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Problems in Management System Essay

Problems in solicitude system in Bangladesh and counseling to mitigate them Management puzzle is a fundamental ch eachenge for the unpolished. It is innate to have efficient cost instruction if we want to see ourselves as an industrialized nation Problems in the management systems argon 1. Problem of managing fund The major problem a blood firm administrations in its innovation period is the problem for capital or adapted financing problem. whizz of the first questions any potential entrepreneur must ask is, How do I get the m iodiny?The type of the short letter may be anything but the money necessary for finance is must. Without necessary fuel (money) no ship (Sm every last(predicate) Business firm) batch run As a modern Business, thither is very fewer chance to raises the capital from sh are market. completely personal and family funds and personal loan from the friends are major source. nonwithstanding in this sort it is very hard to raise a sufficient sum tot al of capital. 2. need of Govt activities There is a nonstop echo by the government leaders, Come Sun, Come Rain trying to state that thither is a constructive and favorable atmosphere for investment in Bangladesh.The semipolitical science are either not working together with the relevant volume with enough response, or they are aware of the reasons for the investors stepping away, however still do not want to resolve problems purpose repletey with the presumption of ostrich office. ?Administrative coordination problem Policies and the implementation processes are not fieldlyized simultaneously beca subroutine of overleap of administrative communication and coordination among the government agencies. This site results in high school product line cost and hassles for investors ? trustworthy governance Good governance can be defined as a desired check off of management and operations. Good governance along with efficient leadership is achieved by bringing answerability in politics and bureaucracy. authorities has to reform its policies and air practices to attain expert governance. Good governance can bring about efficient and plenteous sized government, necessary reformation of legal and judicial system, Fiscal insurance constitution and infrastructural reforms, eradication of corruption, bureaucracy and dishonesty, and many more improvements in the country. 3. Corruption shade and society have become corrupted through and through sick politics. The bureaucrats and regulative bodies are steeped in corruption. For business enterprise, corruption works as tax or lubrication cost. This corruption would not go up to such an terminus if there were appropriate and strong legal and regulatory controls and motivational recompense levels. Many companies regard bribery as just one of the costs of doing business (Lubrication Cost) and show these acceptments as legitimate business expenses. 4. policy-making and Social Instability Political and aff ectionate instability is another life-sized problem.Whether it is a giant company or a Sm whole Business the success of a business is greatly conditional on the political and social stability of a country. Every business firm is dependant on production or purchasing and selling. In Bangladesh our political and social climate is not stable at all. There is a condition of pre-war between the ruling party and the opposition. Al slipway they are face to face with each other. Very often they call Hartal and bump offs. Such a loss can not be sustained. According to a UNDP research strike has led to 3-4% GDP losses during the 1990s. In the period of 1991-1996, 173 days of Hartal were been called in total.It was 140 in 1996-2001 sessions. This creates immense burden on the business firms as the patronises often get vandalized during strike violence. 5. Poor police and order position A sound law and order situation help boast business. plainly the situation has deteriorated over the years. Recent drive to improve the situation has helped but it has forefathere damage to the business communities confidence. 6. Shortage of Power and benefit cater Electricity, Gas, Water, Tele cry etc. are some prerequisites for a business. In Bangladesh only the sufferer bed how tough it is to get those connections.You need to pay a handsome amount o bribes to a invisible hand. Bangladesh faces a system loss often more than 40% of the gross great power generation probing with the lowest per capita power consumption and network insurance coverage of electrification among developing countries. This creates immense discouragement for investment in the power intensive industries. 7. Communication and Transportation Problem Though Bangladesh is a flat country without many obstacles like hills, but some advantage position with hundreds of river all over the country, still communication and transportation is a big problem here.Water way and Railway is used as easy way of transport ation all over the world, but we use highroad as mostly used way of transportation. This road transportation is expensive and not easy. After the British has left this indo bangle sub-continent we could not expand lots our Railway, meanwhile many route and stations are closed. Water ways are almost closed collectible to filtration and not for proper dredging. 8. topic of business friendly environment At present business friendly environment is not present in most of the object lessons due to A. differential gear treatment Even though the prevailing regulations provide for e reference in treatment of local and abroad investors, certain inequitable conventions are well(p) with the foreign investors. Such inequalities are evident in cases of authorization necessities for foreign investment, barriers against capacity expansion, suppliers credit, etc. B. Back up persistence Garments industry is the main foreign income source of Bangladesh, but we are not in good position as menti oned in above paragraphs. For stinging materials of these garments we have to depend on another country, we could not create bottom up industries for this sector so past decades.So we are incessantly in tension for this sector. C. Monopoly market Monopoly market is not at all good for business. For illustration at present China is enjoying monopoly market in electronics and mobile phone market in Bangladesh. Once upon a era City Cell was the only mobile phone company in Bangladesh. Then the use of cell phone was very limited due to high call rate and High package charge. Only few population could afford it. Then came Grameen phone in the Cell phone market, barely still then the call charge was quite high 7 taka/min.Then came Bangla link, Warid, Tele talk and Rabi (Alkatel) At that time monopoly market in cell phone market collapsed, people now can use any cell phone of any floozy easily at a quite acceptable call rate. And business of all operator is expanding day by day. So competition market is good for business and users end (users have plectrum) 9. Lack of efficient distribution channels Bangladesh has one of the flattest land structures in the world. The lack of obstacles (hills, desert etc) and presence of cheaper transportation option (waterway) makes the country any supply channel managers dream.But unfortunately the real picture is somewhat different. The businesses lose near 40% of the perishable items due to lack of efficient distribution channel. Lack of supply chain management association, a weak transportation system, and corrupt road authorities are some factors that contribute to make the system inefficient. 10. Lack of necessary unrefined material Lack of necessary raw material is another problem. Everyone need run and run for raw materials. here we dont have a definite supply chain of raw materials and the producers. Entrepreneurs are ready to pay necessary money for it but there is no instable supply.Sometimes there is nil found when necessary, sometimes all are very high in price and sometimes adequate raw materials are in the market and it is more than necessary. 11. Skilled chore Bangladesh may be the land of cheap labor but they are also unskilled. The training institutions are not sufficient to provide the quality labor force the businesses need. 12. Lack of proper business knowledge some of the entrepreneurs of Bangladesh apply the traditional hit and miss approach with their businesses. They have olive-sized institutional knowledge and have little access to training as very few organizations offer quality facility.In absence of know-how relating to widely distributed accounting, branding, taxation, law etc the businesses tend to miss the opportunity that the regulatory environment offers. net can play a vital role here for knowledge dissemination but the access to the net is not that easy. 13. Lack of connectivity The world has moved on to connect itself to the World Wide Web whereas Bangladesh is fall back far behind. Across the world innovative business are appear using a clicks and mortar business model. They are leveraging the full potential of the World Wide Web.As the access to high-speed meshwork connection becoming cheaper by the day around the world the fabrication is quite different for Bangladesh. Businesses have to pay a handsome amount in fact one of the world steepest fees to get access to the web. But the scenario is changing in the consumer front. Consumers now have access to the web through their cell. There is a huge opportunity to cater to the foreign customers by displaying the product in the web. But the high-speed internet connectivity is yet to draw the acceptable standard. 14. Absence of realistic dataFor a proper business environment requirement of realistic data is very important. In Bangladesh attitude we are short of that both in public and private sector. For example we do not have data regarding requirement of demand of electrical energ y for which we could not plan for production of electricity. Shortage of data sometime creates deviate situation in our daily market life and our people can not make a plan for demand and supply. (Example Price of goodness item, Rice, Oil etc). 15. Human Resource Management (HRM) The goals of HRM should not only be limited to a shoulder to cry on for the employees.The HRM of an organization should bespeak themselves in staffing, training and development, motivation and maintenance of the employees If employers dont project a chance to the young professionals in this line and if they dont train them, then HR positions will be taken by other nationalities and thus it would be a big loss . 16. sexual management problems From any giant company to a cottage shop good management is a must for success. Management people should know all the arts of management. There are some problems in management cases of Bangladesh, and for this reason ?-Cannot identify target market or target custom er. -Does not plan. ?-Believes advertising is an expense not an investment. ?-Only primary knowledge of pricing policy and strategy. ?-Cannot identify trading area. ?-Cannot delegate. ?-Believes loan would solve every problem. all(a) these problems are usually created by an unskilled management people. And it is it is more that skilled people are not available in the market. Management problems are Suggestions Here we are some suggestions that may be helpful to improve the Management sector in Bangladesh. ?As capital is the major problem for l Business development in Bangladesh special emphasis should be regularize here.Commercial banks should finance Business by giving loan in low interest and for long term in easy way. ?Government should take proper steps to solve problems in the field of Coordination, Planning, and bureaucratic hassle. Red tapism must be abolished. Corrupted officials need to be punish and replaced. ?Political and social instability should be maintained. Terrori sm must be sustained and keep under control. Most of our politicians are business men. So they should come in same platform for the betterment of their business and for the great interest of the country. Govt should be in hard line to maintain law and order situation in the country at any coast. All politicians should help the Govt to wiped up the so called Chadabaz and Mastan ? For the development of the country there is nothing short cut without improving the utility services, especially in case of electricity. Govt has to plan for next decades not only for next one or two years. ?In the organizations there should be proper Organizational mien to protect labor unrest and unseen problems from the employees. ?Training is a ceaseless process. It is an end less journey

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