Saturday, February 8, 2014

Government Funding And Culture

The speakers claim is actually terzettofold: (1) ensuring the survival of considerable cities and, in turn, that of ethnic traditions, is a proper function of regime; (2) administration hold water is needed for our large cities and ethnical traditions to fail and achieve; and (3) cultural traditions ar preserved and generated primarily in our large cities. I strongly disagree with all three claims. jump of all, subsidizing cultural traditions is not a proper office staff of govemment. Admittedly, reliable objectives, such as public health and safety, atomic number 18 so essential to the survival of large cities and of nations that government has a duty to ensure that they are met. However, these objectives should not extend tenuously to preserving cultural traditions. Moreover, government cannot possibly play an evenhanded social function as cultural patron. Inadequate re founts call for restrictions, priorities, and choices. It is unconscionable to let out presc riptive decisions as to which cities or cultural traditions are to a greater extent deserving, valuable, or needy to a few legislators, whose notions about gardening efficiency be misguided or unrepresentative of those of the commonplace populace. Also, legislators are all too likely to make choices in advance of the cultural agendas of their home towns and states, or of lobbyists with the most notes and influence. Secondly, subsidizing cultural traditions is not a necessary role of government. A wish of sequestered funding might justify an exception. However, culture--by which I mainly mean the fine arts--has always depended primarily on the patronage of private individuals and businesses, and not on the government. The Medicis, a virile banking family of Renaissance Italy, support artists Michelangelo and Raphael. During the 20th Century the primary source of cultural support were private foundations established by industrial magnates Carnegie, Mellon, Rockefelle r and Getty. And tomorrow cultural support w! ill come from our impertinent technology and media...If you insufficiency to get a full essay, coif it on our website:

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