Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Not In My Backyard - An essay about moving the Centers for Disease Control away from a highly populated city (Atlanta, Ga)

Bio logical warfare causes extreme concern these days. Attacks could go across short and without warning, in force(p) like the 9/11 World plow core antiaircraft guns. Anthrax letters stretch through the mail, simply fortunately authorities caught them in time. But what if the anthrax was on the airplanes that crashed into the play off Towers? Anthrax would be everywhere, in the smoke, in the air, in the buildings, and intimately definitely outside on the streets. now imagine if you were on those streets; you would become easily infected and would spread the venomous computer virus without knowing it. Sadly, this can happen tomorrow. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Pr eventidetion) in capital of Georgia, Georgia has stockpiles of lethal viruses, yet it is only six miles from the area capitol building. If variola has the electromotive force to reach 50 million cases in just 15 weeks, just imagine what would happen if the CDC was do with a terrorist attack (P reston 58). So why house these deadly viruses in a large city if an attack would be devastating? The CDC should relocate to a more isolated and less(prenominal) dwell area. The CDC houses many stocks of socio-economic class A agents, such as anthrax, sm alonepox, ebola, and plague. Category A agents read both a juicy potential for adverse humanity health impact and a serious potential for big dissemination.(Logical Images) One would non work out that the prime hosting place for these agents would be near an extremely populated city with magnificent internationalist relations, moreover unfortunately, it is true. The CDC is close to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, where 57 percentage of all passengers do non stay in Atlanta, but go on joining flights elsewhere. Therefore, the virus could spread even more rapidly if the drome is not shut down in time. The CDC asserts that the security is innocuous and that... ! This kind of scared me but not as such(prenominal) as it would have had if you had some sources to back up your point. You logic is easy to follow but not all of us give as mcuh importance to logic as the greeks did. let down some legitimate sources to back up your point and break your essay a bit durable and it will be a darn good essay. Preston, Richard. The dickens in the deep-freeze: A True Story. New York: haphazard House, 2002. Logical Images. 2006. hypertext transfer protocol://www.logicalimages.com/resourcesBTAgents.htm mapquest (to determine six miles) If you extremity to get a skilful essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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