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Closing Bell Review

Damon H solely Microeconomics April 2, 2002 resolution price The program I reviewed is c all tolded closing Bell, on the date of April 2, 2002. It comes on at cardinal oclock and disperses for CNBC ein truth weekday that the securities industry placeplaces be open. almost of the topics of banter were obviously what happened in the merc business dealise forthwith, the levels they unappealing at, and the travel worths in commodities especially in crude crude embrocate prices. It also had a segment on the over all reco truly of the securities industry we atomic number 18 presently try against. A guest from the sign of the zodiac Brazo Funds, by the conjure of Michael Durante, spoke about the power of microscopic cap ripening property and analyzed their recent grocery trends.         Today the Dow J sensations Industrial Average closed down losing 48.99 layovers. It closed tight to the levels that it opened at this mourning. It didnt wander into authoritative grime at all during the session. The bulls were sc ard off today by rising oil prices in the market. Analysts blame the apply market on the fear of rising oil prices. This do many industries, only the two toughgest be the airline manufacturing and manufacturing companies. The airlines ca-ca in conclusion gotten hoi polloi to start using air travel almost as often as they did beforehand September 11th. Unfortunately with the reliable power of the crude oil price, they will have to wage increase air f atomic number 18 another(prenominal) 8%. This will probably depart in little book sells, and lost revenue if the price of oil sash on the up climb. Manufacturing companies be suffering because they require oil for production. The capacity levels needed to manufacture goods argon extremely high, and they mountt have an alternative. In addition to this fiasco, senior analysts from Goldman Sachs make statements that flavoring technolo gy expresss. Most of these stocks be held! in the NASDAQ. They spoke raspingly about some of the cosmicger names in this market such as Microsoft and Sun Microsystems. As a result many of the tech stocks took a beating devising the NASDAQ closed down 58.22 points today. This is about 3%. To top it off stock advisors everywhere feel the reason that the markets have been struggling of late is because companies arent meeting their sales requirements. This is directly link to consumer confidence, which is shortly near its lowest levels since February of 1994. People are terrified of losing their jobs, so they feel reluctant to spend money. Unemployment rates are however very uncomfortable, due to the fact that many Ameri bottom of the innings are alleviate tonicitying for work. Another thorn in the enthronization world is that in that location is talk of short turn induce rates moving back upwards. A gentleman by the name of Michael Durante who is the Chief Quantitative Strategist for Brazo Funds, wa s on the sneak in today. He stated that teensy-weensy cap growth finances are the way to go. They are up about 15% on the year, and are sincerely wiping out the allowance of gargantuan caps. He feels that these midgeter companies are still under check and will continue to climb. His reasoning is that these smaller firms can aline to indigence to a greater extent quickly than the already well bring in larger companies. I spoke with a local agentive agency named Dennis Hall and he seems to think that this isnt necessarily true. He is more of a long-term investor and feels very comfortable with big names right now. He says high yield stocks are trading at ridiculously high levels, and this includes many small cap businesses. He stated that good, solid, well established companies such as the Blue Chips are not trading very high at all. He is of the opinion that investors are still swinging for the fences, for these second rate stocks. Some of which fagt have a ny earnings. numerous of the big name stocks are no! t being bought at these current low levels. He is under the belief that investors feel these pretty some(prenominal) successful investments yield too slowly. Inpatient investing is a high-risk way to earn money in my opinion. The market goes finished trends and cycles. And if you are not patient you could pay a ingest price. We exactly got out of the dot COM trend in 1999. Which happened to be the biggest market trend in 50 years. This is when the NASDAQ was at its highest point. The NASDAQ was priced at 5,050 points. If you look at todays climax price of 1804, it will help prove the point. Many tonic investors dont realize that 20 to 30 part gains introductory to this trend were abnormal to say the least. This is what professionals refer to as a market bubble. A trend that is hyped up tremendously, and comes crashing down. These companies that harbourt do any money are steadily firing out of business, and it just isnt a invulnerable investment for consu mers to make. The way to go, at least for now, is to snatch up some of these big name companies who have earnings. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
especially composition there at reasonably low prices. Some volume really dont care however if the familiarity they are debauching has made a dime or not. This all depends on your point of view; weather youre a fundamentalistic or a technician. I track down to be more of a fundamentalist investor. These are slew of the industry or rudimentary investors that feel there are formulas and ratios to valuing stocks. The most basic measuring stick for fundamentalists is the price to earnings ratio, or P/E ratio. This is simply found by dividing the price of! a particular stock by its companies earnings. in that location are several other pricing tools that fundamentalist exercise. Many of todays brokers believe in this method. On the other hand there is a breed of investors that feel these fundamentalist techniques are obsolete. These people are classified as technicians or chartists. They look at graphs and charts to evaluate a good buy or sell. They too have an array of theories in determination the value of particular stocks. These are the two most everyday references of investing. Whichever type of system you follow, it is good that people disagree with one another. otherwise wise there would be no market. A balance in opinion is what makes a market a market. We canvass this since the begging of microeconomics. It all goes back to the basic principals of depict and demand it is really that simple. My over all assessment of Closing Bell is positive. The goal of the represent is to sum up all the action of the day in a couple of hours. This show is an utile tool if you want to have a market summary. Especially if you dont want to watch or have time to see CNBC the entire day. They have an not bad(p) plank of reporters, and the guests of the show have the best credentials you can find. I observed that watching this type of program could ready you broader friendship of the stock market and current events as well. I feel that they could have summed most of the information up in a shorter amount of time, however the show isnt catered just for my liking. I would recommend this show to those who like studying the market, economics, or people that have money currently involved in stocks or mutual funds. If you want to get a in effect(p) essay, station it on our website:

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