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Running Head : CloningStudent s NameUniversityCourse nameCourse codeTutorDateCloningFor more than a decade , and peculiarly kind has become a major conflict in the ethical world of values and there has been a disputable debate going on around the world nigh it . Cloning rout out be make use of to stimulate natural organs and tissues , hence people with liver , kidney and correct nitty-gritty diseases will non wait long to get a new organ or tissue and this will bear on their lives . Furthermore , with the new cloned organs and tissues , anti-rejection drugs and organ donors will non be required . Human will be a solution to infertility since it will allow people who hold open t reproduce in the normal natural way to stupefy another option besides in vitro fertilization , to scram genetically related children . However , studies have shown that in humankind reproductive there is a very small constituent of success since many of the clones are either abnormal or die during the process (Santa Clara University , 2008 . Therefore more research take up to be done in to perfect this technology since it bottom of the inning improve the lives of many peopleHowever from past histories , great discoveries were not use in good ways and some critics argue that it domiciliate be use to raise great armies leading to a fight for the lives of the dangerous and most feared leadersSurely , if can be used to prolong...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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