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Power Of Learning Essay

NameClass InfoThe Myth of reading EmpowermentHorace Mann , in his report of 1848 , had envisioned a society in which every(prenominal)one was given equal opportunity to commandment and on that point were no differences based on a person s social background . The trains , as we know them in at present s the States , argon modeled after(prenominal) Mann s vision alas , the knowledge scheme in America straight off is further removed from the liking of democratic t apieceing method proposed by Mann . This seek provide discuss the problems with the American educational activity system and leaven to bust the myth that education empowersMann s idea of a macrocosm school or a leafy ve get atable school was a school which was attended by the children of the stallion community . In his report to the Massachusetts Bo ard of Education , he had advocated a free school-system that knows no distinction of fat and poor , of attach and free , or between those , who , in the imperfect unprovoked of the world , ar seeking , by means of different avenues , to ready the gate of heaven Mann wanted this education system to germinate ahead not only the practiced only also the fell and not only the adept but also the unfair . From the above quote it is axiomatic that Mann had envisioned a school system that did not remove between raft on some(prenominal) grounds and allowed people to obey their goals in a way which may not line up with the dictates of the society . Mann s system envisioned a school which allowed every individual to explore his or her true potential without any discriminationHowever , when we look at the state of education in today s America , we clear that of these visions are being fully agnise . Even though education has been made universal , thither is a enorm ous gap between the education offered to peo! ple coming from rich background and those living in the not so loaded neighborhoods . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
People with means prefer to consecrate their children to private schools , where the teachers start out to mould the children into perfect citizens with the expert kind of etiquettes . The stress is on building a substantially rounded personality by making the young kids insert in all kinds of extra-curricular activities . Grades are not only dependant on how a schoolchild performs within the classroom but also on how they wear outside the classroom Teachers ca-ca a lot more than interest in each and every student . And in this system , if a contingent kid dares to different , he may actually be punished and forced to pit into the mould of what is considered proper port . The emphasis is on loose the kids proper education which will later help them go past in some(prenominal) career they chooseOn the other hand , there are schools in the less affluent neighborhood where the teachers just hope to get by from day to day without any untoward casualty . Once again the attempt is to try on and contain the students into a set mould . Individuality is frowned upon . The students in these schools are more likely to rebel and drop-out...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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