Friday, January 24, 2014

Australian penal colonies

England started transporting criminals to Australia in 1788. The reason for this was that the English prisons were owerc rowingded. Times were poor in those days, and the sentences were hard. You could be sentenced to a life of labour in Australia for thieving a loaf of bread. The first fleet came with 11 ships, carrying 780 British convicts. The 26th of January 1788 the first penal dependance was founded in opine Jackson by Captain Arthur Philip. This date is now Australias national day. This did non bode well for the native Australians, the Aborigines. They were relocate and pressure to live in confined reservations. The Aborigines also lost a lot of their numbers to diseases that the British brought with them. After the ships arrived at b hostelry the convicts marched up to a building where they got undressed, cleaned and inspected. Many of the convicts were and so delegate work duties, which often meant hard work in very bad conditions. Though some were able to dispirit cave in jobs such as carpenting, farming and laying bricks because of their qualifications. some(prenominal) convicts with higher rearing could even get a deskjob. approximately 20% of both the convicts were female and as soon as they arrived they got to pose on pretty dresses from London and stand in a row for the officers, so that they could have their pick of the prettiest girls. Those who were not chosen were put to work making clothes or cleaning the bathbarrels. modify the bathbarrels was often used as a punishment for girls who had low a rule, behaved badly, or gotten themselves pregnant. Since there was a lack of women on the colony, the female convicts could be turned everyplace to one of the farmers on the colony if they were to get married. It was not unusal that fearful farmers would go to the prisons flavor for a wife. 1830 Guverno George Arthur decided that the worst criminals on the British colony would be moved to Van Diemens Land, which is now called Tazmania. Tazmania was consid! ered a fitting place...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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