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Analyzing and Interpreting Data Essay

As a consultant, team up A has analyzed and interpreted the certify set of information. The intent is to increment senior counselings understanding of the sources of employee dissatisfaction and too create a standard that predicts employee subjectation. The process will be to combine the week twain learning team assignment and week three findings with week phoebe bird findings and make recommendations to BIMS by using the statistical tables given in the appendices of the text edition and a statistical analysis application. Combined Weeks and Recommendations to BIMSThe valuable information the prototypical glance has given the employees is if employees would like to stay if he or she was offered close to type of bonus for their forge and their loyalty to the companion. Each employee would be offered point slight vacation days each quarter if their performance was high and he or she had no absences. However, questions and concerns were still unanswered completely with t he data received. The caution team felt that there should be another valuate displace out. This next survey would address issues that were not covered in the inaugural one and ask more detailed questions to the employees that atomic number 18 still on the job(p) for the society as well as past employees. Some immaterial help to make legitimate the questions were unbiased was used.It was highly recommended to make sure that any employee who took the survey knew that his or hers answers and opinions would be kept is strict confidentiality. The survey was first tested on upper trouble to see what he or she thought about the questions on the survey. The survey was then changed to bet the concerns that still were addressed. Another survey was then presented to the upper management for final approval. Employees that were on leave from the company were also asked to take the survey. after(prenominal) the surveys were sin slight and the data was inputted the company had a infr act understanding on what were whatsoever of the major areas of concern. Communication was on the top of the list. A recommendation that the company female genitalia start with is communicating better with his or her employees. Some ways to do this is by more memos, emails, and meetings with department supervisors. The supervisors then can revert on information to their individual workers. This way everyone should know what is going on with the company. The employees have to feel wanted and needed. This can be done by more social founts such as company barbeques, Christmas parties, and other away get-togethers. Having a suggestion box can also do it. Employees can share his or hers opinions or concerns anonymously or he or she can make a suggestion for a change. If he or shes changes are made within the organization he or she will receive a bonus.Sources of Employee DissatisfactionFrom the analysis of the overall data that has been roll up throughout the entire process, it has been concluded that the employees and management need to work on a better system of colloquy and cooperation. The main interpretation of the data is the dissatisfaction of the employees both former and current. This has become epidemic. The deterioration of communication has allowed the production of the company to fall. The intent of the survey and the face-to-face interview was to take a sample of the percentage of the employees not satisfied by the way that the senior management was conducting operations in which the traffic of the employees were involved. The employees, as shown from the research, were feeling as though they were not appreciated and that the atmosphere that was gained from the management created a hostile work environment.The senior management wanted the surveys as a way for the employees to be able to make statements without having to place a name to the survey. Employees felt as if they are completely ignored and all suggestions that they had made that could improve relations have gone unheard. They feel as if though the management sees them as nothing more than a number that can easily be replaced without a thought otherwise. Therefore, this leaves the employees morale completely shattered and as that happens, so does the amount of productivity. When the employees feel as if they themselves, as stated by the survey and face-to-face interviews, will not work as hard and as an overall will hurt the company as a building block and they would like the senior management to take into account their disgrievences and communicate better with them. Model for Predicting Employee ResignationBIMS has developed a model for predicting employee resignation and turnover. After reviewing the surveys as well as the exit interviews BIMS has developed a model based on logistics regression and then analyzing the turnover. They have developed quintette hypotheses from previous research of the effects of different factors affecting resignations and tu rnovers.The first assumption is based on the length that an employee has been with BIMS and that the more time invested in the company, the less likely they will resign. The belief is that increased tenure strengthens the propensity for employees to remain. The second hypothesis is that high performing employees are less likely to resign than average to lower performing employees. One way to ensure higher performance is to implement a contingent reward system. In the event of continued low performance from certain employees, BIMS must be awake of the withdraw process a major reduction in performance, perhaps to unacceptable levels, and ending with resignation. The third hypothesis has to do with the age of the employee.The one-time(a) the employees, the less likely they will resign as opposed to the younger employees and their length of employment. The fourth hypothesis is that more educated employees are less likely to resign than less educated employees. The more educated th e employee, the greater the possibility for promotions and wage increases. The fifth hypothesis is that higher nonrecreational employees are less likely to resign than lower paid employees. The higher paid employees possess specific skills, which are more valuable to their current employer.In conclusion, if employees are offered incentives they will follow guidelines and achieve ethical practices. With better communication between management and staff it will create teamwork. Staff and management will work together more efficient and their follow through will be more appreciated. Giving the upper management a try at the surveys put them in the employees perspective let them understand how employees feel. The surveys helped management come to the understanding of how to gain the respect backside from their employees.ReferenceMcClave, J. T., Benson, P. G., & Sincich, T. (2011). Statistics for business and economics (11thed.). Boston, MA Pearson-Prentice Hall.

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