Saturday, June 15, 2019

True religion jeans brand Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

True religion jeans brand - Essay ExampleWith the high sales volume and change magnitude profits, this industry remains attractive in the mart. The transformation of the market structure through the change of numerous denim labels into diverse lifestyle brands has facilitated increased grade of growth and survival within the market segment. The existing increased potential for sales is immensely attributed to the lifestyles brands, development of brand premiums and safeguarding product cycle downturns. These factors define the market structure as superior and stable.Does True Religion enjoy a combative value in the segment? If so, is its advantage sustainable? Discuss the sources of competitive advantage and use the VRIO framework to evaluate True Religion and its major competitorsYes, True Religion enjoys a competitive advantage in the market segment it occupies. The advantage is sustainable because of the three segments operates independent of each other with different market sub-segments. For instance, the U.S wholesale Segment sells the premium products to leading countrywide retailer outlets the external segment distributes the products across the international outlet and the consumer direct segment serves the consumers directly through branded retail stores and e-business sales. The sources of competitive advantage include use of applied science in enhancing sales and marketing service.The internet and web ads are used to promote the products to the well-heeled, fashion cognisant consumers. On the same regard, the True Religion Jeans takes advantage of the opportunity to create brand value over its competitors. Consider the following VRIO

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