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So here I am, a confirmed rusty bachelor, and likely to remain so(p. 13). This citation spoken by Henry Higgins describes how he is a bachelor and relates to his feelings towards women. Higgins states that he does non wish to be married, but requires a distaff participator Instead. He is cliquish and rude to his mother and her friends, is rude to his maiden over and is overbearing towards Eliza. Higgins requires Eliza, Mrs. Pearce and Mrs. Higgins to teach him proper manners, bid affection for him and provide him with a female companion. You squashed Cabbage Leaf (p.18), this quote give tongue to by Henry Higginss to lower socio-economic class citizen Eliza Doolittle, describes their family once they first meet. From the beginning Higgins immediately forms opinions well-nigh Eliza and her divers(prenominal) lifestyles. The way she sells flowers to hand for her impoverished lifestyle, how she pressures citizens to buy her flowers and pay her a reasonable amount o f money. Although her ignorant cockney idiomatic look persuaded him to help her learn the proper English language, and to help her beseem a beautiful women with poise and charm. To Higgins this seemed rather impossible, how could he remonstrate a guttersnipe into a beautiful mistress? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In the beginning Higgins was setting Eliza up for failure and it was impossible to veer over her into a proper English women. As the layer went on Higgins felt more affluent with Eliza as he transform her. By the end of the tactics Eliza is conceived as Higgins female companion, although she does not want to stay with Higgins and become a bacherette. Eliza gambols the ! grapheme as Higgins female companion and cares and campaigns to Higgins needs as the play goes on. at once Eliza leaves Higgins, he is disappointed with her decision and is left(p) with no one, to tend to him. Higgins has a strong relationship with his maid Mrs. Pearce, who cleans his mansion, and his clothes, takes care of his endure when he is gone and tends to any students Higgins is on the job(p) with. Through the play one discovers...If you want to get a full essay, set it on our website:

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