Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Butterfly Transformations

Butterfly Transformations ?Butterfly Transformations? (A future myth told in ago tense) Before the existence of Earth, there were four winged simple-minded gods, and one superior god. These gods and goddesses were: the sky goddess, Gemalia; the water goddess, Sa inclines; the earth god, Chago; the impregnable time goddess, Argon; and the Superior Goddess, DawnDo. These five kept changeless gibe over the universe, adamantly flying over and throughout the commodious abyss. During one of their days off, they were playing kick the butt end among the stars. They both came flying down towards the can and collided, creating planet earth. Because of the slap-up collision, their move fell off and mystically transformed into millions of wondrous, colored butterflies. ?This great planet,? DawnDo reasoned to herself, ?was created from the sacrifice of four great gods. I shall march them the utmost respect and crea te a race of spick-and-span beings from these incapable butterflies to care for and tend to the...If you want to sustain a full essay, order it on our website:

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