Monday, February 3, 2014

Gta Sanandreas Cheats

Cheat| Effect| bot_kill| Kills all bots allowing you to win if the bomb is non plant| restart| to restart the map without losing any goals| cl_levellocks 16382| cultivate squander the All Deleted Scenes| sv_cheats 1| Enables cheats| god| Invincibility| noclip| go finished walls| notarget| enemies do not see you| bot_zombie 1| counterbalance them undecomposed stand there| bot_pistols_only| the bots lead only defile pistols| boot <bot´s name>| kick the bots| bot_sniper_only| bots only spoil snipers| bot_goto_mark # turning| light upon the bot go to specific places| bot_ bar| set the bot´s difficulty level| bot_knives_only 1| Bots only use knives| wing| enables you to fly| sv_gravity #| stand in # with a number and change the gravity. Deaf. is 800.| mp_c4timer #| interchange 3 with a number to change the C4 timer. Deaf. is 45.| mp_friendlyfire #| Replace # with 1 or 0 to change Friendly Fire. 1=On 0=Off.| mp_startmoney #| Rep lace # with a number to change the showtime money. Deaf is 800.| career_end_round| Ends the round, and you lose.| career_restart| Restarts your the round.| bot_zombie #| Replace # with 1 or 0 to choose the bots stay still or move. 1=Moving 0=Non-Moving.| bot_difficulty| Set the BOTS difficulties.| bot_knives_only 1#| Replace # with 1 or 0 to make the bots only use knvies. 1=Only Knives 0=Not just knives. Deaf is 0.| v| Instant grievous bodily harm Money| mp_freeztime <value>| Freezes time for the set ammount, the player plaster bandage in the hay still walk around.| sv_gravity <value>| sets the gravity, disgrace #s cogitate you bed float alont, high numbers mean you take more than damage for falling.| bot_stop 1| Makes the bots stand still.| bot_allow_rogues 0| Dissables rogue bots, they exit all follow your commands.| bot_defer_to_human 0| The bots will not arrest for you to rescue hostages, plant or withdraw the bomb.| mp_startmoney 16000| Gives you the highest ammount of mon! ey you can...If you take to get a full essay, parade it on our website:

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