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Hiv/aids In Children

Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome ( back up ) is a combination of symptoms and infections in serviceman that contribute from the specific damage to the tolerant system coiffed by human immunodeficiency computer virus (Marx , 1982 . In the late stages of this condition , individuals be pr whizz to infections and tumors . in that respect be treatments available to deter the infirmity , but there are no cures . Human immunodeficiency virus (human immunodeficiency virus ) is transmitted by coming in contact with grime bodily mentally ill , including semen vaginal secretions , blood , and presemenal melted . This fluid must come in contact with the mucose membranes or bloodstream in to contract this disease (Center for malady simpleness and Prevention , 2003 . back up /HIV is a exploitation pandemic worldwide , and chil dren with this disease are growing in numbers . In to combat this head on , it is dogmatic mood to fully understand the disease , and the lack of facts of life supplies , and treatmentIt is a common conclusion among researchers that HIV originated in sub-Saharan Africa during the 20th century (Gao et al , 1999 . This pandemic infected 38 .6 gazillion individuals and the numbers are growing (UN back up , 2006 . match to the Joint fall in Nations Programme on HIV / assist (UN aid ) and the World wellness Organization (WHO ) suppose that this infamous killer expired twenty-fie zillion people since the actualization of HIV / assist in 1981 . In 2005 , support claimed nigh 2 .4 to 3 .3 million lives - 570 ,000 were children - triplet of these deaths occurred in the sub-Saharan Africa (UN support , 2006The symptoms of support are primarily the result of conditions that do not occur in health individuals with a unaffected resistant system . Bacteria viruses , fungi , and para sites that are normally controlled by the im! mune system that HIV / back up weakens can cause the infections typical of AIDS (Holmes et al , 2003 . Individuals with AIDS have an increase risk of developing certain cancers . general symptoms of AIDS involve fevers sweats , swollen glands , chills , general weakness , and weight expiry (Guss 1994 . Survival time varies . When antiretroviral therapy is estimated to be more than than five historical period however this can vary with the electric opposite to treatments , but death is almost certain at maven year if no antiretroviral treatment is given (Morgan , 2002According to USAID , HIV /AIDS is generating a serious crisis in several regions of the world , which is scholarly the public health and well-being of an entire societies while putting to death decades of progress in the economic and social development (USAID , 2006 . The clutch of those affected are children orphaned and burdened by its deepen toll . It is estimated that 13 .2 million children under fif teen days of age had lost their mother , or both parents , to AIDS and ninety percent of these children lie in sub-Saharan Africa (USAID , 2006Children and unseasoned adults aged fifteen to twenty-four ears of age represent the largest and go growing segment of people infected with HIV /AIDS , which count for half of those newly affected every sidereal day (Save the Children , 2003 . Worldwide , nearly half of the individuals living with HIV /AIDS are under the age of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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