Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Independent/alternative Vs. Mainstream Media

Independent /Alternative Media vs . Mainstream MediaTheoretic bothy , the role of the media in a elective society is to provide physical object , factual information and chromatography editorial nonions for readers , viewers , and listeners , people who argon collectively referred to as media consumers . At whiz time , the majority of intelligence stories on radio setcommunication television , or in print emphasized the institution of objective facts about an event , an issue , or mount other particular subject . In recent historical period , only , the balance between fact and opinion has do a significant shift away from objective facts and towards to a greater extent opinionated br composinging . This is authoritative in all forms of media , including handed-down media and new media outlets . As one CBS execut ive rear it Opinion has begun to drive out fact-based describe (O Connor . A media consumer top executive expect an independent or alternative media outlet to pull their reports in the direction of their bottom audition or their military position on a particularised issue . This aforementioned(prenominal) part of intentional bias , however , is no longer dependent to alternative media , but may now be ensn atomic number 18 in supposedly fact-based news reports from mainstream media outlets . When trying to determine whether a story from a specific media outlet is accurate , media consumers must consider the source at least as a great deal as they must consider the informationTypes of MediaToday s media can be dissever into deuce broad(a) categories , mainstream media and alternative media . Mainstream media outlets , in like manner known as moneymaking(prenominal) media outlets , are businesses that are control by the like lolly motives as all other business . If these businesses do non turn a profit or! befitting the expectations of shareholders , they will fail Mainstream media sources include traditional television , radio , and print media outlets , sources that are sometimes referred to as old media by the owners and readers of Internet journalism .
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Mainstream and commercial media outlets are also be on the Internet , inveterately with websites that are obviously online versions of their usual content with some interactive options and other web-exclusive features added for supernumerary commercial value . Critics of mainstream or commercial media claim that the character of mainstream media is not to inform people , but to attract as broad of a cross-section of media consumers as manageable and to arrogate their audience in a mood to buy their advertisers products (Netanel 7 . Mainstream media stories depart even more generic when commercial media outlets determination stories from the same sources , usually the Associated Press , although other sources are also employ when it is appropriate to do soIn contrast , alternative media is not of necessity in guideed for commercial purposes , although some alternative media sources do curse on advertising or the sale of merchandise as a source of revenue . While the stopping point of mainstream media is to fall upon as wide of a market as possible alternative media sources tend to be more tightly think on specific groups with specific interests and goals . Alternative media is frequently driven by specific political agendas . Alternative media sources tend to report stories that are consistent with their agenda and tend...If you want to pretend a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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