Tuesday, April 30, 2019

W4A 590 Whole Foods Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

W4A 590 exclusively Foods Case view - Essay Exampleers especially their leaders need continuous training so that they could interact in a friendly, cooperative manner, think more logically and encourage participation in decision devising process.At Whole Foods, employees are empowered to make their own decision and set goals for themselves. Freibergs mentions that they need to be very friends and have got strong product knowledge because every employee has to assist the store manager in taking important decisions in various areas. An employees mind and judgmental skills have to be calculative because whenever a new candidate is hired, the team member has to be take part in the converse process and his say regarding the candidates potential is given weightage. The sales associates are required to possess strong communication skills because they are the one who deals with the customers on one to one basis and are passing responsible for communicating the image of Whole Foods.Whi ch of the motivational practices are emphasized by Whole Foods in its management system? Tying rewards to performance? Designing enriched jobs? Providing feedback? Clarifying expectations and goals? All of these?The employees turnover at Whole Foods is very low as compared to other grocery stores because here the employees feel motivated and energetic towards achieving the organizational goals. Firstly, the employees are given attractions much(prenominal) as sound compensation and bonuses for teams that perform well. Their goals and expectations are simplified such that each employees understands that his responsibility in the decision making and new candidates selection. The company has all the way communicated its eight core determine to its employees so that they could easily set up their goals in line with these values (Whole Foods, 2015)The demand control model entails the assumption that occupational stress occurs when the demand of job is high as compared to the decision latitude. The second model of effort reward suggests that a person is able

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