Tuesday, March 19, 2019

John Steinbecks Experience and Writing Essay -- Authors

At the age of thirteen, most children be still nave to their future self-professions. However, in 1915, a boy at the mere age of thirteen was encouraged by his English teacher to turn a writer (French 1). Unbeknownst to the teacher, the boy would arguably become a writer on equal terms to D.H. Lawrence, basin Keats, or William Faulkner. The boy in question is John Steinbeck. Though Steinbecks date of reference was a time of isolation and sorrow, between the economy and global conflicts the despairing times allowed many opportunities for Steinbeck. For example, he would intentionally immerse himself in reproachful conditions that others experienced without a choice. In particular, the experiences with the massive Depression and World contend II allowed John Steinbeck to change the world with a pen and paper. perchance the biggest influence in Steinbecks writing can be seen from his experiences of the heavy(p) Depression while he lived in California. Before Steinbeck made h is existent as a writer, he would experience the world from various points of views as he worked jobs such as a surveyor, bricklayer, ranch hand, and a come in clerk (John Steinbeck). Seeing the world from the perspective of a hard tar allowed Steinbeck to form his initial views that would become the basis for his early stories. The crisis that grasped California during 1930-1936 was the frame Bowl, which according to a website dedicated to the great depression states a gazillion acres of farmland across the Plains became worthless due to severe drouth and overfarming (Causes of). Because of the despairing situation, Steinbeck was able to experience the severity first hand on many occasions. In fact, in 1935, Steinbeck was allowed to spend a week in Weedpatch where a camp wa... ... to realize before it is too late. Works CitedBloom, Harold. John Steinbeck. New York Blooms Literary Criticism, 2008. Print.Causes Of The Great Depression The Great Depression Causes, Effects, Ti melines. Causes Of The Great Depression The Great Depression Causes, Effects, Timelines. Croft Communications. Web. 09 May 2012. French, Warren G. John Steinbecks nonfictional prose Revisited. New York Twayne, 1996. Print.John (Ernst) Steinbeck. Contemporary Literary Criticism Select. Detroit Gale, 2008. Literature vision Center. Web. 7 May 2012.Noble, Donald R. The Steinbeck Question New Essays in Criticism. Troy, NY Whitston Pub., 1993. Print.Tedlock, E. W., and C. V. Wicker. Steinbeck and His Critics. Albuquerque University of New Mexico, 1957. Print.Swisher, Clarice. Readings on John Steinbeck. San Diego, CA Greenhaven, 1996. Print.

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