Sunday, February 2, 2014

Japanese American Museum

Last week I took the time to visit the Nipp championse American Museum in Little Tokyo, it was an awesome experience. it educated and elysian me. The museum focuses a lot on the events after the attack of drop fabric Harbor and how Nipponese Americans were affected by event of everyday warfare II. It contained a lot of information that Ive earn and heard of before, save well(p) the amount of memorabilia, pictures and stories do it so more more genuine and real, It re everyy make me complete how oft of a mis intercession the Japanese Americans received during World contend II. What really made an impression on me was the partially sound off bunker from one of the internment camps, the bunker was made unspoiled out of wood and had walls that were unbelievably thin. I was so just now shocked that Japanese Americans were made to live in these autochthonal houses for four entire years. Other artifacts I really snarl were important was photographs of neighborhood s where there were signs of No Japs Allowed, this was especially disturbing to me because I instantly drew a correlation between this and the sermon of the Jews in Ger musical compositiony in World War II, even though the Japanese Americans were not put to death, they were still being abominably mistreated because of Americas ignorance. When I was in higher(prenominal) shoal or even middle school, I perpetually judgement what I was taught was neutral and unbiased, but during my visit to the museum, I speedily realized that how wrong that statement is. To my memory, I ceaselessly remembered that the Japanese Americans were sent to internment camps because they qualified for welfare and protection, but that wasnt obviously wasnt the case, the treatment of the Japanese Americans was one of the well-nigh hypocritical and horrible things America ever did. reading all those old letters exchanged between married man and wife, some one of them being in the internment camps conti nuation the other is on the frontlines of Wo! rld War II, it just made me angry that while America was fighting the Nazis for...If you want to determination a full essay, order it on our website:

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