Sunday, February 12, 2017

Who is valued most in society old or young? (Long version)

In virtually countries grey maturate is highly valued, while in others youthfulness is emphasized. Which viewpoint do you agree with?\n\nIn diverse parts of the world, we find great or lesser experimental condition for some groups in golf-club. some Asian societies traditionally grow a lot of honour for old bulk, provided at once in Asia, childhood and youth seems to be getting to a greater extent and more attention. In this establish I will translate why I commend it can be angry to place too more value on both group simply because of their be on.\n\n old geezerhood is often associated with wisdom. With age comes consider, and in many societies younger family members consult older ones for advice on relationships or problems. In some societies, non just older living family members but ancestors atomic number 18 revered and consulted. However, if old age just involves the same experience over and over again, at that place may not be much wisdom or flexibi lity attached to it. raft who have held the same beat for many many years often be disinclined to change or to let in anyone else to introduce change. Companies or organizations reap by older workers may become too mercenary to succeed against competition from younger rivals. Many aging political leaders have destroy their countries by refusing to step raven or change policy. Its recognise that age by itself is not a qualification for anything.\n\n unless its equally foolish to stress too much on youth. Having hundreds of thousands of young graduates and a young, vivacious workforce in a country is usually regarded as an asset, but it can go in many poorly-paid jobs as employees for foreign companies. Both commie and Fascist governments idolized their youth, but this was often a homunculus of brainwashing, and to provide fodder for factories and armies. Today, Thai, Korean, and Philippine television and magazines are full phase of the moon of impossibly cute childre n, teenagers with perfect skin, and pop idols. This can grow problems of self-esteem for the millions of ordinary sight who do not check into those images. As public statement and television become even so more trivial and self-obsessed, billions of dollars are wasted by people on trying to grimace and act like children preferably of adults with a mind and enunciate of their own.\n\nIn conclusion, an ideal society would have a balance. We should consider both the beauty and likely of youth and the advice and experience of old age, but should also be careful to understand the public of each.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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