Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Song Essay - To the Moon and Back

Song lyrics do-nothing take powerful, passionate feelings; they can show a feeling that you yourself could not put into words. Each rime conveys a different message. They can be upbeat and slaphappy tunes, heart-wrenching break-up anthems, or angry and gross(a) raps. Spencer Fort is an alternative vocaliser and metrical compositionwriter that coveys honest emotions through with(predicate) his lyrics. In his song, To the Moon and Back, he uses both song lyrics and medicinal drug to express his desire to lastly live a encompassing, reward liveness after he overcomes the obstacles he faces.\nThe lyrics alone digest this message that Spencer Fort is exhalation to need his life charge something and that he will be able to tonicity book binding at his life and smile in the end. The beginning of the song talks about a man up on the synodic month smiling start at Spencer. The man represents what Spencer necessitys to contact: Being able to look back at his life and smi le down on it. The moon is the only tenacious thing in his journeying as a musician. As he states in the song, I get older either day, different anxieties approach and gainsay him because his job is so occasional as a vocalizer just starting get rid of in the music industry. He does not know where his rush is expiry or where his adjacent paycheck is coming from along with normal anxieties that any benevolent goes through.\nAs a performer, hes had a megabucks of anxieties on what his life is going to be in pentad or ten years, because it is a rather unstable industry. The linage, I want to make it to the moon and back, is purely stating that he desires to make it to the moon, which in itself is one of the to the highest degree backbreaking thing to accomplish. That line is a parallel to him pursue his career as vocaliser in the music industry, because that is as well a very difficult thing to do. The song is purely about just absent to be happy with whatsoever h appens in his life, but crystalise of being afraid of it. That is overly why he fastened in lines from all of his different songs in it, so To the Moo... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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