in that respect are limited decision variables (at most two) and when the user needs to visualize the feasible solution area, as well as the optimal solution point. In addition, if the user is not competent or expert with computer-based programs, the graphical approach is evidently most

Data Collection Plan Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Data parade Plan - Assignment ExampleTied to this argon problems with regard to effective teaching methods, and strategies to support Arabic requireing. The basic methodology entails a comparison of my own teaching strategies and styles for my Arabic language class and those of some other teacher in another class. The end goal is partly to be able to understand what motivates students to learn Arabic, the psychology that drives them to pursue Arabic language learning intently. The basic question I want to resolvent is as follows What strategies are best for teaching Arabic to my students, and how do my strategies align with the motivations of my students to learn the language to cost increase themselves? To the question of the useful types of data, my answer is that data from my own classes, and the comparison with the data from the other class I have chosen, including learning outcomes and motivations as gathered from the students, ought to provide me with the reform kind of i nformation to answer the force per unit area questions of my research. To the question of the types of data already available, my answer is that data from previous studies, extensively tabulated, are already available to me, in the form of secondary research materials. To the question of the types of data I need to generate, the answer give be data on learning outcomes and similar data as from previous studies. ... n qualitative Inputs Effectiveness of strategies for learning Arabic x x x x Student Motivations for Learning Arabic x x x x Areas for Improvement in Teaching and Learning Styles X x x x Fit of Teaching Strategies to Student Aspirations and Motivations for Learning Arabic x x x x III. Narrative Connecting Matrix to Starting Point My matrix details the fundamental aims of my action research, and those aims are noteworthy as far as I am concerned for their existence open-ended and impart themselves to being answered in a broad sense. I think there ought to be a crocke d link between the teaching strategies and the motivations and inclinations of students for learning the Arabic language. Taking off from the interest answer that I got from a student, where the student sees Arabic as a road to material prosperity, it is clear to me that some of the strategies ought to condense on being able to give the students a structural understanding and mastery of the Arabic language. This functional approach lends itself to being measured via the learning outcomes of the students, and the learning outcomes of the students in the other class. The comparison ought to yield interesting insights into what works and what does not work as far as teaching styles is concerned. Also, as far as learning outcomes are concerned, it is not enough that the students pass the tests to measure learning, but that the tests should be measuring the right kinds of language competencies. In this regard, it is important that my class and the other class should agree on some serv ice line language course contents that should be similar for both classes. Both should focus on functional learning, and the teaching of Arabic that has real-world applications, such as in being able to transact business and being able to

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Business decision making Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Business closing making - Assignment ExampleDecision making process is a very authoritative lick to any guild that must attain success in the market. It stipulates the atomic number 18as that the company can easily riddle in the market without enormous incurrence on costs and any impending risks. Data collection is the get along that wills open doors for such a company to make an adequate decision from the analysis they arrive at as per the data segments (Carroll, 2008). In this paper is stipulated that data analysis is a significant faction which any company ought to adopt.The report revolves around a musical mode industry selling fashion clothes, shoes, jeans and other associate fashion components whose main target is the youth generation. It possesses a challenge since the youths are dynamics in their desires, this bring down for constant review of its products to meet the demand of its market segment. A group comprising of 20 youths is sampled from Coventry section wh o are interviewed on a major market trends about fashion and their take on how fashion impacts the development of new products in the market. Their engagement in the changes is the key factor that is considered (Bazerman& Moore, 2013).Decisions amount to the most significant components to business in the market regardless of its current position. For a business to start it must involve decision making processes and growing business must always apply different decisions for its growth purposes, differently growth and start-up will never be met. An agglomeration of factors must be taken into consideration on the special(prenominal) field of the company. A company ought to ask such questions like what is my market sizing. What is the market trend? Who are my consumers? What is the market perception? Among other critical questions which will drive the company to undertake proper steps. Quality, quantity, location, size and other structural characteristics are influenced by the decisi ons made by management in a company (Teale,

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Metamorphosis by Kafka Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Metamorphosis by Kafka - Essay ExampleGregor integrity day becomes merely a giant insect or a beetle. Kafka abruptly begins his narration as 1 morning, when Gregor Samsa woke from troubled dreams, he found himself transformed in his bed into a horrible vermin (Kafka, p. 3). The writer does non leave scope for readers reasoning ab kayoed its likeliness. Instead, he takes readers to the heights of feelings by his exceptional style of writing.Gregor is unable to comprehend the change he underwent. His expressions and way of reaction indicate dissatisfaction. From the responses of the family one understands that Gregor was valuable to the family as he had been supporting it financially. His unexpected physical transformation now creates a disorganized environment in the family. This clearly shows that a change in life can have uttermost reaching impacts on a persons career and personal life. Gregors metamorphosis is not only physical, but it deeply alters his attitude in a very nega tive way. His concept of trading and the way he perceives life changes altogether. This has tremendous influence on his family as a whole.As the boloney progresses the narrator exaggerates even normal things to strange out fields of visual imagery. There is no suspicion how an absolute youth turns a roach overnight. Kafka sarcastically describes the familys responses to the youths metamorphosis. Gregors come faints seeing her sons transformed form. His sister gets terrified and father wonders. The beetle-resembling Gregor becomes an unwanted element in the family. All members of the family understand that Gregor can no more be a reliable source of money. His section to the family is not worth remembering. The depiction of Gregors preoccupied mindset leaves a good impression of a perfect man and his workmanship.However, now Gregor proves his inability to accomplish his professional demands and finds he cannot even get out of bed and open

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Narration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Narration - turn verboten ExampleIt was a pleasant fifteen minute walk. We joked the entire way and enjoyed the much awaited limber up breeze swooshing though the trees. Finally the library came into view. It was a delicate, single level brick grammatical construction, situated at the box seat half covered by tall green trees. We stepped inside and were met by a smiling fourth-year lady. She escorted us to a corner in the childrens section and seated us at the small wooden and colorful benches designed for kids. Our t from each oneer looked comical, hunched down on a purple stool, her knees bent-grass at an odd angel because there wasnt any room. The librarian proceeded to tell us virtually the general rules of etiquette of the library.I tuned out and busied myself in observing the quaint and serene atmosphere. For some reason, the quietness of the library and the overwhelming feeling of being touch by so many books put me to awe. I didnt know why but I loved everything ab out this ordinary little building. The softness of the carpeting beneath my sneakers, the quiet rustling of the indoor plants, the soft and soothing overhead lights, and the smell of new and quondam(a) books mingled together gave me a sense of calm and comfort. I was jolted by the sudden sound of everyone getting up and snapped out of my daydreaming. The librarian, along with our teacher, was ready to give us a brief tour of the library.The building was basically divided into two sections, the adult and the kids. The checkout desk in the middle separated the two areas and was surrounded by a low shelf filled with bright blue encyclopedias. The librarian picked up a bunch of sheets from the desk and brought us back to where we were seated before. The time had at last come to fill out our individual applications. I felt strangely grownup as I carefully penciled in my name and phone number. We all handed in the applications and the librarian told us to look around because we could e ach take home two books of our own choosing at the end of the

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HCM621-0804A-01 Ethics, Policy, and Law in Health Care Management - Essay - 7

HCM621-0804A-01 Ethics, Policy, and Law in Health Care Management - flesh 3 Discussion Board 2 - Essay ExampleConfidentiality laws and professional rules of behaviour allow the supplier to release medical information only when it is need for your care, required by law, or necessary for the political science of your plan or support the erectrs programs or operations that evaluate quality service.Let you participate with your health care providers in health decisions and get down them give you information about your medical condition and your intervention options, regardless of benefits coverage or cost.Health care provider should fulfill its obligations to its members in order to have a mutual relationship. By doing this the provider can achieved its goal in strengthening consumer confidence. The provider should provide its consumer with effective ways to address their concerns, and encourages them to take an active role in improving and assuring their health. In order to rea ffirm the importance of a strong relationship between patients and their health care providers the provider should respect their consumers rights. And vice versa the consumer should be cooperative lavish in order for the provider to give the unavoidable and required operate.Consumers want to be treated with respect and fairly. To provide and maintain a quality health care system the consumer and the provider should have a mutual respect. Cases wherein there is discrimination on the services provided should be given focused. One important factor that a consumer is very particular of is the assurance that their identity operator should be treated with confidentiality. The provider can disseminate information about the consumer only if needed and required by law.On the other hand the consumer should also give respect to the provider. The consumer should be cooperative enough in order to help the provider to give services that they needed. The consumer should also do its part in ord er to have a better

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Multinational running and risks management of Domino Print Plc 01272 Essay

Multinational running and risks management of eye mask Print Plc 01272 - Essay Examplehalf mask printing process owns seven distinct business units or subsidiaries which are, Graph-Tech, Citronix, half mask UK, PostJet Systems, Mectec Elektronik, Wiedenbach Apparatebau and Purex International (Marketline, 2014). The commercial printing industry has recorded a valuation of $383.2 billion, which is a 2.1% growth in the year 2011. The market has been forecasted to perform well in the coming five years (Marketline, 2014a). As of the mo displaceary year 2013, the participation has earned revenue of $524.2 million, which is a 7.6% increase over the previous year. The operating gather of 2013 is $27.1 million which is a 66% decrease from 2012 (Morningstar, 2015). This paper is focused on the financial structure and activities of Domino Printing Sciences plc, along with the involved political and exchange rate risk in overseas transaction.The supra table indicates that the revenue of Domino Printing has increased steadily over the past five years. This suggests that the company has successfully been able to make increased cash generation in the recent years. The gross sugar has also increased over the years in a steady manner. The consistent increase of revenue and gross profit suggests that the company has been performing well over the years. However, according to the graph it can be stated that the companys net income decreased severely in the year 2013 as it took a deep plunge from 41 million in 2011 to 6 million in 2012. It has managed to increase the net income in the next year to 45 million. Thus it can be stated that Domino Printing Sciences has been successfully restores its loss making and rejuvenated its profitability.Domino Printing was established in 1978 and got listed in the LSE (London Stock Exchange) in 1985. Ever since the inception of the company it has expanded exponentially by making several corporate and financial activities.Domino printing sciences has bought 5,331,451 shares of Montaro,

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What factors makes young online customer satisfied Essay

What factors makes untested online customer satisfied - Essay ExampleAs a consequence, a large amount of money has not only been put in merchandising the products that companies have to rear but also in their improvement to make them to a greater extent attractive to young customers. The market placeing of products for young online consumers should not only be done at a local anesthetic level, but the marketing campaigns of totter Tributes, for example, are also be done at a regional, national, and international level. This is the beat out way to match that the products reach a larger audience than they would normally have if marketing were done at only the local level. While online marketing targeting young customers can be considered an important tool that can be use by companies, such as Reel Tributes, to gain an understanding of their customers who buy their products, it is not necessarily the only one. This process has to be augmented by this company ensuring that there are open lines of communication addressable between them and their young customers throughout that ensure that there is an understanding, which helps in the determination of a good and hard-hitting relationship. When conducting online marketing, the companys management mustiness ensure that each customer is given a linear perspective of the product that is thoughtful and careful so that the customer can make an accurate assessment of it. In order for an online marketing strategy for a product to be successful, the company must display a willingness to conduct a type of marketing that is both constructive and objective (Bailey 2012, p.24). In addition, Reel Tributes must ensure that it creates a situation where its customers display a willingness to take positively all the suggestions that are make to them, and to be able to work with the company to ensure that the products they receive are enhanced to their satisfaction. The professionalism of the marketing staff should enable the heterogeneous companies making the product to compete effectively against other companies attempting to market similar products and in fact, it gives these companies an edge over others. An organization should always aim at being the best in the marketing of its products, especially those meant for young customers, so that the ranking of its competitors in the marketing business should show the top choice of work that is done within it. The marketing of products for online customers should be done using all the media available, both optic and print, to ensure that a much wider audience is reached than anticipated. This will guarantee the success of the product within the market for a long time since the marketing strategy adopted would be one, which retains the attention of its audience. One of the best means through which the product can be marketed is online since there are billions of users of the internet who would be a ready audience. Most of those who use the internet t oday are young people and these are more likely than not to choose to make purchases online as well as be audiences for the online marketing strategies that various companies may choose to use. Because the internet is a leading tool in marketing, this is where most companies and other institutions go to when they need to acquire products for the use of their clients, marketing online ensures that clients stay up to date with the current product so that they are able to get the best out of it. The marketing of products aimed at young online consumers has become wide as a concept and has developed into a set of practices under

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Paradise Lost Essay Example for Free

Paradise mixed-up EssayParadise Lost is shared out into twelve books. In Book I Milton explains the theme of his work, mans disobedience to God, his expulsion from nirvana and the story of the rebel angels sent to Hell. In Book II the angels meet in council to decide what they provide do. In Book III God makes a speech on mans granting immunity to choose between good and evil. In Book IV Satan observes the happiness of turn and evening in the Garden of Eden. In Book V God sends Raphael to warn Adam. In Book VI the war in Heaven in described. Book VII and VIII tell the story of the knowledgeability of the Earth and the universe. In Book IX Satan persuades Adam and Eve to taste the forbidden fruit. In Book X Gods Son pronounces the sentence of expulsion. In the last two books Adam and Eve abandon paradise.Paradise Lost is an epic poem. Milton chose the epic genre because of the greatness of the subject. He follows the exemplary epic conventions in his masterpiece, such as the opening with the statement of the theme. This epic takes place in the universe, in Heaven, Hell and Eden. The main characters, God, Satan, Christ, Man and the fallen angels remind the warriors and heroes of the classical epic, even though they are more than philosophical heroes.Milton knew the Copernican cosmology but he based the universe of Paradise Lost on the traditional Ptolemaic system because he thought that this conception was fixed in the minds of the people and it had limits at heart which it was easier for him to work. In Miltons Heaven God created the Earth, fixed in the centre of the Universe, and he put his career and thoughts in the natural world so that the external reality reflects the divine soul.In Paradise Lost evil and good are opposed. However, Satan has many characteristics of the epic hero, courage, leadership, initiative. Milton has sympathy for his Satan because he himself was a rebel against the political and religious authority.Both Milton and Dan te said that their works had divine inspiration but they had secernate ideas about Satans physical appearance and meaning. Dantes Satan becomes a means of penalty and it resembles a mythic monster, with wings and three heads. Miltons Satan is a symbol of Gods justice and it takes several forms, first it is a fallen angel, then it has an inhuman form and finally he becomes a snake.The style of the poem is elevated, the poet used a new kind of magnificent blank-verse.

Home video game industry Essay Example for Free

Home video endorse labor EssayIn 1972 founders Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney scrounged $50,000 from family, friends and local banks, formed their own company. They hired Alan Alcorn who created Pong and put a take in unit in Andy Capps Tavern in suburban Sunnyvale to see if anyone would play it. Twenty-four hours later, the owner cal guide Bushnell in a rage and demanded that he get over to the bar with his tool kit as before long as possiblethe prototype gritty had broken down beca using up it was world flooded with money. Pong was much than a adventure of Ping-Pong on a video screen.This was the beginning of Atari, while Atari made millions off the game consoles, they sold the software to many some other major companies, and in turn they came out with their own translation of niff. Although Atari saw profits from software royalties they kicked themselves out of the video game securities industrys as other companies were using the pong model to penetrate the foodstu ff. At the time of the U. S. crash, there were numerous consoles on the market, including the Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Bally Astrocade, ColecoVision, Emerson Arcadia 2001 Magnavox Odyssey 2,and the Vectrex. Home computers had more memory and faster processors than a console, they permitted more sophisticated games.They could also be apply for tasks such as word processing and scale accounting. Games were easier to duplicate, since they could be packaged as floppy disks or cassette tapes instead of read-only storage modules. This opened the field to third-party software developers.In 1986, Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi noned that Atari collapsed because they gave too much freedom to third-party developers and the market was swamped with rubbish games. In response, Nintendo limited the number of titles that third-party developers could release for their system each year, and promoted its Seal of Quality, which it allowed to be used on games and peripherals by publishers that met Nintendos quality standards.The North the Statesn video game crash had two lasting results. The first result was that dominance in the home console market shifted from the United States to Japan. When the video game market recovered in the late 1980s, Nintendos NES was by far the dominant console, leaving only a fraction of the market to a resurgent Atari battling Segas Master system for the number-two spot soon after. By 1989, home video game sales in the United States had reached $5 zillion, surpassing the 1982 peak of $3 meg during the previous coevals.A large majority of the market was conquerled by Nintendo, whose NES ultimately sold more than 35 million units in the United States, exceeding the sales of other consoles and personal computers by a large margin With the introduction of the Sega Genesis in America, Sega of America launched an anti-Nintendo campaign to carry the momentum to the new generation of games, with its slogan Genesis does what Nintendont. This wa s initially implemented by Sega of America President Michael Katz. When Nintendo launched its Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1991, Sega changed its slogan to Welcome to the next level. Sega re-branded itself with a new game and mascot, Sonic the Hedgehog. This shift led to a wider success for the Genesis and would eventually propel Sega to 65% of the market in North America for a brief time. On May 11, 1995, Sega released the Sega Saturn in the American market. Segas first CD console that was not an add on, utilized two 32-bit processors and preceded both the Sony PlayStation and the Nintendo 64 The lack of a strong Sonic and its risque price in comparison to the PlayStation were among the reasons for the failure of the console.The 3DO Company lacked the resources to manufacture consoles themselves, and instead licensed the hardware to other companies for manufacturing. Trip Hawkins recounted that they approached every electronics manufacturer, but that their chief targets were Sony and Panasonic, the two largest consumer electronics companies in the world. Founder trip Hawkins thought by selling his software to the main markets he could penetrate the market with a high price brining in a high profit margin. The launch price of the Play Station in the American market was US$299, undercutting their competitors, but knew that they would sell more consoles and make profit in the long-term.Xbox entered the console market because of a direct threat from Sony. They thought that consoles would take over web-browsing and directly hurt their main network in home computer systems. With annual revenues of close to 20 billion dollars Microsoft decided to invest 4 billion to develop the Xbox. With already a huge brand name and high product value in the computer market, Xbox was a massive success in the gaming network knowing they had the capability to livelihood up with the technical aspects of the other competitors.While Nintendos Game Cube was a bust, Nintendo knew they needed to use knew software in order to compete with the dominating Xbox and Play Stations new motion comminuted technology was cheap to integrate in software and Nintendo took advantage of that market. The Nintendo Wii launched in 2007, used old game that branded the Nintendo name including The Mario Brothers, which appealed to both old and new generations. Technology is driving the new markets, but Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft control the gaming market of today because of their ability to create affordable gaming while still being innovating.

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West European Studies Essay Example for Free

West European Studies assay1. The 3-fold divisions of information by Augustine were ? Physical- he related it to the working of nature, and posited that there was a cause to tout ensemble things- the dogma of cause-effect. ? Education- the acquisition of knowledge followed some rules, i. e. the methodology of science and procedures used in scientific studies and systematic experimentations ? Practice- Augustine argued that animation had some meaning and an end, which people sought in their daily lives by means of actions and practicing of ideologies and principles. 2. The seven liberal hu servicemanistic discipline outlined by M fine artianus Capella werea) The Trivium which comprised of Grammar Rhetoric Logic/dialectic b) The Quadrivium which included Arithmetic Geometry Music uranology Grammar taught one how to write words and understand their meaning. Music signified the cardinal virtues of temperance, prudence, fortitude and justice. Logic was obligatory to servic ing individuals distinguish right from wrong so as to avoid evil deeds. Rhetoric was the art of effective use of language to speak eloquently. Geometry was useful in measuring space, distance such as fields and cities.Arithmetic was significant as it aided in assigning numerical values- counting objects. Lastly, astronomy was used to foretell luck or misfortune- it was an essential art in predicting the future. 3. According to St. Augustine, irreligious learning was reliant on logical system and skeptical criticism of scripture. It appealed to observable evidence and to those things that ar physically provable. St. Augustine taught that Christians should discard those elements, which undermined their faith by challenging beliefs that could not be substantiated with physical evidence, e. g. the existence of God.By appealing to logic, therefore, pagan learning dismissed the spiritual aspect of life to which Christianity was intimately connected. Nonetheless, he recognized the signi ficant of logic and reason in a Christians life. He esteemd that the scripture was given by Gods inspiration for correction and reproof of character. Thus, to understand its teachings, believers ought to examine its contents critically to bring forth correct interpretations. At the same time, logic reflected the logical and orderliness of Gods nature, represented by the order he perfected in His creation.Similarly, logical reasoning makes a significant contribution to the orderliness of life in the military personnel. Without logic, there would be chaos and conflicts among men. Reason appeals to the common maven that compels people to observe basic rules and obligations. 4. Hugh of St. Victor outlined four types of philosophy in his quaternary of the arts. The first three are concerned with human character, as they shape people into better mortal beings. They include ? Truth, which is derived from theoretical philosophy- through abstract reasoning and contemplations that leads to insights about acceptable principlesPractical philosophy which leads to good virtues that guides human conduct ? machinelike philosophy which reliefs men from physical burdens ? Logic enables men to make clear and realistic conclusions concerning the preceding three philosophies. 5. The seven mechanical arts as defined by Hugh of St. Victor are ? Fabric- it is necessary as man is essentially naked, lacking in the fur that is endowed to wild animals ? Armaments- necessitated due to mans innate weakness for his lack of defensive mechanisms such as the teeth and claws of animals.Commerce- it is necessary to reconcile the worlds nations that have become divided by selfish aspirations. It leads to international relations and diplomacy that calms wars, enhances irenic negotiations and achieves the greatest good of individual possessions. Agriculture- it is a compensation of hard labor, what Hugh called the brows sweat that goes jeopardize to Adams time, when the ground was cursed su ch that he had to sweat for a living. Hunting was a skill necessary to help man get food by preying on wild animalsTheatrics- the sooth the sound judgment through laughter, and by providing relaxation and refreshment to a tired spirit probably after a days work. 6. The four senses of scripture of St. Gregory the Great are literal sense, allegorical sense, moral/tropological sense and the anagogical sense. a) Literal sense- it reveals the plain facts about events or things. For instance, the creation of Adam as explained in the sacred scripture of Genesis is a literal understanding of scripture, since the events happened just the way they are stated.b) Allegorical sense- it goes beyond what is seemingly stated, to arrive at a meaning that is both metaphorical and symbolic. For instance, the creation of Eve from Adams rib symbolizes the subordinate role that a woman plays in her relation to man. This is exemplified in the family unit where the man is the head of the household. Simi larly, it symbolizes the significance of marriage, since a woman, with her one rib taken from Adam, is considered incomplete. Consequently, she must seek completeness by fusion with her source- Adam/man.c) Moral sense- it derives from the Greek word trepein, which means to turn. In scriptural interpretation, it refers to the act of turning ideas, principles and prophesy teachings into deeds. It is reflected in an individuals life through good deeds to all people. In the scripture, the parables of messiah were reflections on the moral conduct of men. For instance, the parable about the Good Samaritan represents real life situations where Christians are called upon to help those in need, and not to be like the uncaring Levite who walked past the robbed man on his way to Jericho.d) anagogical sense- it refers to the interpretation of scripture teaching within the wider context of eternity. It attaches a universal meaning to divine concepts, which transcends all boundaries of space and time. For instance, the reference to the Lords feast in Mathew 22 signifies the eternal happiness to be enjoyed by the save in heaven. Likewise, the new Jerusalem refers to Gods City, the kingdom that shall reign forevermore after the second coming.

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Marketing and Converse Question Essay Example for Free

Marketing and dialogue Question EssayNeed shelter for the feetWantsCheap shoes which are comfortable and customizable.Demands Emerging artists, designers and musicians wearing Chucks because of their affordability, simplicity and classic look. Now, anti-establishment rock fans accost discuss to feature a shoe by their favourite artist.Question 3Production apprehensionThe thought process that consumers will favour the products those are available and highly affordable, and the idea that the company focus on improving production and distribution efficiency.Product ConceptCostumers will favour the products that offer the most quality, proceeding and features. Therefore the company should focus on making constant product improvementsSelling ConceptThe idea that consumers will not buy enough of the products unless it undertakes a large-scale selling and promotion effort.Marketing apprehensionThe marketing philosophy that holds that achieving organizational goals depends on kno wing the needs and wants of target markets and delivering that desired satisfaction break down than competitors does. Almost every red Chuck converse sold goes to Global Fund.Question 4Converse sees its role as one of making great products that its costumers want to wear. Beyond that it participates in consumers discussions rather that dictating them. Drawbacks Converse rides a fine line How many limited editions and upscale design can the brand stool without losing its image as a non marketing marketer. How popular can the brand become without losing the core costumers who shaft the precisely because it isnt popularQuestion 5Converse has been very careful in all(prenominal) that it does to remember on very of the essence(p) things for a brand like Converse, where authenticity is the most important trait, the costumer experience should be driven by the costumer.

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District Nurse Essay Example for Free

District Nurse raiseWho is a district nurse?A district nurse is a type of nurse that whole kit in the community rather in the hospitals. They dish by supporting and caring for the longanimouss in vex homes or residential homes. P1. Identify the forms of communication.Working in care is about communication and relationship .It is but not possible to provide care without developing communication or relationship with the patients. Thats wherefore it is important as a carer to know how to build a relationship with the patients. Communication is about often more than just conversation. in that location are three forms of communication they are1. Contexts.2. Forms of communication.3. Alternative forms of communication.M1. Describe the forms of communication. straight off we will be looking at one of the forms of communication which is contexts. Some of the interpreters of contexts communication are1. ace to one.2. Groups.3. Formal and easy.4. With plenty using services.5 . Colleagues6. Managers.One to oneOne-to-one in communicationis the act of an individual communicating with another. It is also called face to face communication.Groups.Group communication refers to communication between 3 or more individuals.Informal.Informal communication is less defined by strict measures and is characterized by colloquial language.The Antonym of informal is formal where formal communication is associated with the mathematical function of official medical/scientific language in software documentation and to systematic policies and procedures. Both types of health information communication play important roles in shaping patient behaviour, ensuring patient safety and promoting the delivery of quality health.With people using services.It is legal to have a argent communication with the people using services and show them kindness so more people bathroom come and use your service in a suitable way.Mangers.Every company has a trough and the defecate of the mana gers is to manage the company and make sure everything is running as expected. Managers mostly interact with their employers and fool how far or how well they car doing the job.Colleagues.Colleagues are the people you work with let it be in a business area or other work places. Having a colleague is a good thing because you might feel more confident in talking to him.her.FORMS OF COMMUNICATION.This topic looks at forms of communication. There are galore(postnominal) forms of communication that people around the manhood use to communicate with others. They are1. literal communication.2. Non-verbal communication3. Written communication.Verbal and non-verbal communication.Verbal communication refers to the way someone communicates by using delivery to present thoughts, ideas and feelings. Basically verbal communication is the ability to explain and show your ideas clearly done the utter words. Unlike verbal communication, non-verbal communication refers to the messages people s end out to say their thoughts and ideas without talking. There are many a(prenominal) ways how non-verbal communications e.g.1. Body language.2. facial nerve expression.3. Touch or contact.4. scars symbols and pictures.Body language.Body language is a type of non-verbal communication where by is the way to communicate by using your body instead of talking. For example the way someone sits or stands which is called posture stern send messages. Head campaign and hand movement might also indicate that you are sending or passing out a message.Facial expression.Facial expression refers to the way someone communicates by using his or her face. We can often signalise how someone is feeling by looking at their face. For example if someone is happy there is a smile on her/his face. if someone is excited his/her eyes become wider.Touch or contact.Communicating through touch is another important nonverbal behavior. There has been a substantial amount of research on the importance of tou ch in infancy and early childhood. The deprivation of touch and contact impedes development. Touch can be used to communicate affection, familiarity, sympathy and other emotions.Signs, symbols and pictures.There are common signs and gestures that majority of people recognize without being taught. There are unalike types of signs that people and have a meaning. For example when wafture to someone that authority you are passing a message using signs. Symbols and pictures of all kind of different objects also communicate messages.Written communication.Written communication has great significance in todays world. It is an innovative activity of the mind.. Speech came before writing. But writing is more unique and formal than speech. trenchant writing involves careful choice of words, their organization in correct order in sentences formation as well as cohesive composition of sentences. Also, writing is more valid and reliable than speech. But charm speech is spontaneous, writing c auses delay and takes time as feedback is not immediate.Alternative forms of communication.There are many types of alternative forms of communication they are1. Sign language.2. Makaton.3. Braille.4. Technological aids.5. Human aids.Sign language.As we said introductory sign language is the use of your body parts like facial expression, position, movement of the hands and arms. Sign language is mostly used by the disable people who have bad hearing problem.Makaton phrase programme which uses signs and symbols to teach communication, language and literacy skills to people with communication and learning difficulties. It is designed to provide a means of communication to individuals who cannot communicate efficiently by speaking. Makaton has been effectively used with individuals who have cognitive impairmentsBraille.Braille is a system of writing for the blind consisting of raised shippings that can be interpreted by touch, each dot or group of dots representing a letter, numeral, or punctuation mark Braille was devised in 1821 by Louise Braille, a Frenchman..Technological aids.Basically a technological aid refers to the electronic aids people around the world use for communication. For examples mobile phones are used to pass messages from one person to another either by making calls or sending text messages. Computer is another technological aid that we use to do research and also for communication.Human aids.Human aids are special skilled people who help people communicate with eachother. Examples are1. Interpreters.2. Translators.3. Signers.Interpreters and spokespersons .Interpreters are people who translate orally, while a translator interprets written text. Both interpreting and translation presuppose a certain love of language and difficult knowledge of more than one tongue. The key skill of a very good translator is the ability to write well, to express him/her clearly in the target language. That is why professional translators almost always work i n only one direction, translating only into their native language. Even bilingual individuals rarely can express themselves in a given subject equally well in two languages.And many slight translators are far from being bilingual they may not be, and need not be, fluent speakers of the seed language (the language of the original text being translated). The key skills of the translator are the ability to experience the source language and the culture of the country where the text originated, and, using a good library of dictionaries and propagation materials, renders that material into the target language. An interpreter, on the other hand, has to be able to translate in both directions, without the use of any dictionaries, on the spot. .

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I have a dream speech Essay Example for Free

I absorb a dream legal transfer experi custodytI Have a Dream is the name of a speech Martin Luther magnate, Jr. gave on some(prenominal) year ago while he was on Washington, D. C.. In his speech, he spoke of his wish for a better future. His wish was that large number of different races could live together peacefully in America without segregation. He spoke of the discrimination that the black man has faced even though they were supposed to be inured equal when the emancipation proclamation was signed. Martin Luther King made an important quote on Abraham Lincoln where he said Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. This was a promise that all men, black and uncontaminating men, would be guaranteed the unalienable Rights. He wanted to support his idea on what Abraham Lincoln said that all men are equal both white and black men have the same rights. This speech left field a legacy of equality of Rights for all men in the United States. Hundred years beforehand Martin Lut her King gave his speech black men were not free until Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation. through those hundred years black men werent treated as equal as white men.Black men were discriminated in all the United States because of their skin and the amount of racist people bottom then was significant. Kings speech highly persuasive, he wanted to provoke everybody that heard his speech to have a feeling that segregation and discrimination should be stopped. In my legal opinion we have achieved Kings dream, today all men have equal rights and at that place arent differences between the races of people and the ability to pursuit happiness. Martin Luther King yearned a world where all the races were treated as one and there werent different between people in our country.Martin observed that one hundred years later, the pitch blackness still is not free and black men were segregated to the slums and ghettos of the northern cities. The people who stood against King had the opinion that only white people deserved to be treated reasonably. Even though, they were few and didnt have a strong argument to defend their point because there wasnt one. King inspired the absolute majority of American people, and he brought equality for every race in America.

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Space Weather Essay Example for Free

Space Weather studySpace support is what happens in space and how it shines the Earths weather. Even though in space it may not look like a big thing but when those effects reach Earth it slew set about a huge impact on the Earths weather. It female genital organ cause natural disasters such as floods, hurri firees, etc. Space weather doesnt just affect the Earths weather but it shadow as well as affect new technology. Its been causing problems with new technology as early as when the telegraph was invented in the nineteenth century. Solar fl ars can pick power grids, get in the authority of high-frequency airline and military communications, disrupt GPS signals, interupt civilian communications, etc. Space weather can cover the Earths atmosphere with a hazardous and on the hook(predicate) radiation. Even the technology we use like traffic lights, cell phones, street lights, etc could be affected by a solar flare. Furthermore stuff like solar flares have been occuring more often since world-wide warming started to become more gruesome. This is because of the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere along with other gases and these gases are trapped in the Earths atmosphere and the more gases are trapped in the atmosphere the less gases are let out into space.This can create problems like species extinction, flooding around coastal areas, make seasons continuing then they should be, more frequent and severe storms, and alter temperature patterns. Along with solar flares, solar winds can also affect the Earhs weather. This is because the intense clouds of high energy particles which are often made by solar storms and make their way to Earth in about 3 to 4 days it collides with the Earths magnetic knit stitch. The particles enters Earths magnetic field near both north and south poles. When that happens it causes many problems with technology.Like solar flares and solar winds magnetic storms can also cause damage to our way of life on Earth es pically now since we rely on technology so much. Magnetic storms can pump extra electricty into our power lines and pipelines causing blackouts and gas leaks. For example, in March 1989 a magnetic storm caused a thirty-six million transformer in New island of Jersey collapsed the entire power grid in Quebec, Canada. When that happened it left six million people without electricity. Space weather can also be very hazardous for astronauts. For example, in between the flights for both Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 an intense solar flare occurred.This would have killed the astronauts on board Apollo 16 and Apollo 17 if they had been on their way to go to the moon during that time. These are just some of the many things on how space weather can affect the Earth and the Earths weather. Just to remind you space weather is what happens in space and how it affects the Earth and its weather. It can make a huge impact on Earths weather and Earth even though in space it may not look like a big deal. These are some ship canal space weather affects the Earth and its weather.

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Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band Essay Example for Free

Sherlock Holmes and the Speckled Band hearAt the start of the account there are small rises of tension and falls, the use of Victorian Melo free rein creates drama for the reader. When Helen Stoner comes in and tells Holmes about her family it is dense paced and little or no tension at all. past she tells of her sisters death, which makes the tension rise. In the grade there two lulls before the storm which is when ein truththing is hush up happy and slow paced but then the action breaks out and the pace and tension rise But we shall have horrors abundant before the night is over for goodness sake let us have a quiet pipe and turn our minds for a few hours to roundthing more cheerful. There are four main senior high school points in the story, the conk out being the climax. This is where Dr Roy bargaint dies. Sherlock Holmes was the first real fictional detective and is still genuinely popular today. He was a private detective, not a member of the police force force b ecause in those days the police werent held in high regard. He was be sick on a pedestal by the plurality who read about him because he was fulfilling everything the police werent. Many of todays TV detectives are based on Holmes including Colombo, Jonathan Creek, Poirot and international Morse code.Sherlock Holmes is instantly recognizable in his deerstalker hat and his long cloak but actually these were not originally his clothes. Someone who was drawing him made them up. We also recognize him by his magnifying glass and that he plays the violin and smokes a pipe. He smokes his pipe when he is meditating or trying to work out a touch or puzzle. Holmes personality is very polite but not emotional, he is a middle break gentleman and very synthetical. He always tries to outdo the people he meets.He does this in the story when he describes how Miss Stoner arrives and when he straightened out the poker which Dr Roylott had bent in anger. Inspector Morse is very similar to Sherloc k Holmes. He is recognized by his red car, his classical music and his warmth for real ale. His mannerisms are like those of Holmes too, he is a polite middle class gentleman, very chary but is abrupt. He cares inside but doesnt show it. Morse also has a sidekick who is called Lewis he is like Holmes Dr Watson. The reason for a sidekick is to narrate the story, to make the detective look a lot cleverer and to be an ally to us the readers.I had no keener pleasure than in following Holmes in his schoolmaster investigations, and in admiring the rapid deductions, as swift as intuitions, and yet always founded on a logical basis, with which he unraveled the problems which were submitted to him. Obviously a murder mystery has to have a murder and we usually puzzle out who the murderer is at the end of the story. The Speckled Band is quite unusual because we know that Roylott is the cause of death but we dont know how he does it. Dr Roylott has an imposing physique and the author ass ociates him with what we would generally consider bad victimisation similes and metaphors.He is an prototypal villain and his only friends are wandering gypsies that arent trusted by others. These gypsies are associated with strange pets and curses. Roylott is reclusive and has a beastly nature. He planned the murder in advance and dog-tired and spent plenty of money on making sure that it took place. If Roylott is the archetypal villain then Helen Stoner is the archetypal victim. In Victorian literature women were portrayed as heroines who need assistance from heroes. Helen Stoner is weak, vulnerable and very emotional. She brings the only element of emotion into his story.She is emotional where as Holmes is logical. She plays a vital role in the story because she is the stepdaughter of the murderer, the sister of the murdered and the next in line. Helen Stoner is the stereotypical female of her time. She is like the prey and Roylott is the predator. When she comes to plan Ho lmes her appearance is old and worn out. Her face all drawn and grey, with restless frightened eyes, like those of some hunted animal. She has aged before her time her features and figure were those of a woman of thirty, but her hair was view with premature grey and her expression was weary and haggard.The stereotypical view of women has changed a lot over the last century. In the times that The Speckled Band was written women were seen as frail people who needed help from big strong men. In the 1920s Agatha Christie wrote books where a woman solved murder cases but people still thought she was stupid. Now in the year 2003 there are women who command entire police forces. In my opinion I dont think that The Speckled Band is very effective as a murder mystery because it is too obvious that Roylott is the killer.It is very good as a how-dun-it because its frustratingly hard to practice session how Roylott killed his stepdaughter. Conan Doyle included a red herring into the story to try and throw us off melody but I dont think it works at all. Its almost as if he just put it in at the end as a rushed job. Graham Dessington Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that net be found in our GCSE Arthur Conan Doyle section.

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ICT Industry And Employment Essay Example for Free

ICT Industry And Employment EssayUnderstanding the impact of breeding technology will greatly affect ones choice of cargoner path. In this origination of computers, electronic data and the internet, it is more practical to consider jobs and careers that go hand in hand with IT. in that respect are solid evidences that the ICT industry will soon be the biggest player in any(prenominal) introduction economies. In the healthcare industry, every patient data is going paperless. With the introduction of EMR or Electronic medical Records, hospitals, patients and health professionals stack easily exchange data in order to assess the best feasible way to provide patients with the necessary healthcare. Computers and the internet play important roles in EMR. Meanwhile, the finance and banking industry are also going electronic by implementing e-commerce strategies. Many of them are now providing electronic banking and investment facilities that clients can easily access. This innova tion saves them thousands of dollars, which could have been used for labor, facility, or marketing funding needs. On the other hand, plan companies are also joining the bandwagon. They have set up their respective IT departments in order to combine computers to their manufacturing and service sectors.With the availability of reliable data, engineering companies can easily decide on implementing their plans or relaying information across all departments, which will result to better productivity. So what do these evidences say? Information and communication theory Technology will soon become the very backbone of any economic sectors. In fact, any industries (software, electronics, hardware, internet) related to IT are considered some of the most robust in the global economy (Stanley Labs). If one wishes to shoot for a b remedy future, then investing on learning the techniques in IT will be the right approach.

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Importance of Empathy in Patient Care

Importance of Empathy in Patient business organizationIntroductionCarl Rogers defines empathy (as cited in Patterson, 1977) as the ability to accurately perceive the internal frame of reference of another somebody, as if 1 were with the other person. That is to say that if you could actually feel the emotions of another, without going through the physical experience. This definition however, has been challenged.What another person experiences at a certain moment is not directly precondition. However, the presence of the other is directly cut inton and so is the awareness that the other is experiencing self. This cannot be compared with other modesof experience. The experience of another is unique. This means that the other modes of experiencing still are of partial help in explaining how the subjective becomes intersubjective. It also means that there is no dubiousness about who is experiencing primarily, and who is sharing or experiencing the experience of another. (Stein, E. 1989). These two definitions however different, are two used nowadays in managing of enduring care in the medical profession. This paper will briefly explore both definitions and will attempt to show sides of this complex subject. The research done for this paper will deal for the most part with physician- affected role and nurse/care provider- patient interactions. The goal of this paper is to show the importance of the role of empathy in providing quality patient care.CausesThose physicians and medical educators who advocate empathy in the physician-patient encounters, suggest that physicians who engage empathetically with patients increase not only the patients common sense of satisfaction but also patientcompliance with therapeutic regimens and increased physiological well-being. (Kim, Kaplowitz and Johnston, 2004).The persistent protestation to empathy in the medical commwholey comes from concern that empathy interferes with scientific and medical objectivity. What practi tioners need are the skills to use their ruttish responses for therapeutic impact. In the interpersonal realm, emotions are crucial of misgiving reality. An awareness of ones associations and emotional resonances as cues to understanding the particular meanings that a symptom or diagnosis has for an individual. (New York Oxford Univ. Press, 2001). Both of there outlooks are important to life-threatening patient care. You can put yourself in the patients shoes and somewhat imagine what they are going through, succession at the same time being straight forward and real about the diagnosis. The question for umpteen medical educators remains whether empathy, no matter how valuable or care in effect(p)y recon reckon, can be taught.The problem of empathy begins with the preoccupation with self that obscures the other. Jerome Lowenstein (Can You Teach Compassion? P16) sees case presentations as the opportunity for clinicians to teach nurses empathy by encouraging them to describe pa tients more fully as persons with intersecting social, psychological and medical histories, rather than reductively and disparagingly in terms of disorders, addictions and disease. Training in continuing care will be of little value without perverts who turn in something of the life of the people whom they serve who can empathize with immigrants from Asia and Mexico, with southern or ghetto experience and who knew of the Holocaust and of communist oppression. (Spiro, 1992).Empathy depends on the experiences and imagination of the person who isempathizing and this dependency have the potential to exclude the patients suffering and the meaning the patient makes of suffering.ApplicationThe following story is a true-life experience that I encountered while working for Gambro Health Care in Jackson, Michigan as a patient care technician. Gambro Health Care (Now DaVita) is an outpatient dialysis unit. Dialysis is the treatment for patients who suffer from end stage renal failure (kidn ey failure).While checking a patients vital signs and asking him how he was feeling, the patient told me how much he hated coming to dialysis and how draining the process was. He talked to me about the constant mirror image of his fluid intake, taking all the medications that were required for his condition and the cramping he experienced while on the dialysis machine. I could only empathize with this young man, who was my age, putting myself mentally in his shoes. Because of the experience I had with dialysis patients, I intentional how to listen to each patient story. Many of these patients had no one else to listen to them. I saw these patients for 4 hours, three days a week. I spent a lot of time with them over the old age that they received their treatments.While I was talking with the patient, the nephrologist (kidney doctor) came by on his rounds of the patients. The patient proceeded to tell the doctor, his eyes full of tears, that he was thinking of terminating his dial ysis treatments. The doctor proceeded to tell the patient, rather loudly, they if he terminated treatment he would be dead in a few days. Without even taking the time to sit down with the patient, the doctor left and went on to another patient. Needless to say, I was outraged. After a few moments, I asked our unit director why the doctor was so tactless and arrogant.So many patients each day that he is only giving proper diagnosis and alternatives if treatment is not followed. At that particular time, I figured out that I must take time to listen to those patients, every one of them because I could be the difference between a decision for life or death.ImpressionsEven those4 health care practitioners who consciously privilege their patients experiences find themselves caught in a knot of agency relations. The physician is always in power in the medical context, and such power subsumes even deliberate attempts to displace authority by acknowledging the patients subjectivity (The Do ctor, 1991). To be ethical, clinical empathy must involve action, beginning with recognizing the broader social context of the patients health and well-being. With appropriate cautions, theories of clinical empathy should extend beyond the individual relation to socially determined inequities in health care.ConclusionEmpathy is a necessary ingredient for both doctor and nurse in the application of good patient care. satisfactory communication between a doctor and patient whether good news or bad, should always be given in an empathetic manner. The ability to not only give good scientific conclude or diagnosis to a patient. However, to give it in a manner that just does not give the facts, but also a feeling of I care about what youre going through and I will do all I can to help. As for nurses, our hands-on approach to the patient in need, gives us a chance to some what feel what they are going through and to be empathetic about their situation.

Problem Statement Scope And Limitation Engineering Essay

Problem Statement kitchen range And Limitation Engineering EssayIn this query ZnO concentrate subscribe will be narcotized with aluminium using sol-gel spin- polish manner. Then the Al-narcotised ZnO abridge consume (as seed catalyst) on a glass substrate will be then layered bottom of an adjust ZnO nanorod expression which was prepared using sonicated sol-gel entry technique. The nanorod switch off moving picture parameters will be characterizing through its I-V curve characteristics and also the optic and absorbance of aline ZnO nanorod veer pic.INTRODUCTION1.2.1 Background studyUV sensor or stands for ultraviolet light sensor are significant devices that can be used in commercial and military applications. The applications are including gas sensing, space research, mettlesome gear temperature flame detection, institutionalise quality monitoring and legion(predicate) more. UV detectors currently used silicon-establish detectors and photomultiplier tubes. The se materials require dearly-won filters and attenuators. However by replacing those technologies with wide band-gap semiconductors such as zinc oxide (ZnO) have been suggested 1. UV cast down emitting or receiving devices, solar cells, gas sensor and transparent electrodes are some of the zinc oxide applications. Various repository methods such as chemical vapor affirmation, sputtering and molecular beam epitaxy were used to fabricate ZnO dilute claims. However, these deposition methods are high production cost because required high temperature impact and vacuum engineering science 2.In this paper, the purpose of this research is to fabricate ultraviolet sensor using zinc oxide swerve film and characterize the sensor performances by its electrical properties. Furthermore, this research is to characterize aluminum doping minginess and the nanostructure of zinc oxide lean film. In this research, sol-gel spin coating method was used to prepare Al doped zinc oxide subtile film and an aligned ZnO nanorod structured thin films on a glass substrate by the sonicated sol-gel assimilation method.1.2.2 Literature ReviewZnO is an n-type semiconductor with a direct band gap of 3.42eV and because of the oxygen vacancies and intrinsic defects such as interstitial zinc atoms, the electrical conductivity of the films is large 3. It is very good material for electronic device application due to its wide band gap and large exciton binding energy of 60meV 4. The properties of ZnO thin film can be improve by a doping process and harden process 3. thither are that focus on the doping process. To improved electrical or optical properties of ZnO, ZnO were frequently doped with convocation 3, 4 and 5 elements such as Gallium (Ga), Sn and Aluminium (Al) 5. Al doping is most sufficient because its cheap, abundant and non-toxic material and will produce Al doped ZnO thin film with higher optical transmittance and low resistivity in infrared region 4.From the journal 6, radio-frequency (RF) reactive magnetron sputtering method was used to deposit Al-doped ZnO on the smooth nucleation side of FSD films by. The electrical properties were discussed. The first electron concent symmetryn increase and next decreased with the increase of Al doping concentration. The maximum carrier concentration achieve when the film is doped with 2at% Al. residence mobility is inversely proportional to the Al doping concentration. The high temperature annealing process is use to enhance the Hall mobility of the films 6.From the journal 7, ZnO thin films with dissimilar weight percentages of aluminium and the electrical properties were discussed using sol-gel dip-coating method. The conductivity shows higher chemical reaction of the doped ZnO thin films under UV compared with dark condition. Both condition proof that the conductivity of ZnO is without delay proportional to doping concentration. The optical band gap energy is also directly proportional with doping conc entration. The transmittance of ZnO thin films is about 75% when wavelength from 390nm to 850nm.From the journal 8, at antithetical dopant concentration the electrical properties of Al-doped ZnO thin films were discussed using sol-gel method. The defense first decrease with increase aluminium ion concentration. Then the resistance of doped thin films increased with change magnitude dopant concentration and it decreases at higher Al concentration. The transmittance of ZnO thin films is about 80% when wavelength from 370nm to 850nm.The advantage of atomic number 31 is an superior dopant for increasing the conductivity and this source is less reactive and more resistive oxidation. ground on the journal 5, Ga-doped ZnO nanowires were growth using thermal deposition method. The ZnO nanowires have grown uniformly with high have a bun in the oven and medium length of each nanowire is about 1.3um. From the XRD pattern, it can be deduced that the Ga element doped into the nanowires cr eates a clear broadening. The Ga-doped ZnO nanowires have a greater field-enhancement chemical element than the undoped ZnO nanowires 5.Aqueous resultant process with post-growth rapid photothermal processing (RPP) was used to prepare Sn-doped ZnO nanorods to develop aligned Sn-doped ZnO nanostructure. Aqueous effect method was chosen in formulation of metal oxide nanoparticles structure due to its cost and environment friendly. Rapid photothermal processing (RPP) as an alternatives of thermal annealing was combine with aqueous solution due to short cycle time, reduced exposure and flexibility 9.Based on journals 6, 7 and 8, the optimum doping concentration of aluminium is 2at%, 5at% and 1.5at% respectively. Optimal aluminium doping concentration will gives highly semiconductive properties of Al-doped ZnO thin film for application UV sensor 4. A research had done on various Al doping concentration and the optimum doping concentration is at 1at% Al. This research will used 1at% Al concentration based on journal 4. Aligned ZnO nanorods that were prepared using sonication method are a sincere way and very low cost method compared to other techniques. It also will growth high quality ZnO nanorod with a small diameter size Problem Statement, Scope and LimitationMost the great unwashed are aware of the effects of UV through the painful condition of sunburn, exclusively the UV spectrum has many other effects whether its benefits or damaging to human health. Too much exposure to UV radiotherapy can affect human health. UV application for optical sensor used 230 nm to 400nm wavelength which is ultraviolet B (UVB) which is harmful to human skin. Since it is harmful to human skin, metal oxide semiconductor films have been considered due to its excellent chemical and physical properties. One of them is zinc oxide material. Zinc oxide is not only good in optoelectronic but also in electrical properties. Zinc oxide is then will be doped with aluminium to en hance the zinc oxide thin film properties by using sol-gel spin-coating method. It is important to choose the right method for preparing aligned ZnO nanorod. The scope of this research is to investigate the electrical properties (I-V characteristic) and the optical properties of the ZnO nanorod thin film at different concentration time. The limitations of this research are on the solution preparation and deposition condition which are different for different groups and on the fix parameter.1.2.4 Significant of the researchThe nanomaterials based sensors are raising the advantage of size decrement and enhanced functionality 12. This research will used a simple method to prepare an aligned ZnO nanorod thin film which is sol-gel immersion method which is this method has not been reported by any research group. furthermore it is very low-cost method.1.2.5 ObjectivesTo prepare Al-doped ZnO thin film as seed catalyst layer.To prepare aligned ZnO nanorod thin film at different immersion time.To fabricate aligned ZnO nanorod thin film based UV photoconductive sensor.To characterize fabricated UV sensor.1.2.6 Research QuestionsTo achieve the objective of this research, some research questions would need to focus on which areWhat is the I-V curve characteristic of aligned ZnO nanorod thin films before and aft(prenominal) exposing to the UV illumination?What is the optical and absorbance characteristic of aligned ZnO nanorod thin films?How to fabricate ZnO thin film?What is the factor affecting the nanostructure ZnO thin film before and after exposing to the UV illumination?CHAPTER 22.1 Research methodological analysis2.1.1 Al doped ZnO thin filmsSol-gel spin-coating method was used to prepare Al doped ZnO thin films. The solution include zinc acetate dihydrate (Zn(CH3COO)2 2H2O) as precursor, aluminium nitrate nonahydrate (Al(NO3)3 9H2O) as a dopant source,monoethanolamine (MEA, C2H7N14) as a stabilizer and 2-methoxyethanol as a solvent were prepared. The concentrat ion of aluminium nitrate was 1.0at% Al doping and the molar ratio of MEA to zinc acetate was fixed at 1.0. At 3 hours before ripened at room temperature for 24hours to yield clear and homogeneous solutions the solution was stirred at 80C. The solutions were then used for deposition process by spin-coating technique. Substrates used were microscope on the glass substrates. At room temperature, the spin-coating was performed using 10 drops of solution per deposition with a speed of 3000rpm for 60s. The films were preheated in atmosphere ambient at 150C for 10 minutes to evaporate the solvent each time after deposition process. The films were annealed at 500C for 1 hour in air ambient using a furnace (Protherm) after repeating the coating procedure 10 times. The crystal structure and orientation of ZnO thin films were investigated by X-ray diffractometer (XRD). The cross-section of the film thickness is observed by using scanning electron microscope (SEM). By using UV-vis-NIR spectro photometer, the optical properties of ZnO thin films were measured in the wavelength range from 200 nm to 1500nm. The electrical properties were measured by dc examine system 4.StartPrepare the solution of zinc oxidePrecursor zinc acetate dehydratestabiliser monoethanolamineDopant source aluminium nitrate nonahydrateSolvent 2-methoxyethanolHeat and stir the solutionTemperature 80C cadence 3hrSolution stirring and agingTemperature room temperature measure 24hrThin film deposition using spin-coating tech. advance 3000rpmTime 60sTemperature room temperatureSolution 10 drops of solution per depositionThin film dryingTemperature 150CTime 10minRepeat 10 timesThin film annealingTemperature 500CTime 1hrEnd2.1.2 Aligned ZnO nanorod structureAn aligned ZnO nanorod structure was prepared using the sonicated sol-gel immersion method on a glass substrate coated with a ZnO thin film that had been doped with 1at% Al. The sol-gel coating method was used to prepare the Al-doped ZnO thin film as a seeded catalyst that was prepared on the glass substrate. A solution was prepared of 0.1M zinc nitrate hexahydrate (Zn (NO3)2 .6H2O) and 0.1M hexamethylenetetramine (HMT, H2NCH2CH2OH) in deionized water (DI). At 50C for 30 minutes using an ultrasonic water bath, this solution was sonicated. The solution was then aged and stirred for 3 hours at room temperature. The sonicated and aged solution was poured into a Schott bottle, at the bottom which had been dictated the horizontal Al-doped ZnO thin film coated glass substrate. The capped bottle was then immersed in a 95C water bath for 4 hours. After the immersion process, the sample was cleaned with DI water and allowed to dry in ambient air. By using field emission scanning electron microscope (FESEM) and X-ray diffraction (XRD), the resulting ZnO nanorod structure was characterized for surface morphology and crystallinity. The optical transmittance and absorbance properties of the sample were characterized by UV-vis-N IR spectrophotometer 10.StartPrepare the solution in deionized water0.1M zinc nitrate hexahydrate0.1M hexamethylenetetramineSonicated solution using an ultrasonic water bathTemperature 50CTime 30minSolution stirring and agingTemperature room temperatureTime 3hrPlaced the horizontal Al-doped ZnO thin film coated glass substrate at the bottom Schott bottle. Poured sonicated and aged solutionImmersion processTemperature 95C water bathTime 4hrClean with DI water and dry in ambient airNanorod structure characterizationElectrical propertiesOptical propertiesEndCHAPTER 33.1 ConclusionThe electrical properties of ZnO thin film improved when ZnO thin film was doped with aluminium. Optimum aluminium doping concentration will gives highly conductive properties of Al-doped ZnO thin film for application UV sensor. It is important to find low cost method. The ZnO nanorods have an average diameter of 100nm. An average optical transmittance of 78% was observed. The electrical properties and optical properties of an aligned ZnO nanorod thin film were affected when varying the immersion time. High degree of crystalline, large surface area availability, a circumpolar wavelength transparency and high UV absorption properties, this method show its suitable for UV sensor application.

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Definition Of Parental Involvement

Definition Of maternal(p) Involvement2.0 IntroductionResearch is made in recite to inform people with new knowledge or discovery. Jancowicz (2000159) knowledge does not outlast in a vacuum and you employ only has value in relation to opposite peoples work. Thus for a search to be credible, it should be be argond by other works that consume spoken ab protrude the akin topic at that placein the importance of the literature review which Hart (1998) defines as The selection of avail commensurate documents (both print and unpublished) on the topic, which contain culture, ideas, data and evidence written from a particular standpoint to fulfill accepted aims or express certain views on the nature of the topic and how it is to be investigated, and the impelling evaluation of these documents in relation to the interrogation being proposed.The ability to carry out a literature review is an primary(prenominal) skill for any seeker. It will take into accounting system the lat ter with a context in which to place the research with respect to what has already been researched astir(predicate) the topic whereby the researcher will gain an up to date report card and treatment of the research findings most the particular topic.2.1 growal Involvement2.1.1 Definition of Pargonntal InvolvementP atomic twist 18ntal cont be is believed to be an important strategy in the advancement of the quality of reproduction. Pargonntal battle as much(prenominal) whitethorn be defined in variant slip style. According to Althoff (2010) enate involvement refers to the sum up of participation a parent has when it comes to indoctrinateing and her childs life. (Abdullah, Seedee, Alzaidiyeen, Al-Shabatat, Alzeydeen, Al-Awabdeh, 2011) define enate involvement as the activities occurring between a parent and a child or between a parent and teachers at nurture that may contri entirelye to the childs statemental outcomes and development.NCLB (2001) described enatic in volvement as regular participation of parents, a bipartite process, and meaningful dialogue involving inform-age child faculty member tuition and other aim activities including Assisting their childs knowledge (b) Being actively involved in their childs education at take aim (c) Serving as full partners in their childs education and being included, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child and (d) The carrying out of other activities such as those described in section 1118 of the ESEA Section 9101(32).Liontos (1992) mentions recent beliefs most parents and families that checks should see when involving themselves in the education to their children 1) All families have strengths, 2) parents depose learn new techniques, 3) parents have important perspectives approximately their children, 4) most parents really care astir(predicate) their children, 5) cultural discriminations are both valid and valuable, and 6) many family forms exist and are legitimate (pp. 30-31).2.1.2 Family InvolvementRegardless of how they are able to demonstrate their investment, the notion that families play a very important role in creating a civilise that provides a nurturing and safe environment for their children is seemly widely accepted (Epstein et al., 1997).Families provide the social, cultural, and emotional births that youth need to function salutary in aim. trains provide opportunities for childrens ordained interactions with signifi flowerpott adults and other adolescents to enhance their home experiences and to support their continued development and related learning (Comer Haynes, 1991).According to Davies (1991) enatic involvement shifts from parent focus to family focus, family to community agencies, school to home/neighborhood setting, vehement parents to hard-to generate families, teachers/administrators agendas to family priorities, and deficit view of urban families to emphasis on i nherent strengths of families. He further explains that in clipping though non-traditional families are much much common nowa daylights than they were in the 1950s, alternative family structures are efficacious and should be recognised by the school.The paradigm Changing Definitions of Parental involvement according to Davies(1991) is as follows from Parent Focus to Family Focus from school to home or neighbourhood setting from eager parents to hard to reach families from teacher/administrator agenda to family priorities from deficit view of urban families to emphasis on inherent strengths of families. Davies (1991) mentioned that non-traditional family units are getting more common, but the alternative family structures are effective and should be recognised as they do impact in the education and exploit of scholarly persons.2.1.3 Types of maternal(p) involvementFan and Chen (2001) in their meta-analysis ground that researchers commonly conceptualised parental involvemen t as having multiple dimensions. Research conducted over a number of years have proved that there are numerous types of parenting practices associated with incontrovertible school-related academic and social competencies. These are (a) parental participation in school-related activities, for instance monitoring homework and at passing parent-teacher association meetings (Desimone, 1999 Keith et al., 1993 Steinberg, Lamborn, Dornbusch Darling, 1992) (b) parental gainment of positive school behaviors (Atkinson Forehand, 1979 Barth, 1979 Kelley, 1952 Schumaker, Hovell, Sherman, 1977 Seginer, 1983) and (c) parental expectations for acquisition and attainment (Ainley, Foreman, Sheret,1991 Fan Chen, 2001 Scott-Jones, 1995 Seginer).Similarly, Epstein (2001) has distinguished six types of parental involvement namely parenting communication volunteering home tutoring involvement in decision-making and, col wear outation with the community. Epsteins model presents family, school and c ommunity as overlap spheres of solve, the congruence of which is of considerable importance for the optimal development of children.2.2 The effect of parental involvement on childrens deedsIt is generally believed that the parents do play an important role in the education of their children and there is now an immense research literature indicating that parental involvement is profitous for children of all ages (Cox 2005 Desforges and Abouchaar 2003 Eccles and Harold 1993 Epstein 2001). Research has sh confess that one of the most promising ways to increase students consummation is to involve their families (Chavkin, 1993 Henderson Berla, 1994). Herbert Walberg (1984) found that family participation in education was twice as prophetic of academic learning as family socioeconomic stance. Establishing partnerships with families has many benefits for schools and families, but Epstein says, the main reason to ca-ca such partnerships is to swear out all youngsters succeed in school and in later life (1995, p. 701).When parents embark in their childrens schooling, students may experience more academic and social success. Epstein (2001) suggests that parents who are informed and involved in their childrens school can positively impact their childs attitude and deed. Drawing a causal link between parental involvement and student achievement is challenging much of the research on parent involvement and student bring to passance is therefore correlational (Scott Stein Thorkildsen, 1999). Although the impact of parental involvement is dependent on a number of contextual variables, there are many advantages attributed to parental involvement.Involvement at home, especially parents discussing school activities and helping children plan their programs, has the strongest impact on academic achievement (Sui-Chu Willms, 1996 VanVoorhis, 2003). Researchers have as well found that parent-child discussion about school helps improve academic achievement and red uce problematic behavior (Epstein Sheldon, 2002 McNeal, 1999 Sheldon Epstein, 2005). McLaughlin and Shields (1986), for example, reported that parents can contribute to improved student achievement through their involvement in (a) the selection of appropriate schooling materials, (b) targeting educational services, and (c) the use of particular pedagogical strategies. Clark (1983) found a correlation between achievement in reading and mathematics and the number of books at home.Parent involvement is absolutely essential to student achievement in school and in life say (Campbell Glasgow, 2010). The overwhelming studies and research indicate that there are indeed positive academic outcomes stemming from parental involvement with benefits beginning in the early childhood throughout adolescence and beyond (Henderson Mapp, 2002 Patrikakou, Weisberg, Redding, Walberg, 2005).Buchmann and Dalton (2002) suggest a possible linkage between differences in institutional contexts of educati onal body and variation in the effect of parental involvement on childrens educational outcomes while examining variation crossways 12 countries in the effect of mothers and peers attitudes toward academic performance on educational aspiration among middle-school (lower secondary school) students. The comparisons across 12 countries indicate significant variation in the influence of parental attitude on childrens educational aspiration across countries with incompatible structural features of educational system.2.3 Factors affecting Students Academic AchievementsThe students performance or academic achievement plays an important role in producing the in effect(p) quality school leavers who will become good manpower for any country. on that point are actually numerous factors that affect the performance and achievement of students. Parents influence their childrens academic achievement (Spera, 2005). High family socioeconomic status, positive parenting practices, positive aspect s of parents personality, and high marital quality are associated with school success (Harold, Aitken, Shelton, 2007 Heaven novelbury, 2004 Robertson Reynolds, 2010). Children whose parents who actively promote learning in the home more positively engage in relationships outside the home and in learning (Marchant, Paulson, Rothlisberg, 2001), perhaps because these parents help children approach learning environments more positively. The premise that home environment risks, such as negative parenting (Clark, Dogan, Akbar, 2003), a chaotic plate (Brown Low, 2008), parents low educational attainment or income level (Davis-Kean, 2005), and single-parent family structure (Zill, 1996), are correlates of poor academic carrying into action is as well well supported.According to a report on Monitoring Learning Achievement (1999) the Determinants of childs performance were identified to be as follows Socio-economic status of the childs family had a very strong impact on achievement at school. (b) Parental education level and parents opinion about education were decisive factors affecting performance of the children at school. (c) The child who had access to learning through technology and through materials at home was more likely to do break up at school. (d) Pupils who had a positive attitude to school and teachers as well as those who used English to communicate performed unwrap on the tests. (e) Children who had more experienced teachers at school and who were more frequently assessed became better learners.2.3.1 Student Demographics and Students AchievementStudents from ethnic minority backgrounds and low income families are more at risk for poor school outcomes and are becoming an increasing share of the student population. many a(prenominal) studies have linked the educational disadvantage of minority students to a combination of out-of-school factors, many of which revolve around on family characteristics, such as poverty and parents education. Linn (2005) says that prior achievement or other relevant characteristics of the student body may help to explain current levels of achievement while (Carlson, 2002 Ponisciak Bryk, 2005) point out that when giving scale assessments are used as the sole measure of accountability, the characteristics of the schools clientele are confounded with qualify that is directly attributable to the effectiveness of the school producing biased estimates of school effects.Children coming from middle-class family may have a head start given their higher(prenominal) social position and income may lead to better quality housing, more availability of books and lease facilities at home such as their own room, earnings access facility as well as the ability to afford private tuition. According to the University of Mauritius study on private tuition (1989), children from better off families take more tuition than students from poor families and they tend to perform better.A better measure of a schools effect on student achievement should account for the nature of students in the schools as well as the characteristics of the schools themselves. For example the correlation according to Sirin (2005) between socio-economic status and achievement tends to be approximately 0.30 at the student level. When aggregated to the school level, the correlation between socio-economic and academic achievement is approximately 0.60 (Sirin, 2005), though that correlation has been estimated to be take down higher (0.73) in an earlier meta-analysis (White, 1982).2.3.2 schooldays Leadership and Students AchievementStudies have revealed that strong leaders are critical to successful learning environments (Briggs Wohlstetter, 2003 Hallinger, Bickman, Davis, 1996 Haycock, Jerald, Huang, 2001 Jesse, Davis, Pokorny, 2004 McGee, 2004 Muijs, Harris, Chapman, Stoll, Russ, 2004 Murphy, 2004 Scribner Scribner, 2001 Snipes, 2004 Yau, 2002). There are different characteristics of strong leaders that have been mentioned in the literature Leaders have a clear vision for their schools that is continuously communicated to school staff and parents (Cole-Henderson, 2000 EdSource, 2006 Jesse et al., 2004) they have high expectations for all students (Cole-Henderson, 2000 EdSource, 2006 McGee, 2004 Scribner et al., 2001) and they are able to translate their vision and expectations into concrete goals for teachers by aligning curriculum with state standards and standardized tests (EdSource, 2006 Education Trust, 2003).2.3.3 School Systems and Students AchievementIn many countries, including Mauritius to some extent, school systems are tracked where students are assigned to different school types based on their prior performance. These tracks range from purely academic tracks to vocational tracks and prepare students for different educational and labor market destinations (Marks, Cresswell, Ainley, 2006 Reyes, 2010). In general most secondary school systems maintain a distinction between aca demic and vocational education. The circumstantials may be different from place to place, but in most countries academic education prepares students for college or for a university whereas vocational education prepares them for immediate entry into the labor market (Shavit, Blossfeld 1993). Schools may be involved in the socio-economic inequalities in education in a number of ways. Wealthy families can afford a superior education for their children by sending them to fee-paying private schools. In countries with tracked school systems, the allocation of students to the more academic school tracks may be biased towards students from higher socioeconomic backgrounds.2.3.5 Parental Involvement and Students AchievementStudies on the influence of parenting on school outcomes have in general focused on specific parental practices such as involvement in their childs education, mostly in relation to academic achievement and rarely in relation to school dropout (McNeal, 1999 Rumherger, 19 95). Studies conducted among specific grades and subject areas support the contention that parental involvement can influence students academic achievement regardless of the students age or subject. For example, Stegelin (2003), Wirtz Schumacher (2003), and Hertz-Lazarowitz Horovitz (2002) focused on early childhood education and literacy, noting a link between families who engage in literacy activities at home and their childrens success with reading and writing.Henderson and Berla (1994) say that the most accurate predictor of a students achievement in school is not income or social status but the extent to which that students family is able to create a home environment that encourages learning express high but not unrealistic expectations for their childrens achievement and future careers and become involved in their childrens education at school and in the community.There exists an extensive research literature indicating that Parental Involvement is advantageous for children. This includes home-based Parental involvement such as auditory sense to children read and supervision of homework as well as school-based Parental Involvement such as attending parent education workshops and parent-teacher meetings. The effectiveness of both home-based and school-based Parental Involvement in facilitating academic achievement has been reported by several reviews and meta-analyses of the literature (Fan and Chen 2001 Henderson and Mapp 2002 Jeynes 2005, 2007 Pomerantz, Moorman, and Litwack 2007).Mariaye (2008) has found that higher levels of education of parents are very much related to better provision of financial resources, thus leading to achievement of children.2.4 Barriers to parental involvementthough there is much importance attached to parental involvement it is still being ignored in many schools. Lazar and Slostad (1999) believe that parents are willing to get involved in the education of their children, but the negative perceptions of parents persist b ecause teacher education programs do not educate teachers to work with parents. Foster and Loven (1992) also shared that the major explanation for this, according to researchers, is the fact that very little attention is given to preparing teachers to work with parents and other adults (Lazar, 1999, p. 207). According to Lazar and Slostad, (1999) the way parents viewed their roles was shaped by the circumstances and norms of particular cultures and their beliefs about their own effectiveness as teachers or tutors.Epstein (1991) found out that teachers had doubts whether they could motivate parents to become more involved even though they thought that parental involvement would improve students achievement. Teachers lack the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and strategies needed to collaborate with families leading to a weak school-family partnership (De Acosta, 1996 Epstein Dauber, 1991 Foster Loven, 1992 Greenwood Hickman, 1991 Midkiff Lawler-Prince, 1992 Williams,1992).Major par apets to parental involvement in schools include the school environment, school culture, time constraint, changing demographics and employment patterns, and the lack of teacher preparation in involving parents in their childrens schooling (New Skills for Schools, 1997 subject PTA, 1997).2.5 Overcoming restraints to parental involvementStrategies for overcoming barriers to parental involvement in schools include overcoming time and resource constraints, providing tuition and cooking to parents and school staff, restructuring schools to support family involvement, bridging school-family differences, getting external supports for partnerships, meeting families basic needs, providing flexible times and places for parental involvement, and helping staff communication with parents (The U.S. Department of Education, 2004 Family Involvement in Childrens Education October 1997).The various barriers to Parental involvement can be categorised by adapting Epsteins (2001) framework of overl apping spheres of influence focused on the three areas of family, school and community.2.5.1 Parents beliefs about Parental InvolvementParents beliefs about various issues can act as barriers to effective parental involvement. Firstly, the way that parents view their role in the education of their children is crucial. Parents who believe that their role is only to get children to school, which past takes over responsibility for their education, will not be willing to be actively involved in either school-based or home-based parental involvement. Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler (1997) reported that this attitude is more prevalent in some communities and guinea pig cultures than others, but that there is considerable variation within these. For example, Clark (1983), in his research on high achieving students from low-income forbidding families, found that what distinguished the parents of these students from others at the school was that they believed that they should be involved in th eir childrens education, by both load-bearing(a) their learning at home and interacting constructively with schools. Clark found that parents of high achieving students had a greater belief than the other parents that they could effectively help their children to do better at school.2.5.2 Parents perceptions of invitations for involvementOne other potential barrier to parental involvement is parents perceptions of the level of explicit and implicit invitations for involvement. According to Hoover-Dempsey and Sandler (1997) when parents think that Parental Involvement is not value by teachers or schools they are less likely to get involved. Thus, parents perceptions of invitations from schools are considered crucial in developing effective parental involvement. Epstein (2001) has found that parents are most effectively involved when teachers actively encourage them to get involved. Eccles and Harold (1993) believe that teachers with positive, facilitating attitudes toward involving parents encourage more parents to become involved and increase the effectiveness of parental involvement. When parents grok that teachers are not open to involve them, there tends to be a major barrier to parental involvement. Similarly, when schools are welcoming to parents and make it clear that they value parental involvement, the schools develop more effective parental involvement than schools that do not appear inviting to parents. Secondary schools are often seen by parents as great bureaucratic organisations which are not welcoming to parents, which is considered to be one of the reasons why there is a inclination for higher levels of parental involvement in primary than secondary schools (Eccles and Harold 1993).2.5.3 Parents Level of EducationParents level of education will influence their views on whether they have sufficient skills and knowledge to engage in different aspects of parental involvement (Green et al. 2007). For example, parents who have not completed seco ndary school themselves may be diffident about helping their children with homework once the latter get to secondary school. Also, parents who do not have a university degree may feel in some ways inferior to teachers who they know are better qualified than them and therefore be reluctant to work closely with the teachers.In general, children of parents with higher levels of education perform better, on average, on assessments of student achievement.2.5.4 Parent current life statusFamily circumstances can be major barriers to parental involvement. For example, single parents and those with young families or large families may find it difficult to get involved in education of their children because of their responsibilities. Parents work situations can also be a factor. When parents are jobless money could be an issue as they may not be able to afford a car or to pay babysitters in order to get to school meetings. For parents with jobs, whether both parents work and the mixed bag o f jobs they have may be issues. When both parents work they will have less time to practice for both home-based and school-based parental involvement. Similarly while some jobs allow little flexibility for taking time off for school-based parental involvement, other jobs may leave parents too tired at the end of the day to help children with homework (Catsambis 2001 Green et al. 2007).2.5.5 Class, ethnicity and genderThere exist also barriers regarding to class, ethnicity and gender of parents that account for the difference between rhetoric and reality in parental involvement. Reay (1998) suggests that it is those parents who possess cultural capital which matches that generally valued by schools. In contrast, working-class parents, although they possess their own undervalued cultural capital, are aware of the difference between the cultural capital they possess and that of teachers. Reay (1998) concludes that, for working-class families, home-school relationships are about separa teness, whereas for middle-class families they are about interconnectedness, and this difference shapes their respective attitudes towards parental involvement.The barriers related to ethnicity and culture also play an important role. According to a report by Koki and Lee (1998) some of the issues involved in parental involvement for parents in New Zealand who have come from the Pacific Islands. They make the point that it is impossible to understand these issues outside of the context of the annals of Pacific education and cultural tradition, but the reality is that parental involvement programmes typically pay stint regard to these issues.2.5.6 Learning difficulties and disabilitiesThe performance of at school can be both a barrier or facilitating factor for parental involvement. According to Eccles and Harold (1993) when children are struggling with their school work, due to learning difficulties or disabilities, then parents are generally more inclined to be active in parental involvement activities. Many authorities on special needs education consider that involving parents is an essential aspect of effective education for children with disabilities or learning difficulties (Hornby 1995 Seligman 2000). The involvement of parents is required for the process of implementing individual education programmes and this facilitates parental involvement for many parents whose children have learning difficulties or disabilities. But this is not always the case as there are many possible areas for disagreement between schools and parents of children with learning difficulties or disabilities, which can then act as barriers to effective parental involvement. For instance, when parents consider that their children can achieve more academically or when teachers deficiency more support from parents in backing up at home what children are working on at school (Seligman 2000).2.6 Strategies to involve parentsTo achieve more parental involvement, the school or teachers c an help to adjust to parents work schedules, interests, and special abilities to involve them in their childs education2.6.1 ParentingParents can be involved in their childs schooling in many ways. One way teachers can get these parents involved is by providing them information about parenting practices. Parents with children with behavior problems are interested in learning about specialised reinforcement and delay techniques that can be applied in their home. Research has shown that students who are disruptive in schools are also disruptive at home (Walker et al., 1995). Teachers can be useful by providing suggestions on how to teach specific skills at home. Parents who learn new parenting skills and teach their child at home are making positive contributions to their childs education.2.6.2 CommunicationEncouraging parents to communicate with the school about important information about their child is another(prenominal) way parents can be involved. Darch, Craig, Miao, Yu, Shippe n, and Peggy(2004) recommend that teachers ask parents to discuss their childs behaviour at home, his or her attitudes about school and learning, and whether there are home problems impacting the childs behavior at school. It is helpful if teachers ask parents about their expectations about their childs performance.2.6.3 VolunteeringDarch et al.,(2004) also suggest that one role that some parents can play is to provide instructional or management support in the schoolroom. For example, parents can be tutors for their own child or other students in the classroom. Also, parents can serve by grading papers, participating in field trips, and reading to groups of students. The advantages of including parents in these activities are many. Parents visibility in the classroom can be helpful in managing children. Also, if parents can provide instructional support, the improved learning performances of students will have a positive impact on their classroom behavior.2.6.4 centeringAccording to Darch et al, (2004) parents can also be involved in their childs school program by providing instructional and management support in their homes. Teachers may ask parents to allocate time for their childs homework, provide instructional support for academic assignments, and carry out home-based reinforcement programs. For parents to effectively take this role, they must be willing to participate and must have skills to implement home-based programs. However, as Hoover-Demsey and Sandler (1997) point out, many parents do not see the importance of taking an active role in their childs education. Thus, teachers must provide parents with clear guidelines on how they can be helpful at home and, if necessary, information on how to implement instructional and management strategies at home. An advantage of these activities is that the child is provided extra instruction at home that leads to more successful learning and motivation in the classroom.2.6.5 School-Wide InvolvementTeachers c an suggest to parents that they be involved in school-wide activities. (Darch et al., 2004). The goal is to link parents to activities beyond their childs classroom parents can be involved in PTA meetings, school-wide parent advisory councils, volunteer to work in the school office, and participate on a school-wide discipline committee. The advantages of linking parents into school wide activities are obvious. The presence of parents throughout the school is related to higher levels of student achievement and decreases school-wide disruptive behaviors. Parents involved with school-wide activities become more supportive of teachers and school policy.2.7 How do schools involve parents?According to Hanke (2006) lack of parental involvement is due to lack of helpful information to parents. Emails, phone, letters, newsletters and personal contacts can be made by schools to reach out to parents. If schools communicate with parents regularly and systematically using the various means, the gap between school and parental involvement will be reduced. ground on the recent report on the Commonwealth conference on education (2012) the technology is gettable for ICT to be the foundation for change in education provisioning from the classroom to the ministerial committee room from the way teachers relate to their students, to the increasing of parental involvement in schools. Students expectations and achievement will increase if involvement are identified by Epstein and associate (1997) parenting, communicating, volunteering, learning at home, decision making, and collaborating with the community.Reenay and Vivian (2007) have explained that even though the ruse of new technologies has made it easier for schools to reach out to parents (through emails, cell phones and internet websites), the use of traditional methods in communication has been found to be an effective way for schools to communicate with parents, but this has been limited in use b