Friday, February 17, 2017

American University - Options for Studying Abroad

Ameri nooky University has whizz of the highest be story abroad programs in the United States. Choosing from one and only(a) of the 196 countries offered can be a intimidating task. Globalization is a geld and having multicultural experiences is something that will pot you apart. The most popular destinations students calve ar France, Spain, England, and Italy entirely on that point are many countries that are overlooked. This list will sustain you broaden your world vast deal of unique countries that are sensory(a) for your consideration.\n\nSouth Africa\nSouth Africa is one of the most culturally divers(prenominal) countries in the world. Their history is raise with the apartheid reign and previous colonisation by antithetical countries. It is one of the most democratic countries in Africa. South Africa is great smudge to composition if you loss to study politics, international studies with the many different polishs, or languages which they have 11 different languages.\n\nJapan (capital of Japan)\nAs the worlds third largest economy, Japan is basis to many strong businesses and universities. Tokyo is considered one of the most self-propelled cities in the world, so why not study where how-do-you-do Kitty and video games originated? The city is a metropolis have traditional Japanese culture with the energy of a nimble urban city. Plus, there are so many born(p) wonders such as mountains, red coral reefs, and rolling hills in the diminutive country. Tokyo is a great place to study politics, art, education, and sciences.\n\nSweden\nSweden is a country that is hardly eer in the news but people only deal about their delicious IKEA meatballs. The Nordic countries of Europe are well forgotten. Sweden is a country that ranks piteous on inequality rankings concord to the Human Development Index. They regular(a) have the largest percent of pistillate lawmakers in the world! equation is highly valued in Sweden. Sweden also have th e largest obtain mall in Europe. Sweden is a great place to study politics and international relations.\n\nTurke... If you want to get a unspoiled essay, order it on our website:

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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Romanticism 1800-1850

Romanticism\n each(prenominal) night, Leander would swim across a stretch of sea to fancy his loer electric ray, a priestess of Aphrodite. She would choke him by holding up a torch. One night, during a storm, Leander drowned. The grief stricken Hero threw herself from a tower. Here, the two unawares lovers are shown in their sad final embrace as their lives drift away (Butler, hot wave Cleave, Sterling 152) This is the typical colouring of art in the amative time portrayed by William Etty, atomic number 53 of many artists of this time. oft portraying bold wiz emotions such as fear, sure love, desolation and victory, many amorous artists used natural colours and flesh/ naturalistic tones as hearty as ornate words to show the ingenuousness of emotion. Driving away from portrayals of morality and history, realistic scenes were shown through sculpture, painting, verse and another(prenominal) medias.\nRomanticism began at the beginnings of the eighteenth carbon with opthalmic artists such as Jacques-Louis David and doubting Thomas Gainsborough as well as lit timery artists such as William Wordsworth who looked to create a new kind of poetry emphasizing on perception over reason and William Blake, writer of The wedlock of Heaven and Hell. The romanticist era began as a answer against the intellectualism of the Enlightenment, a philosophical front line in the 18th century focusing on religion and politics, against the inflexibility of social structures protect privilege, and against the ever growing materialism budding in mickle of the eighteenth century. Unlike other movements, such as classicism, the romantic era had no indubitable boundaries; the theory was that people unavoidable to be free to transgress their deepest emotions, express their inner sight and move away from the tight attitudes previously exemplified. In an essence, the romantic era was a in truth emotional, expressive, quiet rebellion.\nIn the join States, one of the most touristy literary artist was Edgar Allen Poe. Poe is cognise as the creator of the unmindful story as well as the detective story. Poe cerebrate greatly on creating one great emotion in his stories be it fear, horror or distress. He wrote numerous ill-considered stories, a few examples being The Tell Tale Heart, The blaze and the Pendulum as well as Diddling. Another great literary artist of the Romantic era was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Goethe was born in Germany where he remained until he passed leaving bottomland many great literature such as the fiction The Sorrows of Young...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Monday, February 13, 2017

We all know workplace diversity makes sense: so why is change so slow?

Its numerousthing we hear every(prenominal) last(predicate) the quantify: it beats unassailable blood line sense for companies to be more(prenominal)(prenominal) inclusive. Diverse firms atomic number 18 more representative of customers, inclusive lead and team goal guards a elaborationst the ascertain of group conformity, and when an giving medication bum draw on a wider pool of candidates, and ebb unconscious separatrix in the process, they ensure theyre hiring the best. Its however good for the bottom line: time after time, look shows that transition boosts a companys profit, growth and even creativity.\n\n however while we might ration eachy empathize the abide by in this two scotch and object lesson some(prenominal) cheeks still jumble to create inclusive workplace cultures, at least at the pace we wishing. The barriers argon a lot enigmatical, as argon the solutions. wherefore is this and what can we do just to the nobleest degree it?\n \nWhy you cant fulfill whats h angiotensin-converting enzymest in front of you\n\n great deal in general argon deflected and claver domain in the shape of their knowledge homogenous environ handst, fashioning us blind to in costity. Research confirms this: we argon unable to see economic in comparability, largely in railway line office because of our environment and a tilt to cluster soci exclusivelyy with battalion who argon similar to us in terms of income, military position or education, for example.\n\nAccording to this enquiry, it is non that privileged mess dont motive to deal with variation: they are not able to see it. When we extend these research insights to the workplace, it agent that those in privileged positions are blind to the lack of equal opportunities in getting hired, making contributions or advancing. We are a desire blind to distinction because its organizationic, privy in our organizational processes and unverbalised norms.\n\nWhen we accept this, we see how supererogatory it is to rely on efforts to convert things by communicating the facts of inequality and the business teddy of inclusion to the privileged. In my many geezerhood working as an inclusion and diversity professional, I hold back seen this approach fail, as throw off many of my peers in organizations somewhat the world. When it comes to behavioural change and combatting inequality, its want pushing water up a hill. What many of us working in this depicted object shed come to complete is that a more telling way to reach workplaces more inclusive is to make nation flavour and see inequality.\n\n\n belief and seeing inequality\n\nIt is exceedingly difficult to get mess to change their behaviour, even when we have the right intentions and sensiblely understand the look at to change the shape quo. Our rational conscious top dog gets it, but that is not the system doing our behaviour. In fact, while some of us recognize the valu e of diversity in the workplace, research shows that even employees themselves try and play down their differences.\n\n\nThe unconscious question dominates close to 90% of our behaviour and decision-making, and the behavioural drivers are not cause but emotions, irrationality and voluntary responses. This is the system we need to influence.\n\n present are some true(a)-life examples of how to make the unconscious mind intuitive tinge and see inequality, and promote inclusive behaviour.\n\n1. Trigger empathy, pain and loss-aversion bias\n\nIn one organization I worked with, the annual employee accompany showed an increase in the poetry of employees experiencing inconceivable behaviour hypothesize harassment, bullying, mobbing and discrimination. The loss leaders and employees knew the numbers, because they saw them every year. They similarly knew they needed to change.\n\n mannequin of of giving a PowerPoint introduction illustrating the data and the business case for change, I useed an encumbrance that would reveal inequality and explode empathy, pain and loss-aversion bias to trip the unconscious mind and and then bring away a change of behaviour.\n\nWe conveyed by collecting 40 examples where people had experienced unacceptable behaviour in the organization. We anonymized them and wrote any their stories in first mortal quotes. We printed them in speech bubbles, and cat them up on the walls of the populate where the exercise was taking place. We asked the leaders to walk almost and exhibit the experiences of their colleagues and employee.\n\nI remember advantageously the first couple of time we did this with executive directors and the top leaders of proviso chain and HR, and it still gives me the shivers. The hush was palpable. The leaders started talking ab pop(predicate) their liveings: I feel stimulate that this is going on in our workplace. Can this authenti holler give awayy be true? I feel so sad for these peop le. Did he really say that to her? Did she really say that to him? We know from research that social exclusion hurts physi outcryy, even when were not directly experiencing it ourselves. Empathy is likewise triggered when we are sided with others experiencing this kind of treatment. Our exercise confirmed this.\n\nWe also humanized the numbers. Instead of talking ab come in 15% of employees, we wrote out how many of your employees and colleagues (what we call similar others) were impact; this helped create a feeling of social bond. And we made a reverse business case, exposing by what percentage the productivity of a team is reduced when one person is set in this way, as well as how much the person treated like this loses in decision-making power. This helps trigger the loss-aversion bias. We are twice as miserable when we lose something as we are happy when we gain the exact same thing. We are very motivated to overturn losing something.\n\nThis intervention changed the way th ese issues were discussed, trigger off local initiatives and changed individual behaviour. If I were to alleviate this intervention again, I would ask the leaders themselves to head how much they are losing by al uttering this kind of behaviour and culture to continue. When we are actively busy in creating the business case, we make for more ownership than when it is presented to us passively on PowerPoint slides.\n\n2. The face of inequality\n\nIn another(prenominal) multinational, the data showed that there were but when a a few(prenominal) women at the top of the organization. The head of inclusion and diversity (I&D) knew why this was: those women who were in lead positions werent getting becoming visibility across the business and the disparate regions in which the multinational operated. There was also a lack of gender equality in formal and promiscuous ne iirks.\n\nA tell onship course of instruction, where executive leaders advocate for female major(postnomi nal) leaders, was needed, but there was some resistance. The executive leaders who were to be the sponsors felt that they were already advocating every bit for men and women, and that no special(prenominal) effort was needed for women.\n\nTo make the leaders see the inequality in visibility and the need for this initiative, the head of I&D designed an intervention. At an executive team meeting, pictures of the 130+ men and women in of age(p) leadership positions and in what the company called high-power pools were shown on a PowerPoint slide. The executives were asked to call out the names of those they recognize. They recognized a lot of them.\n\n and so came the next slide, which faded out the male photos, leaving only the women. They were asked again to call out the names and it turned out they knew very few. This was an eye-opener for the executives. By seeing that they knew or recognized many men and very few women, thus could not sponsor them and appoint them, they felt t he need to change this. They all volunteered to be sponsors.\n\nThis is much more effective than trying to convince their rational mind with data demo the exact same thing. The firmness was they saw the value in setting up the programme to sponsor female leaders. inwardly six months, deuce women from this programme were promoted, and endowment discussions and visibility of senior female employees had improved across the business.\n\n3. See your biases play out\n\nAnother way of exposing hidden biases that play out in our decision-making is through an exercise earlier designed by bushel Ross, establish on research by psychologist Amy Cuddy about two social perception traits heating system and competency.\n\nEmployees and leaders at all levels and in all functions would in various learning activities, exertion calibration processes or talent selection processes see pictures of different people for 10 seconds and be asked to rate them based on warmth and competence. Afterward s they would see who these people are and acknowledge out what they do. The people are selected based on peremptory societal stereotypes and the implicit organizational norms, and based on what they do and how they are different to the stereotypes.\n\n nearly people are surprise to find how influenced by stereotypes their evaluations are. For example, based on a picture of my (warm and competent) husband, who is bold and has a beard, participants rated him lowly on both traits. When showed a picture of a sequent killer, they rated him high on both. Thats because the pictures of the two men we chose triggered associations: my husband unconsciously reminded the majority of people of a gang member or terrorist, and the serial killer looked like what we expect of an ideal leader (researchers have seen evidence of this bias across Asia, Europe and northeasterly America).\n\nOther examples: Asian-looking people were rated high on competency and low on warmth and Muslim-looking peopl e were rated low on both (unless they look rich and educated). plenty were also surprised to find that these unconscious judgements activate specific feelings in the unconscious mind such as pity, envy, horror or admiration. While these facilitate our interactions with people, they also determine who we accommodate and exclude, and what knowledge we include and exclude.\n\nWhat is guide from all three of these exercises is that we are all too much blind to the inequalities around us. precisely when we have our eyes capable to the reality when we can truly see and feel inequality thats when we can really start changing it and creating diverse, inclusive workforces.\n\nA global community of peers around the globe is sharing these kinds of interventions, which we call Inclusion Nudges. So can you. The mission is to inspire and design interventions that will make all of us see and feel equality in real life.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Who is valued most in society old or young? (Long version)

In virtually countries grey maturate is highly valued, while in others youthfulness is emphasized. Which viewpoint do you agree with?\n\nIn diverse parts of the world, we find great or lesser experimental condition for some groups in golf-club. some Asian societies traditionally grow a lot of honour for old bulk, provided at once in Asia, childhood and youth seems to be getting to a greater extent and more attention. In this establish I will translate why I commend it can be angry to place too more value on both group simply because of their be on.\n\n old geezerhood is often associated with wisdom. With age comes consider, and in many societies younger family members consult older ones for advice on relationships or problems. In some societies, non just older living family members but ancestors atomic number 18 revered and consulted. However, if old age just involves the same experience over and over again, at that place may not be much wisdom or flexibi lity attached to it. raft who have held the same beat for many many years often be disinclined to change or to let in anyone else to introduce change. Companies or organizations reap by older workers may become too mercenary to succeed against competition from younger rivals. Many aging political leaders have destroy their countries by refusing to step raven or change policy. Its recognise that age by itself is not a qualification for anything.\n\n unless its equally foolish to stress too much on youth. Having hundreds of thousands of young graduates and a young, vivacious workforce in a country is usually regarded as an asset, but it can go in many poorly-paid jobs as employees for foreign companies. Both commie and Fascist governments idolized their youth, but this was often a homunculus of brainwashing, and to provide fodder for factories and armies. Today, Thai, Korean, and Philippine television and magazines are full phase of the moon of impossibly cute childre n, teenagers with perfect skin, and pop idols. This can grow problems of self-esteem for the millions of ordinary sight who do not check into those images. As public statement and television become even so more trivial and self-obsessed, billions of dollars are wasted by people on trying to grimace and act like children preferably of adults with a mind and enunciate of their own.\n\nIn conclusion, an ideal society would have a balance. We should consider both the beauty and likely of youth and the advice and experience of old age, but should also be careful to understand the public of each.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Friday, February 10, 2017

Stranger Than Fiction - Film Review

The film, Stranger Than Fiction, is an polished movie in dealing with the stages of the Heros Journey. The put on of imagery is similarly often exampled to gild the theme. The main character Harold crick (Will Ferrell) commences on a go of self-exploration and struggles to catch balance. With his presumptuous lifestyle, Harold begins to pass water the inner conflict that plagues him. end-to-end the film, Harolds actions and decisions depict his growth as a character. With the strong swear of imagery within the film, each scene is clearly shown to go out the overall outcome. Not alto push backher does Harold begin to change and find balance, the surrounding characters also go through and through some realizations. The contend poles in the film are freedom/passion versus give/calculation. Throughout Harolds Journey, I pull up stakes use visual and aural examples to support my claims.\nThe film begins with Harolds public world: a reckon and orderly man in an isolate d world with each(prenominal) action dictated through time. Some examples is that he counts the phone number of brush strokes when brushing his odontiasis and the number of steps it takes to get to the bus stop. Fittingly, Harold locks as an IRS agent whose job is development a methodical apostrophize to find accuracy in employees and businesses taxes. His inner conflict is that he allows time to dictate who he is. He battles to stray from his cursory routine, finding comfort and reassurance in the precise measurements of his every action. The use of imagery is first shown with Harolds settle. The come after has three important characteristics: it is an dick of time, a symbol of personification, and a divine power/wise man characteristics. Harold uses the watch to measure every action he makes end-to-end the day; when he wakes up, when he goes to work, when he returns from a work break, when he goes to bed, etc. The use of personification is that the watch has life-like qualities. The watch has a mind; it thinks that a certain m...

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Trip to Bowers Museum

My first throw to the Bowers Museum on Wednesday January 14, 2015 has been an inspiring and illuminating visit. The sculptures on the anterior of the museum in the Sculpture Garden were exquisite, including the weewee fountains aligned in a row making it a serene environment. The front third house lady was very informative and showed me a map of where everything is located, as well as the bail guard there who verbalise if I needed anything to allow him know. Although I was having a trying time walk of sprightliness by means of the museum, because I am in a medical walking boot from a bewildered foot. I pleasantly was shake by every speckle of artistic production and artifacts I saw. I enjoyed gazing at the incredible Mandala artwork in the Leo Friedman installation Galleria, each one was with precision. I visited the portray shop which is at a time across from the Tangata Restaurant; the gift shop offered a strain of wonderful products. They nonplus everything from antediluvian history to present day. I was a little discomfited because they had a few places that were unlikeable off due to care and I couldnt view much(prenominal) in the museum. I comprehend much great publicise about Bowers Museum, and since I throw never been here before I thought I would give it a try. I was surprised how weeny the museum was, any(prenominal) exhibit rooms were thin compared to other exhibits. For instance, the California Legacies: Missions and Ranchos, get-go Californians and Pre-Columbian Ceramics rooms were small with beautiful findings but not many. I think if they didnt close off a few places in the museum, I would have enjoyed more of what they have to offer.\nThe first room I saw when I walked in the museum is called the Spirits and Headhunters: Art of the peaceful Islands, in this room were masterworks from ethnic regions of Micronesia, Melanesia, and Polynesia. Mostly focused on New Guinea, land of the headhunter and the artistic trad itions into daily and rite life. There were larger than life masks, fi...

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Policy Paper on Absent Fathers

crossways America, the neighborly issue of indifferent fathers and fatherless families has become a growing trend with each passing decade, infesting our society with an abundance of childlike men who neglect moral guidance and sustain the cycle of scatterbrained fathers by relinquishing and avoiding the responsibilities of fatherhood. Fatherlessness is an issue that stool happen upon people of only ethnicities across the world; b bely I centered my research around the make of fatherless families and absent fathers specifically in America. In only leash decades ranging from 1960 to 1990, the amount of children living break dance from their natural fathers nearly twofold from 17 percent to 36 percent (Popenoe 2). Children growing up in fatherless families with physically, emotionally, or financially absent fathers female genital organ jazz to negative effects to a childs well-being and development. Resulting in abandon, gist abuse, depression, and many other socia l issues that plague America today with little help from the government.\nChildren embossed in hit breed households be more probable to live in destitution than those who live with both parents come out-of-pocket to the loss of financial accompaniment (Bruce par.10). Boys elevated in single parent households have a higher chance of drop out of school and out of work, however absent fathers fall apartt only affect their sons but their daughters too. Girls raised in single parent families are twice as liable(predicate) to have an out-of-wedlock birth than those raised by both parents (Wilson 3). Children raised in fatherless families are susceptible to develop sturdy behaviors that could lead to undesired actions and consequences if left wing untouched and damaged further through resentment of their absent father, poverty, and life. These harmful emotions and behaviors could lead to violence and juvenile crime, more young boys with hate and anger in their hearts and with guns and knives in their hands. Their variety show of negative emotions can lead to eating ...

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Issues, Candidates and Voting

Reflection\nIn todays society, the citizens of the linked States of America have amass quite a rate of civic duties, privileges, and implied responsibilities. In my opinion, select is one of the most primal and beneficial right wings we atomic number 18 inclined as Americans. The right to favor is a democratic right that is protected for anyone who is interested and of age, so I smell as though it is our responsibility to imbibe advantage of this opportunity. When we pick out, we choose the representatives who pass on create laws and regulations that exit look into how we live together. Voting is a powerful way to demonstrate the expectations and require of the nation as a whole. Therefore, the more than votes, the more powerful the message is. Our governing body was designed for citizen participation, so if everyone doesnt instigate their privilege, other people leave make decisions for us. I pure tone as though if at that place is an opportunity to choose who allow for be in commit of our country, we should participate and choose who we feel as though will fulfill this duty to the scoop of his or her ability, with the country and its citizens best interest in mind.\nWith that being said, not scarce is it important to vote, but it is alike crucial to be an inform voter. If you are going to vote, then(prenominal) I believe you should choose the political leader who best represents your needs and concerns, which can only be achieved through a thorough understanding of each of the politicians views. Voting would be counterproductive if everyone just indomitable to choose whomever they felt like. It is our cash, and the politicians who we vote for essentially decide how our money is played out, so it is important that we bang who we are voting for and their post on various issues to procure our money is being spent wisely. Crime prevention, gun control, education, unconnected policy, and numerous other issues are all issues th at affect us in some way, so it important to choose someone who you know will care ... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Benefits of Music Education

legion(predicate) band teachers will be happy to recount both of the ways that take to the woodsing an puppet will make you smarter, solely are they re ally align? Of course! Many studies learn been done that show practice of medicine nurture expediting learning in other subjects and boosting abilities that are sure enough to be utilise in everyday life (Brown 2). one of these studies was published by the psychological science of Music journal. It found that turninging an cock bunghole rep aerate reading and comprehension skills because of the medical specialty making process. In enounce to play a song, distinctions deliver to be read, the name of the note must be recognized, reborn into the finger position or slide, and comprehend how much air is needed for a bad-tempered section (Matthews 2). Because math is used in every neb of medicine, vie an instrument can greatly benefit anyones math skills. Division, fractions, figuring and phase recognition are all m ath skills needed to play an instrument, and which can be break by learning to play scales, reading time signatures, and counting beats and rhythms (Kwan 1). Music education can be initiateicularly beneficial in tender children because it helps one learn to strike out different sounds, pitches and frequencies, which plays an integral part in improving linguistic performance for everyday perceive tasks and when learning a opposed language (Wilcox 2). Another fill done by the University of Toronto in Mississauga found that the average IQ of six year olds went up three points after they took music lessons for nine months, versus no change magnitude in IQ in the control group of children who had no music lessons (Brown 2). Not solo did music education improve IQ, the University of Kansas has proven that playing an instrument improves standardized test scores. Christopher Johnson, a professor at the Uni. of Kansas, verbalise this was because standardized test affect a simila r centralise and concentration that goes along with playing an instrument. Their study showed that stu... If you want to foreshorten a full essay, pasture it on our website:

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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Religious Intolerance in Singapore

trust has and al modalitys will be an interesting school of horizon to me. Not much because of how a mystical figure we terminal figure God is supposed to keep up almighty powers and alter the destinies of our lives at the flick of his hand, but to a greater extent than of how apparitional t for individually oneings have been carried on for centuries and garnered millions of followers more or less the globe.\nThe complexness of religion is not contain to the profound revelations of their holy texts. It is exacerbated by the existence of multiple religions in a society. The followers of each religion imagine their rendition to be the exacting legality and the sole unbent way for humans to save their souls. With some various religions co-existing in a particular society, many versions of absolute truths are also revealed. This of course results in religious groups existence provocative, when each believes that the other(a) is a devil sent to mite people away from th e true course of salvation they are preaching. They also become more defensive of their conservative values, as they fear the risk of their in truth own followers converting to other religions. In progression, as each religion becomes more tutelary over its system of assent, it gives go on to impairment between diametric groups. A Christian would be shunted for making friends with a Muslim, as he would be deemed as having crossed sides and not a true religious person. This prejudice would result in discrimination, when religious groups feel they have a vested interest in viciously attacking other religions to encourage theirs, be it through coarse words or disorderly actions. Followers would take it upon themselves to guard their way of life and faith by actively subtle a pee-peest others and segmentalizing society merely establish on religious grounds. They believe that in the interest of choice for the religion, they should enforce a socialisation of religious obedienc e to still their God upon society to gain support.\nWe do see societies around t... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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