Monday, February 18, 2019

Air Pollution, Smog, Acid Rain, the Greenhouse Effect, and Ozone Deplet

Air pollution is a well-known task throughout the world. Humans know that we are the major cause for aureole pollution and although we know this fact, we continue to pollute. We poison our halo every sidereal day by throwing out enormous piles of garbage, burning tons of fogy fuels, and driving millions of miles each year, but do we truly know how practically this affects our society and our Earth? Smog, acid rain, the greenhouse effect, and ozone depletion are some of the set up that have resulted from air pollution. Health effects caused by filthy air are also a serious problem that has resulted from pollution.Smog is a term that was created from smoke and fog. It is found most typically in urban and suburban areas rather than rural areas because air pollution occurs most frequently where there are large numbers of people. Exhaust fumes from vehicles are emitted into the air, and a chemical reaction takes place when these fumes react with sunlight, resulting in smog. A nother type of smog is created from filth particles in smoke from the chimneys of factories and houses (Stille 22). These dirt particles cling to drops of water in the air, which foot make eyes water, noses itch, and throats peckish and sore. People within these cities that deal with this murky haze are much more likely to experience discomfort and develop lung problems due to subsisting in too much polluted air (Asimov 15). Acid rain, some other effect of air pollution, is formed when process-rich fuels such as coal and oil color are burned and combined with water. This rain is harmful to our environment because sulfur creates an acid that kills fish, trees, plants, and crops. It also damages paint on cars and wears away the oppose used in buildings and statues (Stille 31). Acid ra... ...s affecting the environment, self-interest should drive perplexity about the pollutants because it can severely affect ones health. Pollution has contributed to several diseases, oddly many forms of cancer. With effort and motivation to reduce these effects from air pollution, we can begin to cleanup our air and make our Earth a improve place for not only our future, but also our childrens and grandchildrens future. Works CitedAsimov, Isaac. wherefore Is The Air Dirty? Milwaukee Garth Stevens, Inc., 1992.Dolan, Edward F. Our Poisoned Sky. New York Cobblehill Books, 1991Oppenheimer, Michael, and Robert H. Boyle. Dead Heat The Race Against the greenhouse Effect. New York Basic Books, Inc., 1990.Stille, Darlene R. Air Pollution. Chicago Childrens Press, Inc., 1990.Tate, Nicholas. The Sick Building Syndrome. far-off Hills New Horizon Press, 199

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