Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'Truancy Among Students\r'

'As ontogenesis age, hooky is not a new phenomenon in Malaysia. check to dictionary, truancy representation of life cause on or condition of macrocosm absent with aside permission. It also means whatever intentional unauthorized absence from compulsory schooling. (Pearson gentility contain). Truancy happens because students have no relate in studies. A very strict teacher also affected the interest of student. A subroutine from that the subject taught was besides boring or heavy moreover they have to take the subject for examination.In addition, most of student thinks truancy is best way to run away from any problems life. This leads to immoral activities such as vandalism, burglary, substance abuse and mob activity. Thus, to avoid the truancy perform more critical solution among Malaysian school students the Ministry of culture have to take meet by solving this problem. How do they solve it? There ar suggestions to let down truancy be the ministry have to en hance achievement of teaching, counsel service and complot lectures and campaign.Teacher needs to improve their adroitness of teaching so that the students bequeath enjoy every importation in the segmentation as problem of truancy foundation be prevent. In other(a) hands, teacher should make come apart more interesting. In the class teacher is not sole(prenominal) use the text harbor as material but also make a video or delight activities because our brain easily go through bored and tired of plane learning. Therefore when students learn something with gratifying it ordain immediately shop class in long terminal memory and students were able to understand.Teacher should take hold students chance to voice out their opinion in the class. So that teacher is not talking much alone when there are two-way talk between students and teacher. This make a process of learning were attention students succeed in school as truancy will be decreased. In the nutshell truancy b ecome a summit issue among Malaysian students in order produce a great future generation. fit to a survey conducted by ministry, 58. 5 per cent of truancy cases last year baffling student in cracker-barrel areas as compared with 41. 45 per cent in cities. This affected the increase rates of discipline problems in schools. However, there are strategies to reduce truancy whereas the ministry take part overcome this problem by enhance skill of teaching, counselling service and organize lectures and campaign. reference point: 1) Kgsilou. blogspot. com/2012/03/truancy-among-school-children-rampant. html 2) Pearson Education Limited\r\n'

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