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'16th Century European Explorations Essay\r'

'What are the lawsuits that make the European explorers risk taking the hazardous move around to the Americans in the sixteenth century. The Europeans in the rootage pre move were not aware that there is a perfect known as America and they came to know of it by and by Christopher capital of Ohio went on his attempt for a lane to the Far East merely bolt downed on the Americans by mistake. He thought he was already in India when he saw the Indian natives in the Americas. My main interest in this essay is to debate about the three major antecedents that made European explorers of the 16th century risk to move altogether the way from Europe to the Americas.\r\nShortly after Columbus landed in the Americas, he explored further in this percentage sometimes back in 1492. His trustworthy intention was to look for a short truncated to the East Asia but fortunately or regrettably landed into the Americas. after further exploration, he open that the region had a very fertile priming for farming. When he returned to his mother country he told them how the arena was suitable for agriculture, they European felt very intrigued to go and see for themselves.\r\nMany rich Spaniards who were facing lemony competition in their motherland Spain sent their envoys tot each(prenominal)y the way to the Americas to look for a virgin address where they could establish their new businesses. On this understanding and then they were motivated by commercial message reasons. The European explorers and particularly the Spaniards open their offshoot settlement in Virginia at a place called Jamestown. Various companies that had already established themselves in Spain sent them to market these companies. The example of these companies was rent Virginia Company which was seeking for new business opportunities.\r\n nearly of these companies were in search of gold but when they cognise it was not forthcoming they switched to plantation farming. At first they were reluct ant but their leaders convinced them that its search was not addressing their immediate need that was affecting them and this was food. After this they established cash crop business oddly at Maryland. In the beginning they used European immigrants and the local natives to work in these plantations but when they prove to be unable to meet the demand for the job, slaves started existence shipped in form West Africa.\r\nThe second reason why European explorers risked going to the Americas was the search for a free ground where they could practice their religion without apprehension of being persecuted. Most of these were Protestants who were against the Roman Catholic. Due to the 16th century protestant reformation different sects emerged, something that enkindle the attention of the Western political relation as the Christendom of this region became disturbed by these divisions. One of these sects was Puritans who constantly questioned the integrity of the Roman Catholic.\r\nTh ey were specifically concerned with the religions roles that were done by this church and yet they had no biblical backing. This meeting side of meatd very strong resistance from the government authorities who were determined to crash them. They reacted to this move by persecuting all the puritans in their areas of jurisdiction. Due to this persecution, more than twenty thousand dissenters made their way to the new land when they went to the Americas, the Pennsylvanian authority making this colony to be a home for Quaker refugees, Baptists and Swiss Protestants, welcomed them.\r\nThose who faced persecution at home were lured with less costly land and unearthly freedom in the Americas and for these reasons they had to sail to Americas rather than face persecution at home at home. The third reason for the Europeans to go to the Americas is because they were sponsored by their mother states. No European nation wanted to be left john in the exploration game. For example Christophe r Columbus was sponsored by Spain to go on exploration expedition in a bid to look for a propose route to the Far East.\r\nAnother sponsored explorer was a colonialist known as John Cabot. He was the first to discover the newfound land was sent by England. Portugal sent its own colonialists to explore on its behalf. Portugal sent Pedro Cabral to go to Brazil to look for colonies. The Portuguese sponsored explorers detect Canada. What followed after these sponsored explorations was a wave of conquest especially on the part of the Spaniards. They were the first to establish a colonial rule in the Americas.\r\nTherefore we gull seen that there were various reasons that forced the Europeans to sail all the way to the Americas despite the fact that they were not salutary familiar with this region. It is very clear that one of the reasons was commercial based, the second was because of church persecution in Europe and the choke one was the temptation the explorers received from the E uropean governments. So this exploration was not done for the sake of it but for specificreasons\r\n'

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