Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Realities of cowboy life---who were the cowboys, and how did they live? Regarding cowboys, it is the gun blazing, cattle herding, and adventurous soldiery that we see and hear about in todays society. These gentlemans gentlemanpower were known to be heroes, villains, and thiefs, or so there critics perk called them. These popular ideals are partly true but to a fault stereotypical. These cowboys were not all heroes, villains, and thiefs. Also, these depictions come from the cowboys of the mid to late nineteenth century. According to Richard W. Slatta, the author of Cowboys of the Americas, he and a large undermentioned of people believe that the cowboys that we know in the western and federal plains actually began with a spanish decent rather than American. Slatta believes that this happened more or less five hundred years prior to the existence of the north plains of North America (1). To support this belief of Slattas, I raise to another book. In the beginni ng, according to Harold McCracken in the book American Cowboy, the landing of the Spanish conquistadors, led by Hernando Cortes in 1519, mark the first time in our records hat the first horses were brought to the Americas (25). subsequently Cortes and his 608 men and 16 horses landed at the mouth of Mexico they were met by hostile indians (McCracken 27).
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These Mexican natives did not take kindly to the Spanish invaders. According to McCracken, these Mexican indians numbered to nearly 12,000 men (28). The Spanish conquistadors were manifestly outnumbered and losing this engagement with the Mexican indians. It w as almost a devastation to these conquistado! rs until the horses were used. It wasnt until the involution was almost decided in favor of the Indians that the at thaumaturge time sea-weary horses were able to walk. As soon as the Mexicans saw these men horseback charging them, in fear they fled the battle. It was said that the Indians believed that the man and horse were one animal (McCracken 30-31). Cortes and his men went on to beat Mexico. This then progressed...If you want to get a full essay, cat in it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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