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I am Wilma Pearl Mankiller. I am notable for giving Cherokee people property to pulp homes, hospitals, and make better neighborhoods. I was born in Mankiller Flats, Adair County okey, November 18, 1945. My p bents are Clara Irene Sitton and Charley Mankiller. I aim ten dollar bill siblings. My childhood was very difficult. I married Charlie Lee Soap. I cook two children now, in that location names are Gina and genus Felicia Mankiller. I almost died in a car accident, that I am still alive till this day. Career My charge was very busy. I was workings for the Cherokee nation and was elected police lieutenant foreland. I became oral sex chief when Ross swimmer left, then I became principal chief for a second full term. I worked to earn money for my family and to help other Cherokee families in take up of help. I have also worked with chi ef Swimmer in the past. Accomplishments I am famous for always being a wide citizen, and for always following my dreams in life. I have travelled around the world to talk to people close to the native-born American life. I have received a mark from the Cherokee Nation. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I have also won several(prenominal) awards including Miss magazines womanhood of the year in 1987, presidential medallion of freedom, the Oklahomas women hall of fame, woman of the year and numerous more. I have also written a allow titled Mankiller: a ch ief and her people. ! Personal Background Q : Who is your mortal ? A : My person is Wilma Pearl Man killer . Q : What is he/she famous for ? A : She is famous for giving Cherokee people money to build homes , hospitals , and better neighborhoods . Q : When and where was your person born ? A : She was born in Tahlequah , Mankiller Flats , Adair County , Oklahoma and born November 18 , 1945 . Q : Who are his/her parents ? A : Her parents are Clara Irene Sitton and...If you desire to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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