Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Fig Tree Species Found in American Samoa

 genus Ficus is one of the largest plant genera of the tropics, which enjoys a cosmopolitan distribution. on that point argon about 755 material body direct species worldwide, with a smooth 511 of them occurring in the Indo-Australasian region (Asia, Malaysia, Pacific islands and Australia) and almost 132 in the Neotropical region (Central and confederation America) (van Noort, Gardiner and Tolley, 2007). Ten species are aborigine to Polynesia, but only sestet are found in American Samoa, which are aoa (Ficus prolixa), aoa (Ficus obliqua), mati (Ficus scabra), mati (Ficus uniauriculata), mati (Ficus godeffroyi), and mati (Ficus tinctoria) (Whistler, 2004).        Individuals of this genus, the bod trees as they are largely called are noted for their left(p) habit, varied diversity and strange kinship with small hymenopteran insects called fig wasps (van Noort & Compton 1988).       Cook (2003) describe that fig trees are considered one important feed cistron for monkeys, bats, and otherwise animals. They puzzle out a crucial usage in maintaining the populations and diversity of rainforest animals.
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      Ficus is identified as one of the keystone species in many tropical and semitropic ecosystems, because of the all year round production of figs, providing food for a number of vertebrates and breeding puzzle for invertebrates (Terbogh, 1986). A study in the African cities Komura, Mohyen-Chari, and Chad (Mandang area) showed that more than 440sp. of insect, 59sp. of birds and 17sp. of mammals this instant depend on 15sp. of usually occurring Ficus  for their livelihood (Basset, Novotny, and ! Weiblen 1997). Pigeons, doves, and other frugivorous birds found in American Samoa feed on the fruits of the Ficus scabra and Ficus tinctoria (Whistler, 2004). In 2005, Utzurrum report at least 42 plant species provide food for bats in American Samoa, which consist of twain fig trees, F.prolixa and F.obliqua.       The fig insects can be generally classified into two categories, the pollinators and the...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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