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Examination Of Telenor Pakistan And Its Human Resources Management

Examination Of Telenor Pakistan And Its Human Resources Management We are here to help our clients obtain the maximum advantage of communications services in their day to day life. The answer to achieve this vision is a state of mind where all of us work side by side. Whilst assuring it easy and simple to buy use our services. We make sure that we keep our promises staying reverent of disparity. We Inspire public to discover new ways. Section # 1 Understand how the HR plans supports the strategic objectives Learning Outcome # 1 Telenor Group Telenor is a global supplier of high quality data and media communication services. Telenor is ranked the 7th  largest mobile operator with a total of  164 million  subscribers in its mobile operations. Telenor Pakistan Telenor Group is the only owner of Telenor Pakistan which is an international contents and communication services, voice and data provider of high in fourteen marketplaces across Europe and Asia. With over 1.79 Million mobile users (Q1 2010) and about 40,000 employees the Telenor Group is one of the largest mobile operators around the globe. With a massive investment of above 2 billion US$ Telenor Pakistan is the countrys biggest EU investor. Telenor Pakistan got a GSM license in the Year 2004 and started commercial Operations on 15th March, 2005. A report that was published in the end of May this year Telenor subscribers are more than 23.5 Million. It also holds the 24 percent of the market claiming the 2nd largest Mobile operator. Currently Telenor in Pakistan has developed itself to become the top mobile service provide. The headquarter of Telenor Pakistan is in Islamabad, it has many regional officers in Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Faisalabad and Hyderabad. ( Define Values Values are qualities, principles, attitudes or beliefs about the inherent worth of an object, behavior or idea. Values guide action by sanctioning certain behaviors and negating others. Values and beliefs are essential factors in design and implementation of nursing interventions (Guttman, 2000) CORE VALUES OF TELENOR The core values of Telenor Pakistan are as followings: Keep the Promises At Telenor keep the promises means that whatever the plan they chose it should work, however if it doesnt works, they are always here to assist. Telenor believes in delivering whatever they have promised so they believe in doing instead just sayings. They always fulfil what they say. Make it Easy Telenor do not make things difficult. They are very practical and they try their best that whatever they do should be simple and should be very easy to understand. As they say that they never forget that they are making the customers life easier. Be Respectful At Telenor they admit and value local cultures. They do not compel one formula all over the worldwide. They wish to be a part of local neighbourhood anywhere they operate. At Telenor they deem faithfulness has to be earned. Be Inspiring At Telenor they are inspired they struggle to bring liveliness to the things they do. They try that everything they deliver should appear good, up to date and fresh. At Telenor they are obsessive regarding their business and clients. ( Strategic capabilities of Telenor Pakistan Telenor Pakistan has got outstanding tactical capabilities in terms of Resource-based, self-motivated competence and is doing well in developing the strategic capabilities. Resource Based Strategy Telenor Pakistan has got a mixture of sources such the branches of Telenor Pakistan are spread across the country. These branches are well equipped with all infrastructures furnished for effective running of organization. In addition to this adequate utilities are available for the effectiveness of service providing to the customers and the employees of the Company. Raw materials like broachers and product folders are well planned to keep the strategic path in production processes. As it is a service based company human resources are the key asset to the organization. Fiscal resources of Telenor Pakistan are prearranged with Capital investments and sufficient flow of resources in terms of cash through Creditors and debtors of the organization. Logically the organisation has a superior repute and goodwill in the market and they have got copyright of their products along with systems and data storage devices. Telenor Pakistan employees play a vital role in business procedures associated with several advisors and franchises that have thorough knowledge skills servicing the customers. Types of Resources and competencies To persuade the minimum requirements of the customers Telenor Pakistan had enough Threshold Capital and there by stays on top in the market. Thanks to its excellent services like crystal clear voice quality, best reception in rural, urban and suburban areas i.e. across the country, unmatched call rates and calling packages Telenor Pakistan has gained competitive advantage adding value unmatched thus Winning Core Competencies against its competitors like Mobilink GSM and Ufone. In resolving the issues of timing satisfying the need of customers the organisation hardly ever but has got the Redundancy competencies. With their proficiency and expertise Telenor Pakistan has gained Core competency in the target customers and satisfy them by providing great services for the money. Dynamic Capabilities of the Company Telenor Pakistan showed its dynamic ability by introducing its new packages suitable for people from different segments, like for students, professionals and businessmen it has introduced different contract packages and services at a wide range. Using innovation considering environmental aspects and technological changes it improved the characteristics of its services. To meet the requirements of internal and external organizational skills and competences Telenor Pakistan has widely apparent Strategic Management roles. Telenor Pakistans dynamic approach has a notion called Learning which is a continuing process of implementation of tasks and work performances that are ad hoc by knowing loops from past understandings and retrieving it with new expansions to it move on faster. Developing Strategic Competence Telenor always kept recognising the customers provision regarding the services and the products with the change in environment and market structure. Through a tactical approach Telenor Pakistan has enhanced its work process and developed it capabilities in an efficient format to achieve strategic advantage over its competitors. Organizational Learning To persuade the skills under common culture to achieve a common goal Telenor Pakistan gives facts and figures of experience, know-how, services and procedures. Awareness Developing At Telenor Pakistan every employee is trained to know their roles and responsibilities by working according to a purpose of strategy. Learning Outcome # 2 Attracting, recruiting and selecting talent Process for Recruitment and Selection At Telenor Pakistan, the beliefs are to reveal the hidden human talent by building expertise and by providing an energetic atmosphere. The plan is to discover young talent and furnish it with the competencies that are necessary in this fast paced market. The Career Management Workshop (CMW) of Telenor Pakistan is an effort to teach students on making an improved curriculum and efficiently presenting themselves in interviews. Hence Telenor Pakistan is giving them a breakthrough in the corporate sector. The recruitment panel evaluates the applicants on the basis of a skill framework to hire the best. To date Telenor Pakistan enjoys a very nice mix of talent from local and international universities. The hiring process of Telenor Pakistan has the following steps: Hiring funnel Advertising/C.V Collecting/ Talent hunt Screening / Short listing General Test (Line Recruitment) TST, PPA or Simulation Interview Candidate Finalization Offer Acceptance On-Boarding Cronhach, 2005 A test is a systematic procedure for comparing the behaviour of two or more persons. (Ved Prakash (2005) A handbook of Human Resource Management 2005) The recruitment process takes 6-8 weeks Before applying for any position, it is very important for the graduates to assess themselves and recognize their interests, their strengths, and those avenues that they may like to discover, short the candidates need to have a strong sense of their career track. When an applicant comes for an interview, its strongly suggested that they must reconsider and be able to give reason for all they have stated on their curriculum. Telenor Pakistan believes in equal opportunity. At Telenor they have very diverse aptitude functioning for them that also include Persons with Disabilities (PWDs). The salary packages at Telenor Pakistan are very competitive and Telenor has the best insurance policy for its employees as compare to its competitors. It gives laptops, Telenor SIM card and a Mobile phone to all its interns. it also provides transportation for female interns. In addition to make their internship a superior learning course, they are given projects that they have to submit before their internship ends. The criteria for short listing a candidate is not only their GPA but Telenor also we look for approach and hire for skills. Its internship program caters students who are at present studying but not the graduated batches. ( HR Strategy of Telenor Pakistan THE CULTURAL AFFECT OF HR TO ITS RECRUITMENT AND RETENTION OF STAFF The strategies of Telenor make it CULTURALLY COMPATIBLE to the HR of different nations wherever it has set up its business. These strategies are as following General Set-Up At Telenor all the employees are given great respect where the manager shakes hand with the cleaner. At Telenor Pakistan the CEO, VPs, Directors, Managers, Executives and Officers all share the same workspace and the same privileges. Absence of physical dividers translates into reduced communication barriers. In coincidence with the practice of Late Mughal King Jahangir who used to hear the appeals of his subordinates whoever has any complaint a big bell with a string on the main door has been placed of offices as cultural symbol in Pakistani Telenor offices. It is for the idea that anyone who feels himself satisfied with Telenor services can ring the bell. Recruitment Telenor believes in equal opportunity and maintain FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION. The hiring principle in Telenor is same all through the world. As in different countries the knowledge, abilities and skills of people are different hence Telenor adopts different recruitment priorities. Talking the example of Pakistan we see that the university level education is cheaper compared to EU countries. Moreover Pakistan is blessed with a pool of graduates and post-graduates students, so obviously more skilled and educated individuals are hired. Telenor has mostly graduates in jobs in Europe. As creativity and brightness is vital by service sector which is more frequently found in Asian countries Telenor prefers to hire young and skilful individuals over elderly experienced in Asian countries. The middle aged people in Asian countries are less excited and bright. However people in EU remain enthusiastic and bright for a relatively longer period of time. Currently about 80% of staff at Telenor is young generation. Training In European Telenor setups training system is much energetic. Telenor is not carrying out best training in Asia because less revenue is generated in the markets. Especially in Pakistan training is always ignored by all. However Telenor for its employees keeps on conducting 1 day training during their career with it. Job Duties Equal and uniform strategies are carried out everywhere in Telenor. The requirements of the duties are same at and Telenor offers flexible work hours to its employees in its customers service call centres. Everyone is remunerated on good performance in financial units as well as acknowledgment and applaud. Its reward system is same everywhere. Up to Rs.1, 000,000 medical insurance for self and family is provided for free to all employees. Telenor prefers to retain young and healthy employees because there are more health problems in elderly in Asian countries. Instead of pension plans Telenor provides provident funds. Learning outcome # 3 Culture and its effects on employees Culture is the characteristic way of behaving and believing that a group of people in a country or region (or firm) have evolved over time and share. (Dennis R. Briscoe Randall S. SCHULER (2004) Cultural Compatibility Telenor do value the culture of its company bases in Pakistan by having the policy to gift complete Hajj package for two employees every year it also arranges AFTAR for its staff in Ramadan. Telenor Pakistan promotes a smart casual dress code, empowering its employees with the right to choose whatever they feel comfortable with. Even in inter-province cultural differences, for example in Telenor Quetta is interesting where employees arent asked to wear suits. They wear TUNIC AND PREACHES ( Strategic Human Resource Planning Humans are the basic resource for having competitive edge in the market for the majority of the organizations and Telenor Pakistan is one of these. With one of the best HR structure in Pakistan that gives it an edge over its competitors. HR strategy refers to the specific human resource management course of actions that a company follows to achieve its objectives. We will see how these strategies are formulated and applied at Telenor Pakistan. In Telenor Pakistan the HR process is done in accordance with its mission. The first step that HR planners do is rife the culture of Telenor. The do the SWOT analysis of the company and the current market and then on basis of SWOT the Telenor strategic plan is established. With the overall companys strategic plan HR strategies are formulated at the end. LEARNING OUTCOME # 4 LEGAL REQUIREMENT FOR HUMAN RESOURCES Recruitment Process All companies in the Telenor Group handle their own recruitment and selection. Telenor Pakistan believes that a talented and loyal workforce plays a crucial role in the organizations ongoing business success. Telenor is very keen to hire very skilled personnels. This is why recruiting process is very meaningful for the HR department of Telenor. Telenor provides equal opportunity chances to everyone. Recruitment process of Telenor is unbiased. Manual to Internet recruiting In the past Telenor were doing manual recruitment all over the world. It is so expensive the organization and also spent so much time on it. They recruit the people through advertising in magazine newspaper and so many other resources. But now with the passage of time Telenor has started online recruitment all over the world as well as in Pakistan. Online recruitment is very important for the progress of the country. And Telenor is playing major role in it. Its online recruitment process is very easy and useful. Because online recruitment takes less time as compare to manual recruitment. There are few steps for online recruitment process in Telenor Pakistan. THE WORK LIFE BALANCE The work life balance means that making a balance between your work life and your home life. There could be many reasons of changing in working practice of an organisation. Following are few factors responsible for changes in working practices over recent times. CULTURAL DIVERSITY ISSUES SKILSS SHORTAGE DEMOGRAPHICS CUSTOMER DEMANDS THE MARKET PLACE How Telenor helps the work life balance Telenor helps its employees to keep a vigorous balance between their personal and professional lives. Telenor Pakistan have enables most of its employees to work virtually from remote locations by its IT systems and tools. For fun, employees at key locations enjoy working out at the gym, playing video games, pool, and regular leisure and sports activities, such as cricket matches and adventure trips. There are away-days where employees go out away from their offices, to bond and work in a fun way. Creating an ideal work environment We support a work environment characterized by high job-satisfaction, opportunities for personal and professional development, and low rate of medical leave and injuries. Health, Safety and Working Environment Management System Telenor Safety Security Department has been recognized at the Group level for its vigorous performance. They identify and reduce work related risks and promote overall well-being at work in addition they take care of employee health and safety at all times. Our recent safety and security initiatives for employees included consciousness campaigns on the environment, substance abuse, allergies, first aid, fire safety and study related to relation between workers and their environments. PROCESS TO BE FOLLOWED IN A GRIEVANCE SITUATION Management at Telenor Pakistan Stress with all employees at work takes place in every competitive market, no matter if it is small or its big. The plan should to manage it not to eliminate it. Worldwide many companies have plan and qualified staff, enthusiastic departments to help workers deal with work-related stress. Telenor Pakistan has a qualified team of doctors who work with workforce to help control their pressure as well as an in-house counsellor. I you look for expert opinion you are not going mad. Telenor Pakistan ensures 100% privacy during our counselling meetings. Internal Value Creation (IVC) plays an important part in many of Telenor Pakistans core organizational development processes. This is mainly an employee study accomplished yearly to take proposition / advice on how to progress the processes and job environment at Telenor, together with the anxiety issues. Indication to watch out for:, behavioural, Physical and emotional. If you feel you are feeling tired or angry or depressed, it is ok to talk to a counsellor. He/ She will merely assist you recognize the real grounds of suffering and advice steps to overcome them. For its workers Telenor Pakistan cares very much by giving an open atmosphere however at the spot explicit thinking rooms particularly designed to give an flee for inspired thoughts. Company threshold features periodical health guidelines written by in-house doctors for workers. Global organisations help their workforce to manage pressure by granting yearly leaves, medical cover as well as anxiety management workshops. Particular programme are planned especially to stop tension at work at Telenor Pakistan There are special classes for workers of yoga after work shifts. Telenor provides domestic leisure services also Gym facility is provided in the office building. In order travel for work staff cars are given this facility is especially for employees with disability and also for female workers. Internal sports competition, festive events for National Days and Mango Day, etc. are arranged by the social club in Telenor Pakistan. To relax and watch movies a particular domestic theatre has been provided for Customer Relations (CR). A unique counsel for drivers is also in progress. Contingency planning At Telenor Pakistan they have business unforeseen event procedure to make sure they are capable to handle outside risks and pressure. Telenor also offers its workers a 24 by 7 hotline, examined by the Safety and Security team. Previous year Telenor Pakistan put in place a complete business continuity structure. At present Telenor Pakistan is planning a superior disaster management exercise. On-site medical care For its employees and female workers Telenor Pakistan provides 24 hours on call home health service that is a remarkable and a unique facility Telenor provides. This is also its competitive edge. Telenor is also in the process of organising at the spot dental check-ups its also organising a vaccination program. ( CHALLENGES Telenor faces a lot of challenges with the ever increasing needs of HR. It is really hard to employ and keep the most excellent candidates particularly around the world. The global companies face many disputes regarding the cultural uniqueness of respective countries. They have to adjust culturally to the environment of respective countries. The organization is exposed to many challenges to make them perform at their best when even hiring the HR staff for that country. CONCLUSION After deeply studying the Human resource Department (HRD) of Telenor Pakistan, I consent that Telenor Pakistan is carrying out realistic ethnically compatible approach for its HR. Though its not promoting the cultural identity programme that insistently, but even then it is facing fewer cultural disagreements among its HR. The may be the reason that Telenor is only operating in two markets that are Asia and Europe. The European marketplace holds almost the identical cultures moreover three (3) of its Asian market countries are Muslims. I came through very extraordinary facts concerning managing any companys Human Resource. I think that managing a spirited and culture friendly Human Resource in a spirited worldwide market is a hard job. However, so far, Telenor Pakistan is quite successful in recruiting and retaining astonishingly gifted Human Resource worldwide.

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