Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Understanding French Opposition :: Economics Diplomats War in Iraq France Essays

Understanding french OppositionThis es set up examines the nature of French opposition to the US-led war in Iraq. In recent months this opposition has beef up many of the negative stereotypes Americans associate with Frenchmen, and boycotts of French wines and French fries ar now commonplace in the United States. However, writing the French send off as cowards or appeasers is not only misguided but alike fails to consider the complex nature of French opposition. Although inextricably linked, the opposition ordinate forth by the French people is not the same as the opposition directed by the French government. Nonetheless, French President Jacques Chirac and separate Gaullist politicians have used the universal opposition to further and justify their profess agenda. While the apprehensions of the French people be largely understandableas their attitudes are a reflection of their tumultuous and bloody past, the motivations behind Frances political actors are not so obvio us and are founded in the economic realities and diplomatic-power struggles of the twenty-first century.Despite what some Americans may argue, the French are not fundamentally opposed to war. In fact Frances adeptness to use ground support in both Kosovo and Bosnia outweighed that of the United States. Consequently, in October of 2001, nearly a month after September 11th, Frances popular backing of the US-led military campaign in Afghanistan was seventy-three percent in favorthe highest among Europes largest states. The French recognized the security holy terror posed by al Qaeda and the Taliban and clearly saw the link between September 11th and the al Qaeda masterminds. Their support ran foul only when the US tried connecting the dots between September 11th and Iraq. To say the French are opposed to war or are against armed combat terrorism is both inaccurate and inflammatory. The French know first decease the implications of Islamic jihad-driven terrorism, as they ha ve been the target of more terrorist attacks than any another(prenominal) European nation during the last century. The scars of French colonialism in North Africa specially in Algeriaare still raw in the minds of many Muslims, and it is this indignation and antipathy that the French fear as the US wages a war in Iraq. The French worry that the short-term military and strategical victories made in Iraq will only breed more contempt and mistrust toward the USthe very terrorist roots that the US is aiming to destroy.

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