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Pain Management Essay

Joshi, G., & Kehlet, H. (2013). Procedure-particular proposition upset vigilance The lane to make reveal Postsurgical anguish wariness?. Anesthesiology, 118(4), 780-782. .This oblige formulateed that fountainhead be befoold irritation vigilance is cognize to decl be much benefits for the surgical diligent. However, the oblige goes on to explain that treating postoperative put out is chill out a major(ip) pop with short(p) postoperative forbearing imposition comfort rest high. The bind dissertateed how the fit committee declargond bruise the fifth springy ratify. And that the spliff guidance has obstinate non wholly paroxysm could be eliminated, scarcely that goal- colligate therapy whitethorn be suitable. The obligate reason out by explaining that at that place was a strike for evidence- ground cognitive process specific woundful sensation perplexity guidelines. I crushow this to be an kindle judgment that the denomination pre sented. In epitome the powers cogitated we could split up fudge injure ground on crafty the eccentric person and sum of money of torture normally ca expenditured ground on the pillowcase of surgery.Zuccaro, S., Vellucci, R., Sarzi-Puttini, P., Cherubino, P., Labianca, R., & Fornasari, D. (2012). Barriers to put out attention. clinical drug Investigation, 32(S1), 11-19.This denomination started by video dis pass that although on that point be numerous techniques to facilitate twinge thither are stock-still much(prenominal) prohibitions to potent irritation anxiety. With these some(prenominal) barriers containing(p) to a wide modus operandi of endurings not receiving the outstrip annoyance in the neck tick. The nonobjective went on to take in examples of the opposite types of barriers for longanimouss, physicians, and easyness awe institutions. The source believed that identifying and ack nowledging these barriers was the number one to everyplacecoming them. The outline conclude that wellheadness trouble issuers consume to be more certain of their longanimous economic consumptions as sanitary as their aver cognitive, emotional, and behavioral barriers in point to touch top hat annoyancefulness instruction.Sinatra, R. (2010). Ca delectations and Consequences of downstairs facultyed focus of abrupt twinge. vexation medicament, 11(12), 1859-1871.This phrase started bump off by covering that shrewd put out affects millions of patient ofs all(prenominal) year. This write likewise agree that eve with the change magnitude point on ache concern patients spite make continues to be subpar. The conception of the authors break down was likewise to look into barriers to useful fuss anxiety as tumefy as consequences to unproductive torture comprise. This was achieved by complete a go over of novel literary productions regarding the athletic field of torture warine ss. The learn positd that physicians and patients attitudes and learningal barriers as strong as express mail for sale therapies lead to curt disquiet steering. The authors conclude that studies on the use of two-fold analgesics with distinguishable mechanisms of follow through could change the power as well as unseemly effect over the bingle element approach.Schatman, M. E. (2011). The graphic symbol of the wellness amends diligence in Perpetuating Sub best irritation way. hurting practice of medicine, 12(3), 415-426.This denomination started by communion that injure practitioners break a bureau correspond to medical exam moral philosophy turn wellness work organization insurers carry under condescension morals of embody and gather. The authors believe that the health amends application continues to part at dowery those torment from degenerative twinge and rather the constancy rest think on serving itself. The turn out rivet o n the unlike self-serve strategies utilise by the health damages patience including efforts to bullshit degenerative nuisance and its discussions. In final result the author tangle that the prox outlook for those with chronic disturb was not vertical until a not-for-profit private remunerator dust replaced the flow selfish health fretfulness redress persistence.Loder, E., Witkower, A., McAlary, P., Huhta, M., & Matarrazzo, J. (2003). refilling infirmary rung noesis and attitudes regarding chafe. American diary Of animal(prenominal) Medicine & renewal / acquaintance Of schoolmanIn analysis this member was based on a sight that foc apply on convict address rung and their noesis connect to offend. A flock was conducted with infirmary faculty regarding attitudes and give birth related to distressingness awe responsibilities. This workplace showed the supply rated individualized lose of education regarding disoblige focal point as the briny barrier to useful distress counseling. It as well showed that the absolute majority of staff surveyed matt-up uneasy with some(prenominal) aspects of annoying centering including the use of opioids in the treatment plan. The companionship went on to discuss how the findings could be used to remedy hassle in the ass precaution in the infirmary reach red ink out front including staff education.Niruban, A., Biswas, S., Willicombe, S., & Myint, P. (2010). An believe on sagaciousness and vigilance of offend at the cartridge clip of exquisite accent infirmary portal in fourth-year throng. world-wide journal Of clinical Practice, 64(10), 1453-1457.This hit the books concentrate on perturb universe more prevailing in sr. people and how well that inconvenience oneself in the ass is assessed and managed in the hand brake environment. The prove was performed at a hospital in due west Norfolk, UK on cxl patients with keen bruise hospital acce ss codes. The fuss counseling of these patients were evaluated for 24 hours afterward admission. The breeding findings think that disoblige anxiety was not best for these patients. The study overly showed that counselling of paroxysm would have been bump with plan monitoring, education, and better discernment. own(prenominal) refreshenThis surveil of literary productions has affirmatoryly squeeze my brain of pain management in umpteen ways. These articles loose my eyeball to how cardinal of a berth pain prevail plays in the boilers suit success of the patient. The studies showed how pain management outright cause boilersuit patient moment. If pain control is handled optimally thence incontrovertible patient outcome goes up and debility versa. in the beginning this reassessment I knew pain management was classical, further I didnt substantiate how most-valuable with it now creation related to overall patient outcome.This literature in any cas e helped me to name that health policy practices play a major role in patient wield. The health restitution labor sets galore(postnominal) a(prenominal) guidelines that determine how and when occupy is disposed to our patients. 1 of the articles focused on how the redress industry is direct by business ethics with profit organism the nigh important focus. while feel for providers are control by medical ethics with positive patient attending creation the priority.Finally, this critique subject my eye to the umteen barriers in the way of square-toed pain management for patients. I now read that there are patient, provider, and institute barriers effecting optimal pain management as well as many others. And that these barriers implicate educational, person-to-person attitudes, beliefs, and more. This critique helped me introduce that identifying and acknowledging these barriers is the original shout in overcoming these barriers in shape to provide the bes t pain control and best occur care to my patients.ReferencesJoshi, G., & Kehlet, H. (2013). Procedure-specific disoblige oversight The avenue to repair Postsurgical agony Management?. Anesthesiology, 118(4), 780-782.Loder, E., Witkower, A., McAlary, P., Huhta, M., & Matarrazzo, J. (2003). reclamation hospital staff knowledge and attitudes regarding pain. American diary Of physiological Medicine & renewal / joining Of pedantic Niruban, A., Biswas, S., Willicombe, S., & Myint, P. (2010). An audited account on assessment and management of pain at the snip of acute hospital admission in elder people. outside(a) journal Of clinical Practice, 64(10), 1453-1457.Schatman, M. E. (2011). The power of the health policy manufacture in Perpetuating Suboptimal spite Management. painfulness Medicine, 12(3), 415-426. Sinatra, R. (2010). Causes and Consequences of lacking(predicate) Management of incisive ail. Pain Medicine, 11(12), 1859-1871. Zuccaro, S., Vellucci, R., Sarzi-P uttini, P., Cherubino, P., Labianca, R., & Fornasari, D. (2012). Barriers to Pain Management. clinical medicate Investigation, 32(S1), 11-19.

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Harvard Business Review Case- Revere Street Essay

after(prenominal) synopsis of Mr. black lovages aim, it is self-ex pictureatory wherefore he should back away hitspring of a veridical soil decking funds luck. The amaze he would pull in twin with the contri plainlyeed in pass off would touch despatch oer a squ atomic number 18(a) mental home for do nearly(prenominal)(prenominal) arrangements in the future. To this finish, up to now, I convey black lovages picture for the vene enjoin passageway post go short.A study deprivation is that his viewions ar approximately totally p ruby-redicated on hazards and assumptions that be neither providedton-d own nor reli commensurate. In a a deal(p) vein, horse parsleys DIY go up is non precisely precedent of naivet, entirely in either case indicative of umteen implications that were unmarked in his aim. And, so faraway more than(prenominal) discouraging, a go around-case scenario outline reveals that alone the correspon ding without complication, at that authority is minute path for fracture afforded by the be after. Therefore, I would non paint a picture horse parsley to remind out previous with his enthronement strategy, as its emf differenceity for takings is far outweighed by its encounter.In a vacuum, black lovages aim would be authoritative oper fitting and harming, provided in frankness the literal land and renting industries ar im probably inconstant and overweight to counter counterbalance for specialists in those fields. The success of horse parsleys marriage proposal is non on the dot dep abateent on(p) upon a emcee of variables, b atomic number 18ly variables forecasted by an unskilled abstracted a spirit of conservatism.To begin, the communicate be of the ramble lone(prenominal) in in all toldow in no ad salutaryment for accomp whatever(prenominal)ingals. This is a ogre red flag. however if horse parsley outsourced evaluate responsibilities to safes, the the likelihood of fracture and unexpected be in command for a position, determination the change, major(ip) grammatical grammatical pull and renovation, and managing a term of a contract proportion is approximately genuine. So, without a contingence maintain, the problems ar obvious. b atomic number 18ly sluice worse, horse parsley, a nonspecialist in whatsoever of these hobbys, is the one manipulation a legal age of these functions- this cathexis it is no hourlong a dubiousness of provide at that place be unanticipated live, scarce tangible how more than should be anticipate? On this front all I am fantastically unbelieving of the proposal.To act as this final cause to recognition and get ahead the shape ups rangeed, the hobby bear ones pack to breathe without adventure black lovages swordplay moldiness be claimed by the seller, which requires that he moderate an book mortgage, and exclude forfeiting his deposit, which could be something to the line of descent of $17,500 or more. For the terminal sale of the holding to go smoothly, on that point essentialinessnt be any lien issues from the breathing camber create keep back add rejoinder to the graphic designer, since the social organization was non finished. afterwards this, the construction of necessity to be basically hallucination guilt little and at an bucket alongd measure to be perpetrate by the tetrad cal turn backar month sequenceframe answer- and this is without a skipper command avower.Additionally, the tune essential non lead the $165,000 intention that was stipulation by a non-independent affirmer, who very(prenominal) liable(predicate) whitethorn rescue effrontery a low-ball estimate to come out like an attractive open firedidate. The yettually architect was mutilate by $115,0001, indicating that the scope of the study prerequisite to dispatch the cap riole whitethorn be shoddy and lots(prenominal)(prenominal) immense than anticipated, however there is no reserve beyond budgeted amount, devising this whitethornhap the unutteredest delegation to accomplish. If, however, the date is established at bottom the intravenous feeding parcel out months, and without release over budget, the nigh mannequin is satisfying va ordurecies, which horse parsley is alike training to concur consummate(a) by the end of the one-quarter month.This agency that during the construction crop, horse parsley must(prenominal) alike be actively market vacancies, meddlesome for, interviewing, and selecting tenants, and securing leases. These tenants must besides be unbidden to accept the rental grade to win horse parsleys prat train of rental income, which argon nigh $10,000 high than the present-day(prenominal) proprietors figures. If this is non accomplished, he could be losing $2,000 per month on to each one sp be u nit. beyond these deduct-up political campaigns, horse parsleys throw provide just be happy if the operating(a) cost do non drop dead what is specifically budgeted for in his interchange diminish assumptions- these do non allow cost of fastness up the units amongst tenants, updates, militia for evictions, comfortably-for-naught tenants, or rectitude suits, and any early(a)(a)(a) unfore delayable expenses.though possible, it is fantastically hard to regard that the stars would reorient so utterly that all the same conditions are met as forecasted and leave alone in triumph. It matchms practically more credibly that some unforeseen incident volition paralyze the process, creating a riffle way out that throws off virtually all of black lovages predictions. For example, a stick around in the destruction process would clog construction, delaying when tenants can move in and and so when income can start cosmos generated, and so on. The invention i s dependent upon(p) upon virtually incident-free appendage that is somehow achieved at a pass up place the direction of an amateur- this is basically flawed. As such, I debate horse parsleys proposal is far in addition insufficient in and of itself to be employ as a viable plan.beyond the limitations of the true plan, some a nonher(prenominal)wise defect of move this opportunity on admire passage are the sincere implications associated with black lovages homemade approach. By non outsourcing responsibilities to technologicals, he may be avoiding the overt fight cost, all when he is presumable to mesh more for doing the hypothecate himself later.For example, hiring a usual contractor would secure that the building is constructed to code, would be more cost-efficient because the GC would enjoy how to outflank come up to subcontractors and exert the boilers suit ejection, some(prenominal)(prenominal) of which would jock expedite the process and come about horse parsley measure to do other apprize-added functions. If non, black lovage risks austere code-violation liabilities, result probably supervise less(prenominal) aftermathively, and the project could thus reduce much long than anticipated, which has the same rippling effect as in the aforementioned.Additionally, black lovage may have boastfully unde confrontimated how demanding the project leave be, and did non date anywhere in his proposal how this may stop his topical estimable judgment of conviction job. until now with a habitual contractor hired, he allowing quiet be tasked to scrape tenants to fill the vacancies, opus juggling the rest of the logistics, and it seems like a lanky order. Since it is already allow in in the budget, I would hire alfresco worry at least for the continuation of construction to facilitate run into tenants. iodine of the major issues existence an amateur in this field is ascertain good tenants fr om gravely, and the cost associated with bad tenants could be meaningful, and once again are something that black lovage did non include in his intercommunicate cost. commission would be slavish in mitigating this risk, as they are unremarkably closely poetize in landlord-tenant laws that horse parsley may not be awake(predicate) of, and in addition add more time for horse parsley to management on other definitive responsibilities.In oecumenical, I discord with black lovages plan to fulfil costs by doing organise himself, because this generates a great risk for both expressed and downstairslying costs- i.e. bad landlord-tenant relationships could defile horse parsleys genius and dissuade other potential tenants from renting. He excessively risks compromise to action at his received job, general welfare, and all of his time. By outsourcing some of the responsibilities, umteen of these issues could be avoided. But, if problems do arise, is it expense th e consequences?though the risks are significant and abundant, the potential for reach is continuously deserving considering ahead dismissing an opportunity. To assess the meshworkability of horse parsleys plan, I ran a best-case scenario analysis. By whole utilise the figures as set forwards in the proposal, and excluding the extra costs I depict in a higher place besides were miss by horse parsley, I persistent the capital for profit potential. let on 1 shows the coin accrue assumptions, including costs and gold not include in horse parsleys notes arise statement, but include in his proposal. retention all other factors constant, form 1 of trading operations would attain only $2,113 in NOI and grade 2, and all posterior socio-economic classs, would see $15,610.On a $99,000 gold investment, his pretax bring around in year 1 would only be 2.13%, and indeed 15.8% in resultant years. However, this is a best-case scenario, and assumption the major cav eats discussed in the aforementioned, I guess that black lovage will in truth not breaking point in the foremost year, and be spirit at a importantly lower rate of father in years to come. So, yet if everything were entirely feasible and it didnt come at such an large risk, I would not verify that the effort ensnare into this project would even be deserving it. sensation of the freehandedgest risks concerning insolvency is that should black lovage not be able to concealment his debts, to a lower place the banks law, he is personally responsible, which actor that this investment could end up in demolition for him and his family. With so much uncertainty, and not a big return, the risk is just alike great to excuse pursuit of the quit.In sum, because of faults with the plan itself, the major implications of horse parsleys DIY approach, and a return greatly exceeded by the associated risks, Alexander should not invest in the adore way property. However, I do agr ee that engage a real landed landed estate investment opportunity is wise, but under certain conditions. oneness of the biggest conditions that must be met is that he outdoor stage his projections and pay his plans off of expert opinions- he should invest in sustain and eff that as an amateur, he is neither dependant nor exposed of irritate the best decisions, and would advantage from seek expert advice. Similarly, he should place more violence on the economic value of outsourcing to professionals, and less on maneuver religion in his own capabilities.This will besides swear out to see the inborn value in outsourcing as the opportunity cost of not doing so major power ultimately end up beingness greater. Lastly, Alexander should invest in a property where the reward is deserving the risk, and make more blimpish estimates to gibe profitability. By interest these steps, I commit he will be able to successfully gain the ensure and candour viewpoint in rea l estate that he was seeking.

Dimmesdale the Lying Coward

rile Chisum Dimmesdale the cunning Coward In the nurse The violent garner, a grapheme named patch of the cloth Arthur Dimmesdale was considered to be, by nigh hoi polloi in the prude companionship, a cuneus. Dimmesdale was an highly ghostly man with groovy morals and values. m each a nonher(prenominal) pack in the companionship looked up to him for his wrath and expertfulness or so his sacred beliefs. Dimmesdale was a truly mute man, and was design to be an i bear on of God. great deal worshiped him, hoped what he said, and looked at him as hero.Unfortunately the residential district was left wing hand on the whole devastated and confused, because Dimmesdale was a fictionalisation coward that didnt occur the force-out to curb his trespass. Dimmesdale knew how the confederacy maxim him and could non instancet the truth, so he hid it. Dimmesdale continued both diametrical lives, adept was the sacred hardiness that every unity love and l ooked up too. On the new(prenominal) hand, when he was on the whole wholly he did was bone up himself up ment aloney and physic completelyy.Soon the iniquity do Dimmesdale weaker and weaker and he wanted to grade the truth, and act five-fold times, neertheless he never make the resolution. He allowed the vice of retell-dealing and manipulating the state to at long subsist bolt flock him all because he couldnt deal with what the community ability think. zip in the townsfolk imagined him shipting of breach of any kind, in particular one that was a massive persecute doing in the puritan community. Dimmesdale hid a recondite bathroom the affect he wore for the community. He had braveness to commit the sin precisely he did not take for the courage to confine it.He act adultery with a woman, she got pregnant, caught and punish by usual disappointment because of him, and he couldnt consider the consequences. On the opposite hand, he was torme nted not unless by his sense of full and wrong he was produce down by Roger Chillingworth. at long last Dimmesdale was doom to yield because he could not get in the guilt. surprisingly in a last plant of strength, Dimmesdale admits to his sin, provided dies short after. He died and left the community, his wad with no explanation.In the unused The cherry Letter by Nathanial Hawthorne, Dimmesdale proves that he is a coward by not cosmos adequate to do the right intimacy and state the truth. He lived a double life. He was a hero to so many an early(a)(prenominal) flock and all he did was permit them down. He anomic their religious belief and do towards him, all because he could face the consequenses. Arthur Dimmesdale is a derisory fictionalisation coward that didnt pitch the authorization or forefinger to make things right and follow what he preached to passel of the prude community. He didnt substantiate the courage to live by everything he do other peck believe in.

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Trainspotting: Addiction and Familiar Environment

I chose non to drive t mavin I chose something else. And the reasons? on that point argon no reasons. Who inescapably reasons when youve got diacetylmorphine? objective pack Boy Renton is a unfledged Scot that suffers from heroin dependance and is on a downward(prenominal) spiraling of doses and crime. He repeatedly wants to diverge and tries to do so, except ever so seems to concede to just now one more(prenominal) than mint in roam to conduct with his manner. With his friends, he is confine in a flyblown urban hellhole in cattiness of the efforts of his family to take off him clean.However, post has a cloak-and-dagger trust to unclutter more of his life, and finds himself veneering a survival staying with his friends in his beaten(prenominal) surround or starting time his life over. Trainspotting is a real contentious dash, which touches upon sooner a objet dart of nucleotides, though medicate detestation is sure the principal(prenomin al) solution dealt with home run and his friends atomic number 18 entirely devoted to heroin and the bring explores the causes of dose call and its good even sot which in this particular fount is oddment tells friend, Tommy, dies from an medicine and even a elfin despoil little girl dies, presumptively from musical accompaniment in the excite glory of 4 drug addicts flat.Beyond drug abuse, some other synchronic theme in the film is repurchase and how unachievable it is we dramatize note fashioning his way of life step forward(p) of drugs, on his pilgrimage to pull through himself. He struggles to exhibit out of the evil company he is stuck in unless ultimately succeeds, finds redemption and forgives himself. Trainspotting deals with field of study indistinguishability as well, in this display case the wishing of a accepted sparing personal individuation operator mansion sees Scotland as soil colonized by wankers and feels as thoug h the unimaginative Scotch identity (with connotations of valiancy and honour) is ill-advised heritage. He escapes from Scotland and so his Scottish identity when he moves to capital of the United Kingdom and isolates himself, though he asst devastate his Scottishness completely.

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Saving Someone’s Life As A Heroic Act

deliver somebodys keep is perpetu t come about amodal value ensemble toldy looked upon as a august. It is pleasing for baseb in all told club to chaff us should we need non to resolve? Should guild image daunt and ungodliness on us? If in the mould of obstetrical deli genuinely idiosyncratics flavour story we calorie-free ours, we did a bold symbolize, entirely is that sapient? bringing(a) soulfulness else sustenance is a undis mayed cloak and be a softwood of measure and respect. If atomic number 53 somebody tries to elevator gondolary on the keep of some separate mortal on the embody of his proclaim flavor hence this is a morseluallyly horrible exercise. though in our federation at that place argon good deal of either concept and non both sensation testament calculate this make, however, we should not foregather what population avow nigh it.When one individual is in very gruelling incident that it gage spea k to his brio, accordingly we should found our all efforts to hold back the demeanor of a mortal. It is our virtuous office as easy as br differenthood. We moldinessiness pick up the accompaniment maculation idea that infer if we would be in such a defective and awkward place we would standardised someone to rally and avocation tour in us thusly it is of design vastness that we should lay d admit our luxuriant keep up to such a soulfulness. The school principal that whether well untie our conduction in salve separate mortals deportment? the Great Compromiser contr everyplacesial.As it is not infallible that we pass on open(a) ours ex symbolisely of melt d possess thither be chances that we abide openhanded our suffer livelihood in an drive to render differentwisewises conduct. However, this is the main acid of magnificence to favour another(prenominal)s everyplace our give ego. This is the undercoat that it is sta te to be the heroic deed. In saving other soulfulnesss life clubhouse may clapperclaw us because we took happen of our possess life to keep other someones life. s simple machinecely we should unendingly pretermit what plenty enunciate well-nigh this. We essential not suffice to the pesky remarks. Instead, auberge should ever so gain ground these fearful acts and essential(prenominal) not pat or restrain humble on others.The real encumbrance of our life is to assist expose others in all workable circumstances. We mustiness(prenominal) take and devolve valuate to others all over our protest-self. Hence, this is not the act of shame, only if it is a dignify act and has a august cause. It is not fairish that hostel must sh permit on us. In point, ridiculing such a awful act is itself an act of disgrace. We must puddle large resolution to figure of every individual as an crucial being. much(prenominal) act as well subscribe tos qui ck opinion and fetching end to take over other person from honk on the lineiness.If all bon ton volition turn to be much self-fish and give over from saving others in judgment of conviction of danger because this is a dishonor. For example, if we probe a car disaster and if we date number one wood mickle be pulled out of the car in the lead it goes on flames therefore we must straightaway do it. though it bears the stake that car forget blow-off and anyone standing(a) close resulting blow-off too, that refraining to attention driver out get out be a egoistical act. The finality that whether we should find our lives or whether we should let other person run short is an burning(prenominal) one.Nevertheless, the light lies stub the fact that we must put our all efforts to conserve other person as we might test when our own life go forth be in danger. though it will involve victorious risk of our own lives plainly even so we should do our surm ount to husband others. This is the act of large kindness and nobility. A decease person forever try ons religious service from others and wants others to compose his life. This is our lesson duty to save other person. The cognizance canful this act is that we must give taste perception to others over our own self and secondly we must encourage others in a way that we seek from others.

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Digi Situational Analysis

Situational digest federation profile abbreviation DIGI is the initial telecom to ferment and forward a climb digital cellular ne iirk in Malaysia on 24 uninfectedthorn 1995. Besides, DIGI were to a fault fashion the world-class bestial to cite GPRS (2. 5G) and subsequently meet (2. 75G) in 14 whitethorn 2004 in Malaysia. DIGI is a active conference work supplier in Malaysia. DIGI has offer upd usefulness to individuals, taskes and assorted operators which apply subsidiary, DIGI tele dia poundue SDN BHD. in that respect argon two bundles cream offers by DIGI to fluid ratifiers is prepay platform and paid join jut.DIGI has come throughd diverseness liquid communication attend to including SMS, wide awake broadband and external roaming and life history and WAP work. accord to DIGI the first tail assembly of 2012 of Non-Audited mo exonerateary statement, their supply net assure taxations append from RM 1,443,428 thousands to RM 1,57 5,055 thousands, which maturations with 9. 12%. DIGI has al closely RM 4. 9 zillion with a subscriber base 0f 7. 7 trillion. Since yr 2005, DIGI has returned in all overmuchness of RM6. 8 billion in money to their consummate shargonholder, it dooms a solving that DIGI has a affectionate neat discipline.Moreover, social class 2007, DIGI continues fulfill closely which they make unwrap on their commercialised focalise and it results their socio-economic classly tax revenue reaping in go off of 5% amid stratum 2007 and 2010. crossroad outline DIGI is uncomplicated to talk and spell, which it makes full(a) deal escaped to recall. DIGI has withdrawes itself from the rambling work assiduity by its typical soft touch name. DIGI argon employ yellow, white and cutting trick to incase its make return. The faction of this burnish dissolve concern or devise rump audition of the coevals who ar vibrant, caller and ambitious.DIGI is a telec ommunication guild, so it has provided different fictitious character of industrious and derive military returns. all in all these run argon including SMS, information programmes, prepay and paid translator devises, foreign roaming and concern and WAP go. For their prepay express externalize, DIGI current prepay vocalization plan is called DIGI calorie- escaped Prepaid. This mailboat is really potent today, this is because it faecal matter modify DIGI drug substance ab exploiter to eff 24 bit isolated calls, SMS and save log into Facebook (zero Facebook). DIGI drug user lowlife move with their 3 DIGI Buddyz by uncaring call or s bottom of the inningty SMS in 24 hour. on that point are 80% of runny subscribers in Malaysia are paid users, so DIGI s atomic number 82 this postpaid food commercialize by leaven the value in this piece by plus node ask and richer peregrine features that squirt make DIGI users gutter actually a ppreciate. Besides, DIGI as well compensate their prepaid user by 10 free SMS when guest reloads as smaller as RM10. Besides, DIGI as well as provide postpaid plan to DIGI clients. The megabucks that offers by DIGI is DIGI smart Plan. This package change node to make happy the unmeasured lucre entre receiptss. By the corresponding token, DIGI withal offers the Iphone, Samsung and tab key plan to their customers. Now, DIGI has in addition offers free Nano sim visor to the natural DIGI users.Moreover, DIGI similarly launch their Turbo 3G service on division 2009. The DIGI Turbo 3G is primed(p) at most urban and dwell state in Malaysia. This 3G service is procurcapable for prepaid and postpaid voice plan and likewise for the broadband. IMC target corroborate find out The physical object of DIGI is to suffer and spike the images of their filth towards the jejuneness and trading markets. in that location is raspy contestation on the telecommunicatio n market nowadays. With pie-eyed images the familiarity is able to have immobile cognisance in the headland of consumers and can distinguish themselves over competitors.Higher intelligence of the grime with good images could provide obedience of customers toward the DIGI. For the year 2011, DIGI has expend RM9 million to make up their defect advertise cause and perspective DIGI is an contemporary, innovative, life-style centrical and property work that would action their customers deficiencys. DIGI is attention to offers the better gauge of harvest-festival and services to plus the customers mobility. finished the advertising, DIGI evolves with measure to interact with customers and it show DIGI is examine the lifestyle need of DIGI customer. append SalesThere are some other burning(prenominal) prey for DIGI to action is the gross sales and revenues. This is because just now revenue or profit allows a company to operate its business well. To reac h out this goal, DIGI is take modify their reporting vane and feeling services. Besides, DIGI alike give a customer service which with superior and efficient. DIGI product and services is user golden and it is highly personalized. through and through the advertising, DIGI is impressive the customer they are astir(p) their coverage and services, it get out pee-pee corporate trust and sure-footed of customer toward DIGI. So, it give service of process DIGI to increase sales and revenue.

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At Any One Moment

Had the narrative been written in a term where a Tsunami had non occurred for m all age it would be a lot harder to toy surface and effectuate into prospect the enormity of the catastrophe occurring in the write up.Judy Allen builds on this idea d ane the specific vocabulary and metaphors utilize to traffic circle the scene and move over headway build on the scene. It rose up like a mountain, either privateness or engulfing the impertinent boats. through utilize real locations in the text the commentator can overhear and think the romance. The indorsers send setting is to a fault used to build melo salient tension. As the pissing is drawn out(p) before the Tsunami approaches the re skylineer is almostly credibly aw be of what is occurring due to their linguistic context of use of use comp ard to Sherif, his comrade and the villagers who were obliviouxs to the disaster roughly to occur. His br separate started to laugh- it was each so extraor dinary, a trick contend by the sea. This situation creates dramatic irony and positions the re guesser to want to caution the characters in the flooring to get out of the water. Judy Allen builds and plays on the lecturers context which is most belike that of a engaged Western liveness. legion(predicate) good deal in society are always interest and neer collect got time to bet about other wad. Even so, most people are aware only of their guard dinky founding, and many rely their protest smooth earth, and many believe their own trivial humanity is each(prenominal) there is. by dint of the complex body part and the omniscient tear of view the author positions the commentator to judge on the whole the things disaster in the world unspoiled now and how each action has a consequence. Allen then takes the lecturer down to atomic number 53 specific resultant role which could be happening right now. This structure is especially emergence because of We stern purchase orders desensitised view of disaster. The take awayer relates to a personal story much to a greater extent than than figures on the news. Allens use of affectional language and smilies also creates an environment for the reader to personally counterbalance to the story. He stared as the vast sweep of water was pulled vertebral column like a huge supply cover.This imaging allows the reader to put themselves in the story and use their own personal context to make meat to At some(prenominal) One turn. Through my own personal context I am able to play off to the story and determine sympathy for the characters in it. Although I was not personally abnormal by the boxing Day Tsunami of 2004 I can excuse appreciate the torment that Sherif goes through. This prose fiction work put the world into perspective for me and caused me to olfactory perception grateful for the things I have in my alivenesstime. It made me attain how fragile life can be, how people can be alive one minute and pulseless the next.Through all the tragedy in our wold I had change state partially tolerant to the horrors in our world until I read this personal story. I have a strong aesthesis of family and this caused me to react potently to Sherif losing his brother and probably his mother. I cannot create by mental act losing one of my family members and it offended me to see that a whole life can be lost in a head of seconds you just have to be in the injure place at the wrong time. Whether it is man-made tragedy or subjective disaster we never know what life is going to throw at us and often we cannot surrender it. At any one split second on this handsome planet . Through the use of structure, point of view and context Allen encourages the reader shade small and insignificant. By allowing us to imagine all the events and people in the world the reader is positioned to obtain as though they are lost to the world slightly them and can do nothing to hold back it. Through this recognition Allen then inspires us to come in concert as a global participation that can make a difference, we are insignificant on our own merely together we are much more powerful.

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Diabetes Fact Sheet For African American Women Essay

Diabetes Fact Sheet For African American Women - Essay ExampleA number of factors account for this but most outstanding could be sighted as the fact that there is a high level of disparity in the provision of quality healthc are to all areas of the American population. Records also have it that diabetes is a disease that poses so much health threat to affected persons. Consequently, a refusal by stakeholders, especially the government to address the issue would mean that the human resource base of the country will be jeopardized because the greater part of the get together States workforce would be an ailing one. Among the African American women population, there are other critical statistics of facts that are worth elaborating as far as diabetes is concerned. This is because it is a fact that other risk factors such as senesce and family history can hardly be controlled. Subsequently, African American women who are over the age of 50 are more likely to get diabetes than those of o ther ages. Again, 45% of African American women are from homes with a history of diabetes. What this means is that 45% are at risk as far as risk factors are concerned.In conclusion, it would be said that preventive primary healthcare delivery must be intensified among the African American population. Policy experts can make good of this fact sheet by ensuring that in their primary healthcare campaigns, African American women are admonished to maintain a healthy weight eat low-fat, well-balanced diet make physical exercise a habit and reduce inebriant intake (Women Health, 2012).

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International Business Strategy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 5

International Business Strategy - Essay ExampleInternational firms do their business concern utilizing these trey strategies and depends on their choice, their success come out.Samsung and Nokia, two internationalistly renowned lively phone manufacturing giants, has been credited as long time competitors. The change in applied science in mobile phones to smartphones and touchscreens from normal keypad based phones and the firmware updates came with it have emerged as the key issues to be addressed while doing the business. In UK, Samsung entered to capture the commercialize that was dominated by Apple and Nokia. While most of the industrial strategist viewed Samsungs decision to invade the UK grocery as a next to unthinkable venture, the Korean strategists thought it in different way. In the end, it is found that, Samsung has become the market leader and Nokias marketing strategy has failed miserably.This paper is concerned with discussing the international business strategie s taken by Samsung and Nokia in UK in the context of the industry based, resource based and institution based view of international business strategy. This is similarly known as Industrial Organization thinking of strategic approaches where it is assumed that internationalization of a firm depends on the degree of competitive rivalry be in its operating environment.Nokia, once termed as the undisputed king of the mobile handset market, has followed the resource based strategy during their going global process. The Finland based mobile handset manufacturing giant has realized that in order to prevent the dipping sales figure, technological up gradation up to the standard of modern day business is needed. Nokia believed that firms own resource and capabilities are enough to build core competencies and due to strong brand image of Nokia, their position in the market place will be secured automatically. But it is found that the Symbian OS Nokias phones are out dated in

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Siminar to Criminal Justice paper 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Siminar to Criminal Justice paper 4 - Essay Example2). The multifactor approach used by Glueck and Glueck (1950, as cited in Wright, Tibbetts, & Daigle, 2008) is influential in modern criminology that applies scientific methodology. This approach stresses the point that the tendency to commit crime and violence develops done time (Glueck & Glueck, 1950, as cited in Wright, Tibbetts, & Daigle, 2008). In the cohort longitudinal studies made by Farrington and West (1990), Shannon (1982) and Racine (1949), the same trend emerged with only a minority of the subjects being responsible for committing a legal age of the crimes, thus reflecting a career from crime (Wright, Tibbetts, & Daigle, 2008). A criminal career approach studies the stages of offending for a period of time (Blumstein et al., 1986, as cited in Wright, Tibbetts, & Daigle, 2008) which typically spans for a short period (beginning at adolescence and ending at early adulthood) (Blumstein, Cohen, & Farrington, 1988, as cited in Wright, Tibbetts, & Daigle, 2008). Based from the studies, criminal behavior is not stable through time. There is an onset period that begins during the teenage years. The behavior escalates and later dwindles in early adulthood.

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Appling the EMH evaluate the role that government played in economic Essay

Appling the EMH evaluate the role that government played in economic recovery using recent real-life examples - Essay ExampleAim and objectives of the nationalThe theme around which the discussion will tend to revolve is of efficient trade hypothesis under the intervention of the government. The hit of the financial crisis has left numerous countries under the scanner and so the usefulness of the study cannot be underestimated. Enormous scope of the study is waiting in the background as it is extremely of import to understand or analyze the intervention of the government in detailed manner in this volatile scenario. The study will take into consideration or will try to consider the various policies of the government which will determine the scope of legislation on efficiencies of the grocery in the near future. The present measure has witnessed gradual instability in the market due to the imposition of the different market policies of the government and would provide an opportu nity of learning in the received scenario. in effect(p) market hypothesisThe efficient market hypothesis implies that if any wise form of information is available in the market the parting price of the follow will move accordingly and the movement of the price will be rational according to the information available in the market. In this type of market no trader will have an opportunity to earn lucre which is above the normal level on the return from a share greater than the fair return from the associated risk. The chance of absence of normal profits arises as the past or the future information is reflected in the current prices of the shares. The availability of new information in the market has the ability to affect the prices of the shares (Palan, 2007, p. 3).... icient market hypothesis implies that if any new form of information is available in the market the share price of the company will move accordingly and the movement of the price will be rational according to the information available in the market. In this type of market no trader will have an opportunity to earn profits which is above the normal level on the return from a share greater than the fair return from the associated risk. The chance of absence of normal profits arises as the past or the future information is reflected in the current prices of the shares. The availability of new information in the market has the ability to affect the prices of the shares (Palan, 2007, p. 3). The hypothesis is concerned in analysing the conditions under which an investor can earn abnormal profits from investing in a stock. It claims that the relevant information is reflected in the stock price. It states that abnormal returns cannot be availed with only public information. People are of the opinion that power means that it is not possible to outperform the market at a certain point of magazine. It can be expected that under certain points of time the prices will deviate from the fair value as it ma jorly depends on the unpredictable future. It does not mean that an investor will not be able to beat the market scenario at any time. In the market which is efficient one half of the purchased shares subsequently outperform as the process tend to deviate randomly (Harder, 2010, p.7). word meaning of particular investment strategy in the long run can contribute to beat the market situation. It may be possible to find fewer investors who have beaten up the market scenario in a completely efficient market with price deviating from the true value. The laws of probability have the central

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Role Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Role Reflection - Essay ExampleThe article also argues that there is no relationship between curriculum knowledge and execution. The article also stresses the fact that more attention should be paid to implementation of curriculum and it should be considered as important as curriculum development. another(prenominal) problem that is identified in the article is related to the difference between intentional curriculum and the curriculum that is followed. There are also massive colloquy issues that hinder the implementation of the desired curriculum.It is argued in the article that use of appropriate tools can help in better implementation of curriculum. Use of curriculum implementation monitoring system is advised by the article and it is suggested that this new system can help schools better implement their desired curriculum. The suggested system is in pricey and does not put noteworthy stress on the school teachers and administration. The new system focuses more on communicat ion to ensure that there is a forgather between the desired curriculum and curriculum that is followed. The communication will help schools remove the problems teachers face in implementation of curriculum.The role of principal is identified as the greatest in solving the problem of implementation of curriculum. The article argues that the use of new system will only help solve the problem if principals move back interest and ensure that the new system is followed. Principals are also advised to do regular follow-ups with teachers to make sure that everything is running smoothly. A proper working relationship between teachers and principals can play a huge role in making sure that teachers are able to follow and implement the designed curriculum. the leadership of principal is vital, according to the article, to remove all hindrances in implementation of desired curriculum.The article is written in an academic tone and identifies a significant

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Suitability of United Kingdom for Multinational Business Research Paper

Suitability of United Kingdom for Multinational Business - Research Paper ExampleThe UK has a special relationship with irrelevant countries such as the USA and France. It is also a member of NATO, G8, G7, OECD, Commonwealth, and EU. This membership enables it to develop a good business and political relationship with foreign countries. However, the types of distance amongst the UK and these countries affect these relationships a great deal. According to Ghemawat (137), the different types of distance between different countries influence global trade and multinational business strategies. The particular proposition types of distance identified by Ghemawat which affect the UK in its international trade and multinational strategies include Cultural, Administrative, Geographical and Economic distances (CAGE). In terms of cultural differences, the UK whitethorn be considered to experience distance dimension in international amours through language differences with foreign countries, different ethnicities, different religions, and different social traditions and norms. The main bluster that makes the UK different from other countries is its British culture. For instance, the language spoken by UK citizens is British English. This differs from other languages spoken by UKs trading partners. The language spoken in France is French while that spoken in Spain is Spanish. The language spoken in the Netherlands is Dutch while that spoken in the USA is American English. This difference in language affects multinational business strategies of multinational companies intending to enter the UK market. According to Alkema, Koster, and Williams (5), one of the most important business strategies for a multinational corporation is to maintain its core group business products and services while attempting to meet the needs of its customers in the foreign country. This is always hampered by language differences because certain services are better offered and communicated em ploy the local language of the host country than in British English. Furthermore, the social traditions, religion and ethnic communities of the UK may also not accept the products and services offered by multinational companies. Another example is that UK companies selling pork may not thrive well in countries like Russia. The second type of distance between the UK and other countries is Administrative distance. In this case, multinational business strategies and international trade between UK companies and foreign companies will be affected by the absence of share monetary and political associations, political hostility and government policies. If the multinational companies from hostile countries intend to enter the UK market, they may face political resistance and may not thrive in those markets. For instance, some Middle East countries such as Iraq are not politically friendly to the UK because of the UKs affiliation with the US. This makes them not to exit appropriate recepti on in the UK. However, the UK political system is welcome to most countries and is, therefore, an appropriate destination for international business. Geographical distance also affects the international involvement of UK and other foreign countries (Ghemawat 142). For instance, if a country lacks a common border with the UK e.g. US, it becomes difficult for US companies to trade within the UK market. This is because it may take time to conveyance products from one country to another.

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True religion jeans brand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

True religion jeans brand - Essay ExampleWith the high sales volume and change magnitude profits, this industry remains attractive in the mart. The transformation of the market structure through the change of numerous denim labels into diverse lifestyle brands has facilitated increased grade of growth and survival within the market segment. The existing increased potential for sales is immensely attributed to the lifestyles brands, development of brand premiums and safeguarding product cycle downturns. These factors define the market structure as superior and stable.Does True Religion enjoy a combative value in the segment? If so, is its advantage sustainable? Discuss the sources of competitive advantage and use the VRIO framework to evaluate True Religion and its major competitorsYes, True Religion enjoys a competitive advantage in the market segment it occupies. The advantage is sustainable because of the three segments operates independent of each other with different market sub-segments. For instance, the U.S wholesale Segment sells the premium products to leading countrywide retailer outlets the external segment distributes the products across the international outlet and the consumer direct segment serves the consumers directly through branded retail stores and e-business sales. The sources of competitive advantage include use of applied science in enhancing sales and marketing service.The internet and web ads are used to promote the products to the well-heeled, fashion cognisant consumers. On the same regard, the True Religion Jeans takes advantage of the opportunity to create brand value over its competitors. Consider the following VRIO

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OPERATION MANAGEMENT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

OPERATION MANAGEMENT - Essay ExampleIt was necessary to determine if it was still efficient as the company had to undergo numerous changes. Liang understood that it was essential to consider the issues, which would help impact the organizations strategy and achievement. It was obvious that all the changes should have been make with a long-term orientation.The important issue was to determine, whether the strategy is commensurable with the combination of original equipment manufacturing, original stag manufacturing and original design manufacturing, whether the success of original brand manufacturing business in the international market can impact original equipment manufacturing negatively. The new markets offered new opportunities but also a great number of challenges, the chief(prenominal) of which was cultural differences. Thus it was necessary to provide the corresponding quality of service in order to meet the requirements of all the customers in the new market and to turn up prices to gain competitive

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Movie Application Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Movie Application Paper - Essay ExamplePlot compendium The Kings Speech is a biopic on King George VI the get of the current British Queen Elizabeth II. The story is built up in the year 1934 with King George V loo mogul for a successor to the throne. His eldest son, the Prince of Wales is having an affair with a divorcee, Wallis Simpson and is not fit to occupy the throne. Hence, the option to become the ceremony head of this country lies with the young prince, Bertie who has a stammering problem. He suffers from stammering when he was around 4 or 5 years of age and this prevents the prince from attending any globe speaking function. During this time, he turns to an Australian lecture therapist, Lionel Logue to cure him of his speech impediment. The many subtle moments in the film, sketching the agonies that the prince suffered in childhood and the panic he experiences upon the death of his father and the abdication of the throne by the elder brother has been well portrayed in the movie. The movie details the journey of a prince suffering from a speech impediment and the manner in which he overcame this hindrance with the aid of his friend, the Australian speech therapist, Lionel Logue. ... Intrapersonal departure is that which develops in the minds of an individual. Hence, conflict may be best explained as a behavior or conduct. On the other hand, interpersonal conflict has to occur between two persons. This movie has well depicted the interpersonal conflict between the prince and the speech therapist. Interpersonal conflict may be explained as a struggle which is expressed and takes place between two independent individuals having the lore of incompatible objectives. Intrapersonal conflict The intrapersonal conflict depicted in this movie, is the inner fear of the prince of public speech given his speech impediment. The movie has well depicted the traumatic childhood of the young prince which made him stammer. The manner in which he was strictly contr olled by the nanny and certain events which made him lose his confidence and in feature fear the very thought of speaking in public display interpersonal conflict. Interpersonal conflict and power In this movie, interpersonal conflict, in the kickoff half of the movie has been displayed between the prince and his speech therapist. It has been observed that disagreement is the fundamental element in all conflicts. However, not all disagreements may be termed as conflicts. A conflict is a situation in which both parties rely on from each one other in a way that the conduct of each independent party may impact the other. Power may also lead to conflicts. In this movie, the first instance of expert power has been depicted. In this case, the king has to comply with the directions of his speech therapist mainly because his speech therapist has expertise in curing speech impediments. Despite the fact that the king commands legitimate power, he has to obey the rules laid down by his

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Cultural studies project on Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Cultural studies project on Media - Essay ExampleThe King of Queens is an Emmy nominated series that ran from 1998 to 2007. It showcases the look of blue-collar couple Doug and Carrie Heffman, as they struggle with work and other issues.Ugly Betty is particularly interesting because it represents the stereotypical migrant Mexican family, struggling to make ends visit in America. Betty was born of and lives with her poor but upright family, which comprises of her father, her older sister and her young, gay nephew. They argon not the typical working class family for a physique of reasons. While in most cases, working class families are portrayed as scrupulous and scheming, Bettys family, most especially her father (whose values Betty tries to take after) are the paragons of morality in the show. Setting them against the high-paced, cruel fashion world where Betty works, they end up solving most of their problems and the problems of those around them, often without compromising their values.Also, Bettys family stays intact and loving amidst all of the drama. Usually, when a working class family is the subject of a television show, internal conflicts and uber-dramatic exits and falling outs within the family is the main drive of the story.

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Traditional Teaching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Traditional Teaching - Essay Examplerough the lessons, giving clarifications wherever necessary 2) its adaptability to large schoolrooms in transmitting a wide clay of knowledge to students of divergent skills 3) efficiency in offering straightforward instructions and explanations and 4) offering better sort results by focusing on likely test questions and administering repetitive drills in order to reinforce memorization of facts and information.The disadvantages of the traditional method of teaching, however are that 1) it turns out more time consuming for students who are drawn-out in digesting information 2) it does not offer any solution to the students for their difficulties in memorizing and retaining information 3) the knowledge gained is only basic and limited in scope, as the exploratory stage is entirely done away with and 4) it is inflexible, putting all students at the same starting point, stuffing them with undifferentiated knowledge, without taking into account th eir differing capacities and interest in the subject taught. Therefore, the method only benefits willing and better students, and is not found fit to kindle genuine interest for the subject.In a traditional classroom setting, therefore, the teacher becomes the focus of action, with importance being given to the textbook. The student is relegated to the sidelines, and is a passive pawn in the learning process. Remembering the correct dissolve is the priority, to which end, they are inundated with information, in which process, their analytical skills remain largely untapped and untrained.The sequelae or abnormalities of traditional pedagogy lead to several undesirable consequences. This system enshrines behavioristic psychology as an essential part of education, and does not consider the impact of a students mental makeup on the learning process. Looking at the learning process purely as a uni-dimensional phenomenon results in the following abnormalities. First, students are placed in different classes based on their

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Case about International Commercial Arbitration Essay

Case about International Commercial Arbitration - Essay interpreterIn the case of CalCo and IndCo, while disputes arose between them, CalCo filed a request for arbitration with ICC claiming various defaults and damages due to br separatelying contracts before attempting to resolve disputes inter alia.When IndCo filed suit in Mumbai High Court seeking inter alia with CalCo before the arbitration proceeding to be done and argued the contract was invalid or incapable of being performed the claimant filed a claim with California Federal Court to compel arbitration proceedings. IndCo responded saying that American court should wait until Mumbai court decides on the case and the contract has violated US antitrust laws. IndCo was still on the argument that the case is not arbitrable. According to the arbitrational article that two IndCo and CalCo agreed upon, each party has to tear one arbitrator and the third one shall be appointed by Indian Chamber of Commerce, but this was not consid ered by ICC.Even though ICC judiciary decided that the case has close connection with Indian law and hence the contract is valid and awarded the claimant $ 2,000,000, the primary claims of IndCo that it is not arbitrable as according to their clause that an arbitration can be done only when both parties are unable to solve by negotiation, and secondly the appointment of arbitrators is not according to what both parties had agreed upon can be considered to be valid but this was not so considered by ICC.According to Article 10 of ICC (2008), In the absence of much(prenominal) a joint nomination and where all parties are unable to agree to a method for the constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal, the Court may appoint each member of the Arbitral Tribunal and shall designate one of them to act as chairman. In such case, the Court shall be at liberty to choose whatever person it regards as suitable to act as arbitrator, applying Article 9 when it considers this appropriate (p. 9).

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Assignment 7 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Assignment 7 - Essay ExampleStudies show that the number of protests has increased at higher step in the past three years. The State of Washington alone reported approximately 20 protests of this kind in the year 2006 (Zeigler 1).Organizations can avoid protests in various ways including maximization of competition by an agency. Agencies can maximize competition by making the process to be open while avoiding biases. memory the process open involves informing the humanity clearly about what an agency intends to do during the bidding process. All the bidding processes should be clearly documented. An organization should to a fault ensure that all the processes listed in the document are followed. Transparency is vital in any bidding process. It can be enhanced by publish the written procedures and policies. This can also serve as evidence against future protests. While keeping the process open it is important for an agency to ensure that specifications or requirements are not cos tly and restraining. The other recommendation for preventing the protest includes offering supplier training. Most protests occur due to failure to offer supplier training. supplier training enables suppliers to gain knowledge and skills on how to offer procurement services in ethical ways.The other strategy of avoiding the protest includes being in charge. It involves accountability of the agency in the award decision making and writing procedures. Many agencies fail because they heavily depend on experts in technical assistance and military rank processes. Experts are helpful, but agencies should only seek advice instead of making them in charge of the entire process because the purchasing lead usually makes the final decisions since they are the ones who sign the award and accept accountability even if decisions were made based on the experts recommendations. Protests can also be avoided by specifying the roles of both parties. This helps in preventing the public from protesti ng

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Thomas Friedman’s book The World Is Flat Essay Example for Free

Thomas Friedmans book The World Is Flat EssayThomas Friedmans book The World Is Flat analyzes the progress of globalization and how it has changed lens nucleus economic concepts. After traveling to numerous countries, he came up with the conclusion that the orbit is flat, in the sense that competitive playing fields between industrial and emerging market countries have been leveled. He provides frequent examples of how countries, such as China and India, are becoming part of large global complex bring chains. Freidman assures that change is inevitable and that internet and outsourcing tactics are shrinking the world from small to tiny. Through his use of empirical evidence and first-hand experiences, Friedman is able to provide the commentator with a greater insight as to why to world is flat.The increasing power of the internet is a major affair that the author addresses. The internet has broadened its listening so that it is accessible to people of all ages and position s. Communication is contributing to the flattening of the world due to the ability to communicate with virtually anyone within seconds. Friedman visited Iraq and came across an interesting accompaniment that allowed him to further support his point On the screen door was a live TV feed that looked to be coming from close to kind of overhead camera. It showed some people moving around behind a house. Also on the screen, along the right side, was an active instant-messaging chat room, which seemed to be discussing the scene on the TVhe explain that a U.S. Predator drone was flying over an Iraqi village, and feeding real-time intelligence images back to his laptop and this flat screen (38-39).Technology has expanded dramatically within the last decade, and the author insists that it is going to inflate from here on out, thus continuing to flatten the world. Friedman also confronts the topic of outsourcing. He argues that outsourcing has allowed companies to split service and manufac turing activities into components, with each component performing in efficient, cost-effective shipway. His travels allowed him to explore the incredible subject, and what he found truly supports the idea that the world is indeed flattening. Friedman reflects on his stay in Bangalore by saying, I hadnt been with him for more than a few minutes at the Leela Palace hotel before he told me that he could handle my tax returns and any other accountingneeds I had- from Bangalore.No thanks, I demurred, I al attain have an accountant in Chicago. Jerry just smiled. He was too polite to say it that he may already by my accountant, or rather my accountants accountant, thanks to the magnification in the outsourcing of tax preparation (11-12). Outsourcing is becoming a significant addition to todays world, with many another(prenominal) different businesses practicing it, such as McDonalds and JetBlue. Friedman tries to salute to Americans that they need to get accustomed to the fact that we will not be ahead of the rest of the world much longer. He seems ambivalent about the implications of the change, and many passages point towards the idea of a system of global cooperation in which no country is dominant. However, many Americans think we will be dominated by the Indians and Chinese if we dont get our act together.While talking with Nandan Nilekani, an Indian CEO of Infosys Technologies Limited, about the rising ability of people to collaborate and compete in the global economy, Friedman declares, I was excited personally, because what the flattening of the world means is that we are now connecting all the knowledge centers on the planet together into a single global network, which-if politics and terrorism do not get in the way- could usher in an amazing era of prosperity and innovation (8). Friedman offers his book as a framework on how to deal with the foreseeable changes that are being thrusted upon the world.He says, The great challenge for our time will be to absorb these changes in ways that do not overwhelm people but also do not leave them behind. None of this will be easy. But this is our task. It is inevitable and inevitable (46-47). In other words, be ready. Overall, Thomas Friedman demystifies the flattening world for readers, and allows them to make sense of the globalization unfolding before their eyes. He discusses how the internet and outsourcing are contributing to the take aim of the playing field, and that change within the next decade is expected. Whether this change will be good or bad, nobody knows, but Friedman insists that the world should be ready and embrace the new era.

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Million Dollar Baby Tragedy Essay Example for Free

one million million Dollar Baby Tragedy EssayShes younger, shes stronger, and shes more experienced. Now what are you going to do roughly it? Next round starts, Maggie knocks her out in a few seconds. Maggie being seven years older than a normal play asideer is not as quick on her feet and is inexperienced. But after this fight Maggie shows that she is dignified and a serious fighter. Maggie demonstrates that she is courageous and dignified which is part of what makes a movie, a cataclysm. Maggie also shows Million Dollar Baby is a tragedy because her downfall is caused by a human emotion, her competitiveness.After a bunch of fights in a row the narrator concludes, Maggie always did like taking em out in the first round. This illustrates that Maggie does not like making it a good long fight where both competitors gain experience. Maggie likes to win, hitting them hard and quickly, letting her competitiveness get in the way. The narrator later says, boxing is an unnatural act. Cause everything in it is backwards. You wanna pass to the left, you dont step left you push off your right toe. To move to the right, you use your left toe.Instead of running from the pain like a sane person would do, you step into it. Thats what Maggie did, all the way to the World Championships. Instead of reinforcement away from the pain she turned into every hit because backing away from the pain means she loses. Getting hit multiple times a fight, Maggie reveals a bad hit will not keep her from winning. Maggies competitiveness is a key part in Million Dollar Baby being a tragedy. Million Dollar Baby is a tragedy because after her downfall, Maggie learns she can earn more than she knows if she works hard enough.Maggie has been constantly trying to get Frankie to train her since day one. Frankie after watching Maggie on the go bag says, If I take you on interrupting Frankie, Maggie says You wont regret it. Frankie sighs and continues God this is a mistake already.. Im going to try to leave alone the fact that you are a girl. Frankie does not train girls, ever Maggie was persistent and got Frankie to train her, an impossible task. She worked hard enough and was able to get an incredible trainer to train her.Maggie is in the hospital after her downfall, getting punched after the bell and now being paralyzed, she is going to lose her legs, has to breathe out of a respiration tube and will never fight again. Maggie says to Frankie, I cant be like this, Frankie. Not after what Ive done. Ive seen the mankind. People intonate my name. Well, not my name some damn name you gave me. I was in magazines. You think I ever dreamed of thatd happen? In this recite Maggie exhibits that she is ready to die, she has achieved more then she could ever dream of. Maggie learns that she can do anything if she puts her mind to it.Since Maggie is courageous and dignified, has a human characteristic which amplifies her downfall and learns she can achieve more than she knows Million Dollar Baby is a tragedy. Being an excellent fighter, Maggie was so thankful for the life she and Frankie made for her. Maggie clearly displays that working hard pays off and anyone can do the impossible, who would have thought a 37 year old, who has had zero training, would train less for a year and be a world champion contender? Like Eddie Dupris, the narrator of million dollar baby says Its the magic of risking everything for a dream nobody can see scarcely you.

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Maggie and Dee & sisters Essay Example for Free

Maggie and Dee sisters EssayEveryday Use is about these two colliding characters Maggie and Dee are sisters. In the story, Maggie seems to be the powerless and passive character. She had scars from beingness burnt and this experience brought her to directed inward. She valued the things that are less superficial and more meaningful. She has stayed with her mother and there she learned making quilts. Dee is more the outgoing type. She cares a lot about her style. Shes into physical appearance and boys are angiotensin-converting enzyme of her interest. Thesis Statement The central conflict this part of the story is the triumph everywhere legacy who will be recognized as the successor?This very powerful story revolves around the quilt. As Dee tries to win the quilt, she also seeks her long-lost heritage after(prenominal) a long time of absence. (Walker 278). (66) Maggie bathroomt appreciate these quilts Shed probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use. Dee alw ays tries to taste herself in the way of her power to persuade and aggression (Walker 278) (68) But theyre priceless, she was saying now furiously for she had a temper. Maggie would put them on the bed and in five years theyd be in rags. Less than that But Maggie is a strong person with inner strength and she knows that the legacy has been passed on to her (Walker 279). (74) She can have them Mama, she said like somebody used to never winning anything reserved for her. I can member Grandma Dee without the quilts. Maggie said. The mother knew that her daughter Maggie has been the one who deserves the heritage. Although Maggie seems weak and she will talk in peace (Walker 279). (75) She stood there with her scared hands hidden in the folds of her skirt. She looked at her sister with something like fear. But she wasnt mad at her.This was Maggies portion. This was the way she knew God to work. Towards the end of the story, Dee knows that her mother fought for Maggie and has won the battle. She denies herself from humility that she lost (Walker 279). (81) You ought to try to make something of yourself, too, Maggie. Its really a new day for us. But from the way you and Mama still live, youll never know it. Dee will always hide the loss. She will not be soulfulness who will stand up for defeat and that is in a way being a coward (Walker 279). (82)She put on her glasses and hid everything above the tip of her jimmy and her chin. Conclusion Everyday Use explores the long years a mothers will to raise her children, see them grow and realize their identity. Maggie spent her every day with her mother and her mother experienced her presence for the longest years. Meanwhile Dee has spent her life away from her family. The one who has learned the craft of quilting which signifies her flat love for her family is Maggie and finally her mother realizes that and in all sense she deserves that honor of their heritage.CitationWalker, Alice. Everyday Use. In Love and Troubl e Stories of Black Women. Harvest Books (1974) 272-279.

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Implementation and simulation of basic structure of the radio over fiber link

Implementation and simulation of basic structure of the tuner e precisewhere graphic symbol linkCHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION1.1 tuner COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS radio set talk has gone through enormous growth in the past tenner years. Less than a percent of world population had access to cellular applied science before early nineties, and by the start of this millennium approximately every(prenominal) one in a five people has a planetary phone. In the same period different countries across the globe have impr everywhere the unsettled ne devilrk technology over ninety percent and future forecast says that by the end of 2010 there leave behind be more than 1700 one thousand million energetics completestance abusers across the world. 12Apart from cellular technology WLANs has as well as seen phenomenal growth during the past ten years. These WLAN hotspots john be apply in semipublic places much(prenominal)(prenominal) as airports, cafes, hotels and restaurant etcetera YEARWLA NFrequencyModulationBit-Rate (MAX)1997IEEE 802.112.4 gigacycle per secondFrequency Hopping andDirect Spread Spectrum2 Mbps1998ETSI Home RF2.4 gigacycleWide pack FrequencyHopping1.6 Mbps1999IEEE 802.11b2.4 GHzDirect Sequence SpreadSpectrum11 Mbps1999IEEE 802.11a5 GHzOFDM54 Mbps2000ETSI HiperLAN25 GHzOFDM Connection-Oriented54 Mbps2003IEEE 802.11g2.4 GHzOFDM compatible with802.11a54 Mbps hedge 1.1 Evolutions of WLAN standardizeds 3The rapid growth in radio set parley achieved more fame due the ease of inst wholeation as comp ard to the fixed network. The head start generation (1G) mobile placement were analogue, discovered in 1980s. The second generation (2G) known as global system for mobile communication (GSM) came on the scene in 1990s, which has been very successful and has achieved extreme success across the globe. GSM is currently the major mobile communication system which is apply worldwide. 1The graph above shows the relationship between coverage and capacity of com munication systems. By looking at the graph the cell size of WPAN is of few meters but there transmitting set up may go upto 10 Mbps. While considering 2G and 3G systems, there cell sizes may vary upto several kilometres but that atomic number 18 limited to less than 2Mbps. WiMAX technology can provide high bit rate mobile services using frequency span between 2 11 GHz. 6FREQUENCYWIRELESS COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS2 GHzUMTS/ 3G Systems2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g WLAN5 GHzIEEE 802.11 a WLAN2-11 GHzIEEE 802.16 WiMAX17/19 GHzIndoor Wireless (radio) LANs28 GHzFixed Wireless ingress Local point to multi point (LMD)38 GHzFixed Wireless Access Picocellular58 GHzIndoor Wireless LANs57-64 GHzIEEE 802.15 WPAN10-66 GHzIEEE 802.16 WiMAXTable 1.2 Frequencies for Wireless Communication Systems 2-51.2 CLASSIFICATION OF WIRELESS NETWORKWireless networks can be categorized into different groups depending on the bea they ar applied to. As a result high numbers of standards have been making to publ ic for the tuition of new techniques in order to accession the spectrum efficiency and perfect utilization of spectrum, which is scarce natural resource.Wireless networks can be divided into three classes1.2.1 Wireless Private rural atomic number 18a net income (WPAN) Devices of such networks can communicate in the range of tens of metres. Infrared (IR) and Bluetooth are the two implementation of this principle.1.2.2 Wireless Local world Network (WLAN)It is computer network that connects devices which are distributed over a local area (e.g office, house, mall, and airport). IEEE 802.11 which is commonly known as Wi-Fi, is an eccentric of WLAN.1.2.3 Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (WMAN) Such a network covers a geographic area such as city or village. IEEE 802.16 which is commonly known as WiMAX, is an example of WMAN.Depending upon the application, there are licensed and unlicensed frequency bands in which wireless systems can operate.1.3 WIRELESS APPLICATIONS Now we will discuss wireless standards along with the overview of their applications1.3.1 Bluetooth WPANBluetooth is a radio standard, which operates in the unlicensed Industrial Scientific and Medical (ISM) band at 2.4 2.485 GHz. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) is used in order to minimize folie and fading. In order to make the transceiver architecture as simple as possible, binary modulation is used. The bit rate is up to 3 Mb/s. The benefits of Bluetooth take low power consumption and low live, thence they are used in devices such as laptops, mobile phones and PDAs. 7 function ClassMaximum issue PowerMinimum Output Power1100mW(20dBm)1mW(0dBm)22.5mW(4dBm)0.25mW(-6dBm)31mW(0dBm)Table 1.3 Bluetooth classes and power levels 71.3.2 Wi Fi WLANThe Wi-Fi alliance, the set of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and the European telecommunications standard Institute (ETSI) are the three organizations which influenced the standardization of WLAN. The IEEE WLAN standard is re ferred as 802.11. At the moment, the most used techniques are defined by the IEEE 802.11a, b and g standards. 8StandardRelease dateOperating frequencyMaximum Data Rate802.11a19995.15 5.35 GHz5.725 5.825 GHz54 Mbps802.11b19992.4 2.5 GHz11 Mbps802.11g20032.4 2.5 GHz54 MbpsTable 1.4 IEEE 802.11a, b and g standards 81.3.3 WiMAX WMANWiMAX is an abbreviation for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. The WiMAX Forum is a non profit association. The aim and objective of the WiMAX technology is to provide fixed, portable or mobile connectivity to the users even if they located up to 6 miles away from base property and it is not necessary to be in line of sight. WiMAX can operate on any frequency below 66 GHz, as operating frequency may change for different countries depending on local regulation. It is possible replacement for mobile/cellular technologies such as GSM and CDMA. It has been considered to be the wireless backhaul technology for 2G, 3G and 4G networks. The limit ations associated with WiMAX is that it can either provide high selective information rates or it can institutionalize information over longer distances but not both simultaneously. 91.3.4 Distributed Antenna Systems and communicate Over FiberDistributed Antennas Systems (DAS) are used for several applications in the mobiles and wireless communications. It can be installing over indoor and outdoor sites. DAS can be implemented on those areas where there is lack of sign ups such as tunnels, underground stations etc. in order to extend the coverage of mobile network. Radio over fibre consists of outside(a) unit and rudimentary unit. remote control unit is kept very simple since it only consists of devices for reception of radio frequency signals and optoelectronic conversion. All expensive and complex equipments are located at central unit and functions such as modulation and up/down conversion etc. are done. This resulted in increase in efficiency and maintenance cost because a s compared to central units, remote units are numerically high in numbers and often remote units are located in sites that are not easy to get in touch with. 10 1.4 FLOW CHART OF THE DISSERTATION1.5 AIMS AND OBJECTIVESThe aim of the dissertation is to implement and simulate the basic structure of the radio over fiber link using OFDM transceiver with the help of MATLAB/SIMULINK. The MATLAB version 7.8.0 (R2009a) is used for model implementation. Basically two models are designed model number 1 consists of OFDM transceiver link up with a gain which represents the length of the fiber channel. Actually it is establish on the theoretical position that fiber has 0.2db loss per kilometre. For example 25km length fiber will be represented as 5 dB(-ve sign to show loss). Later on simulations are carried out by varying the length of fiber and results are deduced. Model 2 consist of OFDM transceiver as well but linked with laser diode model, fiber channel model and motion-picture showdiod e model as these are the fundamental components of RoF link. Some additional parameters of measuring the hereditary and received power and bit error rate calculation are alike introduced to enhance the form of the project.1.6 DISSERTATION OUTLINEThe dissertation consists of six chaptersChapter 1 is the introduction chapter in which wireless communication systems and wireless applications have been discussed briefly.Chapter 2 consist of the theory of radio over fiber which includes the need of RoF system, what RoF technology is, advantages and disadvantages of RoF system and applications of RoF technology.Chapter 3 purely consist of theory related to OFDM technology. submarine sandwich topics include in this chapter are principles of OFDM, history, advantages and disadvantages and applications of OFDM. Fourier interpret is also discussed in this particular chapter.Chapter 4 consist of methodology of the dissertation. It consists of the models implemented using MATLAB/SIMULINK an d the brief study of the essential blocks used in the models.Chapter 5 is the chapter of simulations and results. Chapter 6 includes the conclusion and future work regarding radio over fiber and OFDM.CHAPTER 2 RADIO OVER FIBER2.1 INTRODUCTION Radio-over-fiber (RoF) is a communication technology for delivering broadband applications to wireless users such as satellite communications, mobile-radio communications, broadband access radio, multipoint video distribution and broadband mobile services. RoF technologies make use of optical and radio communication media for providing above mentioned broadband services. The optical part is used to transmit microwave signals between a central radio base station and a remote radio antenna and on the other hand radio part provides coverage to wireless users. In RoF system radio frequency (RF) signal is genetic through an optical network in an easier way by directly modulating the intensity of the light source with the RF signal to be transmitt ed and on the receiving end direct detection of the signal at photo detector. The modulating of the laser-diode light intensity with electrical signals at duplex frequencies causes a number of troubles such as relative intensity, noise chirp and inter modulation distortion. The main sources of non-linearity in a system are the laser-diode light source, the optical fiber and the photo detector. 27 2.2 destiny FOR RADIO OVER FIBER SYSTEMSFor the future prerequisite mul quantifydia services and broadband over wireless media, some distinctive characteristics are needed such as cell size reduction in order to accommodate more users and to operate in the millimetre wave (mm-wave) frequency bands to overcome religious clogging. Such a system would demands a large number of base stations to cover large geographical coverage area and base station should be cost effective as well, then only such a system would be successful in market. In such a competitive market, this necessity has led t o the evolution of system architecture where microwave functions such as signal processing, signal routing, handover, modulation, protocols setting and frequency allocation etc. are performed at central control station (CS) rather than at remote station or base station (BS). This type of centralized collection allows complex, subtile and expensive equipments to be positioned in safer environment and shared among several BSs or RSs (Remote carrys). Now the question arises how to link the central station (CS) with BS. In such type of radio network, the use of optical fiber is the most suitable choice for the linking of CS with BSs, as fiber is cheaper in cost, has low loss, immune to electromagnetic Inter Modulation (EMI) and provides wider bandwidth. By keeping the BSs as simple as possible and by sharing the resources provided by CS among several BSs, can efficaciously minimizes the cost of entire network and thus maintenance cost. Modulation of RF sub flattops onto an optical c arrier over an fiber is known as Radio over Fiber (RoF) technology. Typically RoF network consist of central CS, where functions desire switching, routing, medium access control (MAC) and frequency management takes place whereas at BSs functions like optical to electrical and vice versa are performed. 32 2.3 RADIO OVER FIBER TECHNOLOGY Radio over fiber system consists of a Radio prat Station (RBS) and Radio Access Point ( work stoppage) which are connected by an optical fiber link. Optical fiber link is used to distribute RF signals from a RBS to RAP. RAP only contains optoelectronic conversion devices and amplifiers. In GSM technology RBS could be referred as Mobile Switching Centre (MSC) and RAP as Base Station (BS). The frequency used by the RoF systems usually lies under GHz region depending on the nature of application. Basically RoF systems were used to transmit microwave signals and to achieve mobility functions in RBS. Therefore spiel microwave signals had to be available at the input end of the system, which are then delivered to the RAP as optical signals. Signals at RAP are re-generated and radiated by antennas. Due to the advancement of technology, RoF systems are designed to perform added radio system functionalities other then transportation and mobility functions. The functions include are data modulation, signal processing and frequency conversion (up and down). The electrical signal at the input of the multifunctional RoF system may be baseband data, modulate IF or actual modulated RF signal for distribution. The modulated optical signal is carried over the optical fiber link to the remote station. At the receiving end, demodulation of the signal is carried out by the photo detector and the optical signal is converted back to electrical signal. 12 132.4 ADVANTAGES OF RADIO OVER FIBER2.4.1 Low AttenuationIt is observed that high frequency signals when transmitted in discharge space or through transmission lines are expensive and sometimes d ue to different reasons challenging as well. In free space, losses are directly proportional to frequency due to absorption and reflection. Increase in frequency also gives rise in impedance when signal is delivered through transmission line. Therefore in order to overcome these issues, expensive signal regenerating equipment is required to distribute radio signal electrically over long distances. The cheaper solution is to use optical fibers which abide lower losses. Single Mode Fiber (SMF) made from glass (silica) has attenuation losses below 0.2dB/km and 0.5dB/km in the 1.5um and 1.3um windows respectively. 112.4.2 Larger Potential BandwidthLarger bandwidth is being offered by optical fibers. Larger bandwidth provides high capacity for transmitting high frequency signals and also enables high speed signal processing which is toilsome to achieve in electronics systems. Basically there are three main transmission windows, namely 850nm, 1310nm, and 1550nm wavelengths, which offer low attenuation. Anyhow optical system has to combine with electronic system in order to perform different tasks. But bandwidth mismatch of the systems create problem which is known as electronic bottleneck. The solution to this problem is the use of effective multiplexing techniques such as OFDM, DWDM and SCM. 112.4.3 Easy Installation And MaintenanceThe plus point of RoF system is the Switching Centre (SC), which are less in numerical quantity because one SC is shared by several Remote stations (RSs), which are equipped with all the expensive and complex equipments and RSs are kept simpler which includes only photo detector, amplifier and an antenna, thus reducing system installation and maintenance cost. 112.4.4 Reduced Power ConsumptionAs discussed earlier centralized SCs are equipped with complex equipment and RSs are kept simpler with less equipments thus resulting in reduced power consumption. and so RSs can be operated in passive mode. 112.4.5 Immune To deterrent And Cross talkAs we know that optical fibers form a dielectric waveguide therefore there are no concepts as electromagnetic interference (EMI), radio frequency interference (RFI), or switching transients giving electromagnetic pulses (EMP). In fact it doesnt require shielding form EMI. Hence optical signal can be transmitted through electrically noisy environment unaffectedly. The optical fiber can be used underground or overhead as it is not disposed to lightening strike. 112.4.6 Signal SecurityIn RoF system, optical signals are transmitted in the form of light, which doesnt radiate drastically, thus providing high degree of signal security. Therefore it is widely used in military, banking and general data transmission applications. 11 2.5 DISADVANTAGES OF RADIO OVER FIBERRoF systems can be called as analog communication system. Therefore signal impairments such as noise and distortion are worth considering in RoF. These impairments tend to limit Noise Figure (NF) and Dynamic Range (DR) of t he RoF links. Chromatic dispersion may limit fiber link length when considering SMFs RoF. Modal dispersion can limit the available link bandwidth and distance when considering MMFs RoF system. Relative Intensity Noise(RIN), lasers phase noise, photodiodes shot noise, amplifiers thermal noise and fibres dispersion are few examples of noise sources in analog optical fibre links.10 2.6 APPLICATIONS OF RADIO OVER FIBERListed below are the few applications regarding RoF2.6.1 Mobile Communication Network A mobile network is a useful application of RoF technology. In the past decade the numbers of mobile subscribers coupled with the increasing demand of broadband service have been keeping massive pressure on the mobile service provider to provide vast capacity to the end user. 112.6.2 Video dispersal Systems (VDS)VDS is one of the major applications of RoF systems. In this case the Multipoint Video Distribution Service (MVDS) is used for mobile terrestrial transmission. In MVDS the transm itter serves the coverage area based on tall building. Gunn oscillators and heat pipes are used for frequency stabilization while a fiber link can be used for feed a TWT or solid state amplifiers. This system provides reduction in weight and wind loading of transmitter. 112.6.3 Cellular Broadband ServicesDue to the very high bit rates of nearly 155 Mbps, carrier frequency is pushed into mm-waves. For this purpose frequency band in 66 GHz frequency band have been allocated. The 62-66 GHz band is used for downlink while 65-66 GHz frequency band can be used for uplink transmission. 112.6.4 Vehicle Control And CommunicationFor vehicle communication and system the frequency band between 63 64 GHz and 76-77 GHz frequency band has been allocated. They are used to provide unbroken mobile communication coverage in major areas for the purpose of intelligent transport systems which includes road to vehicle communication (RVC) and inter vehicle communication (IVC). These can be made simple and cost effective by feeding them through RoF system. 11CHAPTER 3 ORTHOGONAL FREQUENCY DIVISION MULTIPLEXING3.1 THE PRINCIPLES OF OFDM Orthogonal frequency fragment multiplexing is a multi carrier technique which divides the bandwidth into several carriers. Each carrier is modulated by a low rate data stream. OFDM has the ability to use the spectrum expeditiously by spacing the channels close to each other. Closeness of the channels can result in the interference therefore to prevent interference all carriers are orthogonal to each other which blind drunks all carriers are independent to each other. 14In FDMA a whizz channel is allocated to each user to transmit information. The bandwidth of each channel is about 10 kHz-30 kHz for voice communications. In order to prevent channels from interfering with one another, the allocated bandwidth is made wider than the token(prenominal) amount required. This extra bandwidth or spacing between channels is wasting about 50% of the total spectrum. As the channel bandwidth becomes narrower the problem becomes worst. 14In TDMA multiple users access the same channel or utilized the full bandwidth in different time slots. Many low data rates users can be combined to transmit in a single channel thus bandwidth or spectrum can be used efficiently. There are two problems associated with TDMA. premier(prenominal) the symbol rate of each channel is high resulting in multipath delay spread. Secondly at the start time of each user to use bandwidth for data transmission, a change over time has to be allocated in order to prevent from propagation delay variations and synchronisehronization errors. This change over time is a loss, limiting the number of users that can be accommodated efficiently in each channel. 14OFDM is solution to both the problems occurring in FDMA and TDMA. Actually OFDM splits the available bandwidth into many narrow sub channels. As the carriers are orthogonal to each other which means they are purely i ndependent of each other therefore they can be put very close to each other. Any time full utilization of bandwidth is possible in OFDM, therefore there is no need for users to be time multiplex and no more switching of the users for bandwidth. Users can send and receive data at any time unlike TDMA. 143.2 OFDM HISTORYThe concept of OFDM was first developed in 1950s. A US copyright was issued in January 1970. The evolution of OFDM took place in order to use the available bandwidth or spectrum more efficiently. 1516OFDM was first implemented in military communications just like CDMA. KINIPLEX 17 and ANDEFT 18 are two examples of OFDM application in high frequency military system. AN/GSC-10(KATHRYN) variable rate data modem was the early application of OFDM which was built for high frequency radio. In 1980s, OFDM had been studied for high speed modems, digital mobile communications and high dumbness recording. OFDM techniques for multiplexed QAM using DFT was discover by Hirosaki 19 . He has also designed 19.2 kbps voice band data modem which uses QAM modulation. In 1990s, OFDM has been exploited for data communication over mobile radio FM channels, high bit rate digital subscribers lines(HDSL), very high speed digital subscriber lines(VHDSL), digital auditory sensation broadcasting(DAB), digital television, high-definition television terrestrial broadcasting and asymmetric digital subscriber lines(ADSL).14OFDM has been considered more towards mobile communication due to its robustness to multipath propagation. Recently OFDM has been put into practice in audio broadcasting applications such as DAB and DVB. And it has been successfully implemented in wireless LAN applications as well. 143.3 FOURIER TRANSFORMThe application of OFDM was not very operable in 1960s. Quite a few numbers of oscillators were needed to generate the carrier frequencies for sub channel transmission. At that time it was a bit difficult to make it practical, that is why OFDM scheme was sa id to be impracticable.Complexity of the OFDM scheme was eliminated with the evolution of Fourier Transform where harmonically related frequencies are generated by Fourier and Inverse Fourier Transforms used to implement OFDM systems. Fourier Transform can be used in linear systems analysis, antenna studies, optics, random process modelling, probability theory, quantum physics and boundary-value problems.3.4 OFDM REAL PARAMETERSIn the function 10 years, the usage of OFDM has increased to enormous extent. It has been proposed for radio broadcasting such as EUREKA 147 standard and Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM). Some of the useful parameters are listed below 20 Data rate 6Mbps to 48 Mbps Modulation BPSK, QPSK, 16-QAM and 64 QAM Coding Convolutional concatenated with Reed Solomon FFT size 64 with 52 sub-carriers uses, 48 for data and 4 for pilots Sub carrier Frequency Spacing 200 MHz divided by 64 carrier or 0.3125 MHz FFT Period / Spacing Period 3.2usec vindication Duration One quarte r of symbol time, 0.8usec Symbol time 4usec3.5 ADVANTAGES OF OFDM Overlapping is used for efficient use of spectrum. OFDM systems are more often reluctant to freq selective fading by dividing the channel into narrowband sub channels. Cyclic prefix is used to discard ISI and IFI. The symbols lost due to selective fading can easily be recovered by using channel coding and interleaving. The use of single carrier systems makes channel equalization simpler by using adaptational equalization techniques. With healthy complexity max likelihood decoding is possible. FFT techniques allow OFDM to be computationally efficient to the functions of modulation and demodulation. It can also be used for DAB systems and uncomplete algorithms can be used for program selection. A channel estimator can easily be discarded with the use of differential modulation. As compared to single carrier systems OFDM is less sensitive to sample timing strike down. OFDM gives extra protection concerning parasitic noise and co channel interference. In severe multipath orthogonality is preserved. OFDM is used in high speed applications and dynamic packet access is also supported. Transmitting and receiving diversity are supported. On the other hand OFDM also supports adaptive antenna arrays, space time coding and power allocation.3.6 DISADVANTAGES OF OFDM The OFDM signal has a noise like amplitude with a very large dynamic range, therefore it requires RF power amplifiers with a high peak to average power ratio. It is more sensitive to carrier frequency offset and drift than single carrier systems. 3.7 PROBLEMS WITH OFDM3.7.1 Peak To Average RatioPAR is an important OFDM parameter which is defined as the ratio of peak instantaneous value to average time. It can also determine parameters such as current, voltage, phase and power of the signal. Since OFDM is a summation of several carrier signals therefore results in high PAR. The RF power postulate to be increased to overcome the problem of eff iciency in PAR. In order to increase the radio frequency power an amplifier is needed which can increase the cost of the system as it is expensive equipment.In order to solve the problems created by PAR, different encoding schemes should be used before the modulation. Also the return in the amplification stage of transmitter is needed such as post processing the time domain signal to reduce the peak to mean signal ratio. 21223.7.2 SynchronizationThe performance of OFDM link can be optimized by using two kinds of synchronizations between transmitter and the receiver. Timing Synchronization The timing offset of the symbol is not need to be determined and then the optimal timing instants. Frequency Synchronization The carrier frequency of the received signal mustiness be aligned at the receiving end.Timing sync can easily be achieved because the degree of sync error in OFDM structure is more severe. The sync techniques can be achieved by using known pilot tones that are embedded in O FDM signal or by using guard interval. 21223.7.3 Co-Channel InterferenceIn mobile communications co channel interference can be overcome by combining techniques related to adaptive antenna systems. murderer antenna beam can be focused by beam steering while co channel interferers are attenuated. This is useful as OFDM is sensitive to co- channel interference. 21223.8 APPLICATIONS OF OFDM High frequency modems used for military Voice band modems ADSL HDSL DAB Terrestrial Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB-T) Power line communication systems WLAN Cable modems Wavelength Division MultiplexingCHAPTER 4 METHODOLOGY4.1 INTRODUCTIONThis chapter includes the in depth study of the models built on MATLAB/SIMULINK. MATLAB version 7.8.0 (R2009a) is used for the modelling. Basically two models are designed whic