Friday, June 21, 2019

Diabetes Fact Sheet For African American Women Essay

Diabetes Fact Sheet For African American Women - Essay ExampleA number of factors account for this but most outstanding could be sighted as the fact that there is a high level of disparity in the provision of quality healthc are to all areas of the American population. Records also have it that diabetes is a disease that poses so much health threat to affected persons. Consequently, a refusal by stakeholders, especially the government to address the issue would mean that the human resource base of the country will be jeopardized because the greater part of the get together States workforce would be an ailing one. Among the African American women population, there are other critical statistics of facts that are worth elaborating as far as diabetes is concerned. This is because it is a fact that other risk factors such as senesce and family history can hardly be controlled. Subsequently, African American women who are over the age of 50 are more likely to get diabetes than those of o ther ages. Again, 45% of African American women are from homes with a history of diabetes. What this means is that 45% are at risk as far as risk factors are concerned.In conclusion, it would be said that preventive primary healthcare delivery must be intensified among the African American population. Policy experts can make good of this fact sheet by ensuring that in their primary healthcare campaigns, African American women are admonished to maintain a healthy weight eat low-fat, well-balanced diet make physical exercise a habit and reduce inebriant intake (Women Health, 2012).

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