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System Software & Application Software

TABLE OF confine pic 1) Introduction.. P. 2 2) Identify packet Categories 1. Definition of administration Softw atomic number 18. P. 3-4 2. Definition of drill Softw be. . P. 5 3. The difference amongst dodge bundle and coat packet chopine package.. P. 6-7 3) dickens examples of organisation softw be system product product and the benefits 1. Microsoft Windows 7P. 8-12 2. mackintosh OSXP. 13-14 4) Two examples of industriousness software and the benefits 1. pass by.P. 15-16 2. PowerPoint .. .. P. 17-18 5) Five Features of Microsoft invent. .. P. 19-20 1. Copy and Paste 2. Spell Checker 3. key and Replace 4. channel Bullets and Number 5. Mail intermingle 6) Conclusion.. P. 21 1. INTRODUCTION pic Christy is our naturalfangled client and she is a beginner for using calculating machine. Base on her situation, I would like to introduce approximately kinds of software suit her. For better customer service, I will explain the background in cultivateation & benefit s details for her.For a good graduation exercise , I give chosen the most pop and latest version of the operation brass Microsoft Window 7 and mac OS X, they are easy to learn and dim-witted to consumption. Moreover, Microsoft Office is a expedient, most common and exploiter-friendly application package for a starter. Excel, is an electronic spreadsheet computing device programme which armed service you to handle all your data. PowerPoint is a complete and master copy introduction package. These are the essential tools for her first step in entry the computer world. 2. IDENTIFY software product CATEGORIES picSoftware (Computer Software) is a great deal divided into ii categories System Software Application Software 1. Definition of System software System Software utilise to operate the computer ironware, to pop the question resources and corroborate a plat motley for bombardmentning application programs. The set of instructions or programs of System Software house make up or render a basic environment for the applications software to pretend. They are accountable for controlling, integrate and managing the individual hardware components. Actually, it runs at the most basic level of your computer and the background it is called low-level software.It generates the user port wine and allows the operating carcass to move with the hardware. It stinkpot be watchn as the basics of a computer which keep abreast built-in or pre-installed. Types of system software Computer BIOS and device firmware, which is stored on non-volatile memory. They propose basic bidctionality to operate and control hardware connected to or built into the computer. The operating system ( such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux), which supervise and control of the input and output of data from the computer and the former(a)s peripheral devices.It washbowl be allows to transfer data between memory and disks or interlingual rendition output onto a display device. It provides a platform to run superior system software and application software. And in addition it handles error routines, communication with the floozie ensure the efficient use of the CPU and the other devices. Utility software, which helps to analyze, configure, perfect and maintain the computer. 2. IDENTIFY SOFTWARE CATEGORIES pic pic picpic 2. IDENTIFY SOFTWARE CATEGORIES pic 2. Definition of Application softwareApplication Software is a computer program knowing to help the user perform a particular task or a certain type of work. This is a set of programs, which will combine with the users requirement. An application allows users to accomplish much than one odd(p)(predicate) function, such as a watch enunciate processor, web browsers, e-mail programs, databases, desk blossom publishing, digital image and voice processing. Multiple applications bundled to vexher as a package referred as an application suite. One distinctive example is MS Office, wh ich bundles to bring onher with word processor, a spreadsheet, and several other discrete applications.The tailors systems terminate meet the users precise unavoidablenesss, for example the accounting system or promissory note of descent system. pic pic 2. IDENTIFY SOFTWARE CATEGORIES pic 2. 3. The difference between system software and application software System software consists of programs that run in the background, enabling applications to work smoothly. These programs implicate assemblers, compilers, wedge away management tools, and the operating system itself. While system software is automatically installed with the operating system, you brush aside call for which application you trust to install.Application software is different from system software or middleware, which is convolute in integrating a computer various capabilities, but typically does non directly apply to the performance of tasks. The purpose of system software is to insulate the application pro gram as much as contingent from the details of the particular computer complex, e exceptionally memory and other hardware consumes. Such accessory devices are communications, printers, readers, displays, keyboards, etcetera Application software is often purchased separately from computer hardware.Sometimes applications are bundled with the computer but they ever run as independent applications, since they are often tailored for specific platforms. The separate applications in a suite usually stupefy legion(predicate) common user interfaces which make it easier to learn and use and they may interact with distributively other. For example PowerPoint file basis be combining with a spreadsheet and a word documents. Therefore, application software determines what processing is done by the computer. System software determines how that processing will be done. 2. IDENTIFY SOFTWARE CATEGORIES pic 2. 3. The difference between system software and application software pic operating(a) System and Application Software This diagram shows the components of the operating system and typical application programs that run in a backcloth computer. 3. Two examples of system software and the benefits pic One of software categories is system software the most heavy type is operating system (OS) . It is an interface between hardware and users, responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources. Base on the above criteria, I have selected two typical and common examples, which are Microsoft Windows 7 and Mac OS X. picA layer structure showing where operating system is hardened on generally use software systems on desktops. 1. Microsoft Windows 7 immediately Microsoft Windows dominates the personal computer world, it shares nearly 90% of PC grocery. Windows provides a graphical user interface (GUI), virtual memory management, multitasking, and reliever for legion(predicate) peripheral devices. Windows 7 is the latest public re lease version of Microsoft Windows, it toilet be applied to home and credit post desktops, laptops, notebooks, netbook, tablet PCs, and media center PCs. Windows 7 designate at making your PC simpler. , it was released on October 2009. It was designed for different types of market ,such as Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate. 3. Two examples of system software and the benefits pic Windows 7 would be more user-centric and focus on performance improvements. Microsoft was using a variety method to trace and measure the performance. On the other words, it is not just compatible with Vista and designate that it would be a supple version of Windows Vista. Benefits & Features Windows 7 simplifies everyday tasksWindows 7 includes a number of new features, it provides the better airs to find and manage files, helping you speed up tasks like brook Lists and improved taskbar previews. Its designed for faster and more authorized performance and fo llows the way you want it to. It takes full support and advantages of the 64-bit. It also makes many new things possible, for instance HomeGroup, Windows Media Center and Windows Touch. Key performance improvements ? Design to sleep, resume, and reconnect to your radiocommunication network more quickly. ? When hunting for answer, wait faster. kind and grouping of count results is also signifi corporationtly quicker. ? Plug in a portable flashy drive or other USB devices get ready in seconds or even shorter. ? Be less memory hungry and less industrious that low action boost up the overall performance. Windows7 is designed to run speed-sapping background services only when you need them. ? Browse online newspapers, flick done photo albums, and shuffle files and folders. Windows Touch is fully embrace multitouch technology, easy and fun to use. 3. Two examples of system software and the benefits pic The Important Features ? HomeGroup picConnecting two or more PCs, HomeGroup make s it easy to automatically start sharing your music, picture, video, and files with other people. Concerned some privacy and security control, we have password-protected. You dirty dog descend what keeps private, read-only files and share to others. ? Jump Lists pic Jump Lists not only show shortcuts to files, they also can provide a method of speedy access. Just simply right-click a program icon on the taskbar and you can find the documents, pictures, songs, or websites that you use each day. The Jump List for Windows Media Player12 lists commonly-played tunes.Internet Explorer8 shows all you frequently-viewed websites. You can pin whatever files you like. 3. Two examples of system software and the benefits pic ? Snap, Peek and Shake pic pic pic Snap gives you a new and quick way to resize open windows, simply by dragging them to the edges of your strain you can make it expand vertically. Peek gives you the power of X-ray vision, so you can peer past all your open windows strai ght to your desktop. Shake, its a quick way to minimize all open windows on the desktop except the one you want to use. ? Windows Live Essentials picWindowsLive Essentials the free software that let user do more great things. Things like e-mail, twinkling messaging, photo editing and blogging. Download from the Windows Live website. pic pic pic pic pic pic Messenger Photo gallery Mail Writer Movie Maker Family Safety Toolbar 3. Two examples of system software and the benefits pic ? Windows Search pic Find more things in more placesand do it faster. Typing the key words in search box and search in different location, it will show you a list of germane(predicate) documents, pictures, music, and e-mail on separate instantly.The searched results are grouped by date, file type and category, it contain highlighted keywords and text snippets to make them easier to scan. ? Windows Taskbar pic Better thumbnail previews, easier-to-see icons, flexible, ruling and more ways to customize Taskbar is the familiar place for switching between windows. You can pin and rear clasp your favorite programs anywhere on the taskbar for easy access. 3. Two examples of system software and the benefits pic 2. Mac OS X Mac OS X is the newest version of apple Inc. s Mac OS line of operating systems.Most of the Macintosh owners are using this version. Darwin is not only built on a rock-solid, time-tested UNIX foundation that provides unparalleled stableness it also delivers incredible performance, stunning graphics, and industry-leading support for Internet standards. It makes the Mac innovative, extremely control, compatible, and easy to use and incredibly powerful. Benefits & Features ? Power of UNIX Simplicity of the Mac When you start up your Mac to the applications you use, which is designed with simplicity and elegance in mind. some(prenominal) youre browsing the web, checking your email, or video chatting with a friend on another continent, getting things done is at once e asy to learn, simple to perform, and fun to do. ? Perfect integration of hardware and software Since the software on every Mac is caused by the same company and you can get an integrated system in which everything works together perfectly. It takes full support of the 64-bit, multicore processors and GPUs to deliver the greatest possible performance. The built-in iSight camera works seamlessly with the iChat software so you can start your video chat.Your Mac notebook includes a Multi-Touch track pad that supports pinching, swiping, and other gestures. The OS will wisely decide whether the CPU or GPU is best for a task and dim the screen in low-light conditions automatically, so that it will increase the battery life. ? Elegant interface and stunning graphics substance abuser interface is the remarkable feature of a Mac and do possible by advanced graphics technologies. These technologies provide the power such as multiway chatting, real-time reflections, and smooth animations. Fon ts on the screen look beautiful and extremely readable. A soft drop seat makes it clear at a glance 3.Two examples of system software and the benefits pic which window is active and which ones are in the background. You can preview the file using Quick Look, it is high resolution and fine to read. You can create and view the PDF from almost any application in the system. ? Highly secure by design Mac OS X doesnt get PC viruses. And with virtually no effort on your part, Mac OS X protects itself by offering a variety of sophisticated technologies that help keep you safe from online threats. Mac contains a secure configuration and Apple responds quickly to online threats and automatically delivers security updates. ? Built for compatibilityThe versatility and power of Mac OS X make it compatible in almost any environment, including Windows networks. User can work with most type of digital cameras, printers, and other peripherals. It can open the common file types such as JPG, MP3, Wo rd, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. ? Innovation for anyone need Mac OS X provides and support with a wide range of assistive technologies that help people with disabilities. For example, the built-in VoiceOver screen-reading technology makes it possible for those who are blind or have low vision to control their computer using key biddings or gestures on a Multi-Touch track pad.Mac OS X also offers out-of-the-box support for over 40 transcribe displays, including Bluetooth displays, and many other accessibility features, such as dynamic full-screen magnification, playback of unkindly captions, and a scalable screen. ? Reliable to the core The core of Mac OS X is built on the same UNIX foundation. Even upgrading your Mac to the beside version of Mac OS X is reliable, easy and compatible. Even better, it doesnt need to reformat your drive and you can keep all your applications, files, and settings. Furthermore, the Time railcar of Mac will do automatic backups of your drive. . Two examples of application software and the benefits pic Another software category is application software. For our new customer, I have selected two popular, practical and powerful programs for her daily operation Excel and PowerPoint are fully featured and the basic tools for Microsoft Office. 1. Excel Microsoft Excel is an electronic spreadsheet program you can enter numerical values or data into the rows or columns of a spreadsheet, and to use for calculating, sorting, organizing and manipulating data. It can produce graphs, statistical analysis and reports etc.When you look at the Excel screen, you can see a impertinent table or grid of rows and columns. The horizontal rows are identified by numbers (1,2,3) and the vertical columns with letters of the alphabet (A,B,CAA,AB,AC). The intersection point between a column and a row is a small extraneous box known as a Cell. Each is a basic unit and given an furnishress to identify it, such as A3, B6, AA345. Features & Benefits ? Data Types, Formulas, and Functions The types of data that a cell can hold include numbers, text or formulas. Formulas are used for calculations, usually involving data contained in other cells.Excel includes a number of built in formulas used for common tasks known as functions. Some of the following commands are AutoSum range Cell Entries Copy, Cut, Paste, and Cell Addressing & Formatting Insert and Delete Columns and Rows Create Header, Footer, Borders and Layout Merge and Center 4. Two examples of application software and the benefits pic ? Financial Data Spreadsheets are often used to store financial data. Formulas and functions that are used on this type of data include 1. Performing basic mathematical trading operations such as summing columns and rows of figures. 2. Finding values such as clams or loss. . Calculating repayment plans for loans or mortgages. 4. Finding the average, maximum, or token(prenominal) values in a specified range of data. ? Other Uses Excel can be used for other operations 1. Creating Charts and Graphics, which assist users in identifying data trends. You can choose from a variety of chart types, such as column, line, pie, bar, area, and scatter. Your chart will automatically update when you change your data. 2. Sorting and filtering data to find specific information. The information store in a spreadsheet can easily be incorporated into electronic demos, web pages or report printing. . Two examples of application software and the benefits pic 1. Power Point 1. What is PowerPoint? Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete presentation graphics package. PowerPoint offers word processing, outlining, drawing, graphing, and presentation management tools, it designed for you to produce a professional-looking presentation. PowerPoint uses a graphical approach to presentations in the form of slide shows. This program is widely used in business and classrooms and is an powerful tool when used for training purposes. It is the number ONE presentation tools for worldwide.Anyone can easily create & design their professional presentations. PowerPoint can be made into photo albums, comply with music and veido. For business field, it can easily to add an illustrative chart of data or an organizational chart of companys structure. It can make your presentation into a web page for emailing purposes, as a promotion displayed on your companys website. It is familiar to customize presentations with your company logo and clip-art. You can use many pre-designed templates and search for more beautiful templates from different websites.In addition, it can provide and print out the handouts and outlines for public. And also the notes pages for the speaker that is useful during the presentation. All in all, PowerPoint is a one-stop-shop application to create successful presentations for the business world, the classroom or just for your own personal use. 4. Two examples of application software and the benefits pic 2. Power Poi nt ? The overview of the benefits and features in PowerPoint When you create a presentation using PowerPoint, the presentation is made up of a series of slides. It can present as overhead transparencies. Beside that you can print handouts, outlines, and speakers notes. Slide Master, powerful tools to format all the slides in a presentation. Store the whole presentation in a single file, includes all the slides, background music, video, speakers notes and handouts. Import the files from other MS Office products, such as Word and Excel. 5. FIVE FEATURES OF MS WORD pic MS Word is a typical example of word processing program it is the most familiar application software. You can use it to create, edit, format, print and store all types of letters, reports, and documents.Word contains a concept of What you see is what you get. Here are the five common features and their benefits as to a lower place 5. 1. Copy and Paste User can copy text form one area of the documents and stores the data on the Clipboard. So it can be placed to anywhere in the same or another document. This feature is really helping you to save times of typing and more accurately and efficiently. 5. 2. Spell Checker This feature is a great helper for user it allows you to check your spelling and grammar mistakes as you type. For the spelling errors, it displays with a red crinkly line under the word.For showing of the grammar errors, it displays with a green wavy line under the word. When it checks against with the dictionary, if the word is misspelled, it will be highlighted on the screen and noted. thusly the feature gives you the suggestions of the correct words. The program will also recognize the special name or words that you have already added in your personal dictionary. 5. 3. Find and Replace When you need to search a particular word or phrase in your document, especially useful for working with a large file or limited and selected area, you can use the Find command.Basically it will scan the whole document and highlighted the word or phrase that you search. Then user can execute the Replace command to replace one word or all the words with the new text. 5. FIVE FEATURES OF MS WORD pic 5. 4. Add Bullets and Numbers If you have lists of data or a group of items, you may want to bullet or number them. When using this command, you can easily create bulleted or numbered lists of items. miscellaneous bulleting and numbering styles or formats, in the Bullet library, are available for your selection. Examples Bulleting Examples reckoning pic pic 5. 5. Mail Merge Mail merge can be used for creating many documents that contain identical information and where each document contains unique elements. Firstly, you prepare the template that contains the same version information. Then you add some placeholders from the data source (such as name, address or serial number) that is unique to each version. When producing of a large number of letters (message, label, envelope or numbered coupon) for mass mailing purpose, it can help to reduce your workload and hang the duplicate work. 6. CONCLUSION picAfter considering all criteria, I recommend Christy to choose Microsoft Window 7. This operation system is powerful, user friendly and compliable. Most importantly, it is adequate for beginners to work efficiently and explore the computer world. Furthermore, Excel & PowerPoint are also useful applications for personal & office use. After taking my advice, I am sure Christy will have lots of enjoyment of her computer life and improvement in managing her daily work. References 1. Software Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved January 18,2010,from http//en. wikipedia. org/wiki/System 2. operate system Computer Definition. Retrieved January 19,2010,from http//www. yourdictionary. com/computer/operating-system 3. Application software Definition. Retrieved January 19,2010,from http//www. wordiq. com/definition/Application_software 4. Windows 7 features M icrosoft Windows. Retrieved January 21,2010,from http//windows. microsoft. com/en-us/windows7/products/features 5. Apple Mac OS X What is Mac OS X ? Retrieved January 21,2010,from http//www. apple. com/macosx/what-is-macosx 6. What is Excel. Retrieved January 22,2010,from http//serc. carleton. edu/introgeo/mathstatmodels/UsingXL. tml 7. What is Microsoft Excel What is Excel What is Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. 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