Thursday, July 25, 2019

Explain how the treatment of internal and external customers is one Essay

Explain how the treatment of internal and external customers is one more important than the other How does this affect "quality" in the organization - Essay Example Internal customers are the human capital that constitutes the factors of production. The expertise of the internal customers determine the quality of the output which the influence the external customers. In a service industry for example, the knowledge and skills of the employees influence the end product which determines the satisfaction of external customers. In Hill & Allen (2007) the external customers also influence the operations of the organization. A service industry like the Insurance industry is usually operated by the needs and wants of the external customers. The needs or complaints of the external customers are normally factored by the organization with great interest. In return, the organization executes their demand with effective conditions in order to suit their tastes and preferences. Martinez & Hobbi (2008) explain that the internal customers facilitate in the marketing of the organizations services. The internal customers through effective communication and delivery of the services influence the customers’ perception. The Insurance Industry in one slippery sector that is entirely operated by the act of faith. The internal customers are required to fully disclose the benefits and terms and conditions of the policy so as the external customers can be convinced in order to purchase the product. Hill & Alexander (2006) explain the external customers act as a measure of the organization’s performance. The effectiveness of an organization’s operations can be evaluated based on the external customers’ feedbacks. A company that pollutes the environment can receive negative comments regarding activities and vice versa. In addition, the quality of its services and products can be evaluated based on their numbers (sales), feedbacks and support. The services or products delivery of the internal customers is highly on the organization’s support. The health sector for example, is a vital

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