Monday, June 17, 2019

Role Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Role Reflection - Essay ExampleThe article also argues that there is no relationship between curriculum knowledge and execution. The article also stresses the fact that more attention should be paid to implementation of curriculum and it should be considered as important as curriculum development. another(prenominal) problem that is identified in the article is related to the difference between intentional curriculum and the curriculum that is followed. There are also massive colloquy issues that hinder the implementation of the desired curriculum.It is argued in the article that use of appropriate tools can help in better implementation of curriculum. Use of curriculum implementation monitoring system is advised by the article and it is suggested that this new system can help schools better implement their desired curriculum. The suggested system is in pricey and does not put noteworthy stress on the school teachers and administration. The new system focuses more on communicat ion to ensure that there is a forgather between the desired curriculum and curriculum that is followed. The communication will help schools remove the problems teachers face in implementation of curriculum.The role of principal is identified as the greatest in solving the problem of implementation of curriculum. The article argues that the use of new system will only help solve the problem if principals move back interest and ensure that the new system is followed. Principals are also advised to do regular follow-ups with teachers to make sure that everything is running smoothly. A proper working relationship between teachers and principals can play a huge role in making sure that teachers are able to follow and implement the designed curriculum. the leadership of principal is vital, according to the article, to remove all hindrances in implementation of desired curriculum.The article is written in an academic tone and identifies a significant

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