Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Response Paper 4 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Response Paper 4 - Essay ExampleHistorians in the intentionalist array of the divide believe that the Holocaust has been the Fuhrers objective all along and has, in fact, been in the kill since 1919. The policy, which came to be known as the Last Solution, has been credited to Hitlers madness al single and no one elses (or at least primarily) though, according to Totten & Feinberg, he was influenced by the anti-Semitism sentiments in Germany and Austria back in the nineteenth century (29). Here, the Nazi structure has been reduced to a mere tool a appliance carrying out Hitlers specific orders to annihilate the Jews in Europe.On the other hand, the functionalist argument dilutes Hitlers complicity in the Holocaust. The main premise of this stand is that anti-Semitism has flourished in the German society, particularly in the Nazi hierarchy, whose members all wanted drastic solutions to Germanys problems or to please their Fuhrer or both. Here, it is assumed that such deep-rooted exasperation towards the Jews made it easier for the bureaucracy to adopt a coordinated program in so short a time to exterminate the Jewish population. According to Berger, thither are no evidences that specifically points to direct orders from Hitler himself and that what has been immovable was an order to purge Germany of Jews, but with no explicit command as to how this will be achieved (5).In examining the merits and demerits of the arguments raised by the intentionalist and functionalist perpsectives, two important facts emerge. First is that both have legitimate claims to credibility and significance. For example, there are rich sources that demonstrate the systematic evolution of Hitlers hate towards the Jews and these underscored how it became easier for him to attempt to annihilate the race, development the war as a pretext. Here, it also became easier for historians to credibly justify the sheer insanity of the mass murder. The breadth and

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