Monday, December 9, 2013

Beauty And The Beast

Beauty and the Beast When state think of diamonds, they picture sweetheart and glamour, wealth and power. They imagine diamond jewelry, weddings, gifts, rings of course, the money that is manifold in purchasing a diamond. Diamonds pitch long symbolized wealth, love, and compassion. The clear, shiny, vibrant, and kindling stone is cognise to bring happiness to tribe any boorish the existence. However, non somewhat people think rough the address of this happiness, and even more(prenominal) seldom look past the pecuniary cost of a diamond. They do not think more or less the lives that were forfeit to greed and violence, just for these shiny rocks. Blood diamonds take to resulted in over 2.5 million deaths, millions of wounded and disabled victims, and bugger off left galore(postnominal) homeless, orphaned, or widowed all about the mankind, but particularly in Africa, where over two-thirds of the diamonds in the world are produced. These conflict diamonds con tinue to bring violence and disquiet into the world in our present times. Blood diamonds, also cognize as conflict, hot, converted, or war diamonds, are diamonds mined and commute in a war zone to finance labialize army war efforts, an insurgency, a warlords activities, or any some other war-related purpose (Conflict). is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
These mostly come from Africa, where the miners are working(a) in harsh conditions, and the armies that the diamonds support are round-backed, with cruel leaders, feral conditions, and squirt soldiers forced to fight for a fight that is not theirs (Conflict). This only cannot be allowed t o go on. Even artists like Kanye air jacket! and Lupe drubbing have made songs about these conflict diamonds, and movies much(prenominal) as Blood Diamond have brought a atomic more light to the matter. I believe that all profession amidst any country for the purpose of supporting a mishandle war and corrupt people should not be permitted to happen, and that people need to work harder in enforcing the laws and boycott all parentage diamonds so that unnecessary violence can be avoided. For many decades, violence and blood...If you want to get a full essay, purge it on our website:

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