Saturday, April 20, 2019

Narration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Narration - turn verboten ExampleIt was a pleasant fifteen minute walk. We joked the entire way and enjoyed the much awaited limber up breeze swooshing though the trees. Finally the library came into view. It was a delicate, single level brick grammatical construction, situated at the box seat half covered by tall green trees. We stepped inside and were met by a smiling fourth-year lady. She escorted us to a corner in the childrens section and seated us at the small wooden and colorful benches designed for kids. Our t from each oneer looked comical, hunched down on a purple stool, her knees bent-grass at an odd angel because there wasnt any room. The librarian proceeded to tell us virtually the general rules of etiquette of the library.I tuned out and busied myself in observing the quaint and serene atmosphere. For some reason, the quietness of the library and the overwhelming feeling of being touch by so many books put me to awe. I didnt know why but I loved everything ab out this ordinary little building. The softness of the carpeting beneath my sneakers, the quiet rustling of the indoor plants, the soft and soothing overhead lights, and the smell of new and quondam(a) books mingled together gave me a sense of calm and comfort. I was jolted by the sudden sound of everyone getting up and snapped out of my daydreaming. The librarian, along with our teacher, was ready to give us a brief tour of the library.The building was basically divided into two sections, the adult and the kids. The checkout desk in the middle separated the two areas and was surrounded by a low shelf filled with bright blue encyclopedias. The librarian picked up a bunch of sheets from the desk and brought us back to where we were seated before. The time had at last come to fill out our individual applications. I felt strangely grownup as I carefully penciled in my name and phone number. We all handed in the applications and the librarian told us to look around because we could e ach take home two books of our own choosing at the end of the

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