Sunday, December 16, 2018

'Letter to Thomas Jefferson Essay\r'

'I am report to you, to express my opinion on the Declaration of independence. It is something that our clownish is based off of, so I odour as if I should be giving you my feedback on the matter. The Declaration is very fountainhead pen and captures altogether the aspects of what our freedom should be, but there are a few things I must point out(p), which I will get to later. there were not a gross ton of let downs, but it did feel a few points that stood out as unmatchable.\r\nI externalise on giving you a good heart and soul of feedback on the subject, which should help you to improve the over entirely twist of the Declaration. The Declaration of Independence is written in an odd format. Thankfully, it has been categorized overtime which has helped us to understand separately part of it. This Declaration has affected everything we do solar day and night throughout America. A lot of what we go just about doing, without the Declaration, we would not be allowed to do these things. such as: voting rights, same wages amid genders, etc..\r\nIt drastically has changed the world, as third world countries have adopted our ways of doing things and put them in to practice session over there. Everything in the Declaration of Independence all works together to create one things, Independence. This was the causal agent for it to be written in the first impersonate and there is nothing that cannot be liked about it. When reading it, I found myself agreeing with the majority of it. There was nothing that I protestd with or I wouldn’t be living in this country.\r\nIt was so well written that it is hard to disagree with, unless you were the British at the time. One of the main things that stuck out to me would have to be when you emphasized equal rights between races and genders. Overall, it is well written and straight to the point. There are a ton of really well written and thought out statements in it that bring up great points. It is what our Independence is based off of, so it is something that is hard to disagree or be disappointed with if you live in America. If you live outside of America, well you shouldn’t.\r\n'

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