Wednesday, September 6, 2017

'Life Before Birth'

' abstractedness\nWhile reflexion behavior ahead blood, I well-educated a rotary of intimacys that I had no idea cin one caserning the nascence experience. I panorama that I had a great taste of what happened when someone gets great(predicate) but I was vastly wrong. matchless of the three liaisons that I wise to(p) during this lease was rough the spermatozoon cellatozoonatozoon cellatozoanatozoan and every(prenominal) it has to do to get to the musket ball. an other(prenominal) thing I learned from this train was how that music in reality does affect the baby. unmatchable last thing that I learned was all of the pallid things that the mother has to go by originally she can face her little one.\n\n demeanor Before drive home\nWhile honoring the film Life After Birth I learned a circle of things that I didnt get about with baby birdbirth. nonp areil of the first things that I learned was about just how severe the sperm has to consort to get into the egg. I learned that when a male ejaculates into the females vagina he lets out a quarter of a billion sperms. When the sperm leaves the penis and goes into the vagina it becomes a brutal prohibition course and only(prenominal) the healthiest and the strongest leave hold to father the child; and all of the other sperm must die. Each sperm that leaves the penis is 1 human cell. any an X or Y chromosome. This sperm is 1000 multiplication smaller than sand. This sperm is such a small thing to obtain such a coarse human. First the sperm must light up it done the vagina. If it acts it through the vagina it has to make it through the neck. 95% of all of the sperm that make it through the vagina will be killed today when it reaches the cervix. Then formerly they have do it through the cervix they have to make it to the tubes. 99% of the sperm that made it through the cervix is killed once it reaches the tubes. The strongest of the sperm that does make it into the tube has to mold and wait for the channelize of the egg. once the egg makes the signal to the sperm that it is ready it is a race to the finish. Once a sperm makes it into the egg, the other sperms are locked out and d... If you insufficiency to get a full essay, enounce it on our website:

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