Friday, February 15, 2019

Jake - Original Essay -- Papers

Jake - Original Essay I pushed off onto the folderol whoosh I felt alive. I looked round at children laughing and falling, young lovers skating round and round, hand in hand. I turned to see Jake gliding toward me, a look of juvenile glee on his face. I smiled and took his out-stretched, gloved hand in mine. We lapped the rooted(p) lake together in synchrony, talking, laughing and generally targeting off, when Jake decided to show me, and everyone else on the opaque churl, what he was made of. He sped off, jumping and wandering(a) wish half of Torville and Dean, receiving many admiring glances as he landed, sure-footed, back on the ice. Bet you cant beat that he laughed across to me, his heavy breathe attack out cloudy in front of him. I couldnt ignore a challenge like that. I flew across the ice as though I had sprouted wings, oblivious to the cheers and shouts around me. I jumped, twisted, pirouetted and twirled elegantly, breathing in the sw eet, pine-scented air. Torville was always the better half of the skating partnership. I skated back toward Jake, a triumphant smile flitting across my face. All at once the ice gave way beneath me I didnt even have time to outcry before a chasm opened up, swallowed me whole and the freezing water skirt me. A memory flashed this had happened before. I was only six then however the same fear I had then burned through my sagacity and numbed my body. I pushed upward, tho my sodden clothes pulled me under down, down. I tested to kick the heavy boots off my numb feet and pushed one last time. My extended fingers hit solid ice. I clawed and desperately clutched at the ice trying to find the... ...e drugs out of my stomach. Mum crying again and irate at me for so selfishly wanting to waste my life in this way. Not that I cared then, but that was then and this is now. Waking up in the hospital once again, I felt the weight of depression that had pulle d me down, like my clothes and boots under the ice, had lifted from me. I knew nothing would ever flip Jake and that my life would never truly be whole without him in it but somehow, some way after two close encounters with death I had seen a light and realised that life was a precious apply not to be wasted. It was different leaving the hospital with mum this time, discerning I was going home to start afresh. This time, instead of calling Jake, I went to say goodbye carefully putting all the things he had devoted to me in the box before sliding it under my bed.

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