Sunday, July 28, 2019

Wellness Center. Sunnyside Wellness Center Inc Essay

Wellness Center. Sunnyside Wellness Center Inc - Essay Example These services will give the firm a competitive edge over what the others in this industry have to offer. The demand for organic cooking classes is on the rise. â€Å"Recent surveys indicate that the demand is so strong that supply is not able to keep up with it† (Stith, 2011). The company will be a full service 24 hour facility with state of the art equipment, personal training, spa, sauna cooking classes, and class connection via internet. The customers will have the ability to not only take our organic cooking classes live, but also via the internet. Mission Statement The mission of the company is to focus on individual health and well being while increasing the knowledge of organic nutrition to achieve rejuvenation of the mind body and spirit. The firm’s objective is to be recognized as an alternative health and fitness solution resource for families, businesses, and individuals. The idea is to eventually spread into a franchise opportunity where others will have a chance to benefit from the pro-type business. Upon review of the competition no one is currently offering the service of organic cooking classes live or via internet. Introduction Sunnyside will offer new and innovating services which will educate and empower our consumers. In addition our consumers will experience the ultimate rejuvenation services through a combination of medical massage therapy in our state of the art sauna and spa rooms. This new way of servicing consumers in the fitness industry was born out of the ideal to addresses a need and want, and impact health issues in a positive way. New services are created to address the needs of society. The purpose of this business project is to establish a facility that concentrates on fitness and nutrition concerns for everyday people. In addition providing essentials for a healthy body, both on the inside and the outside, using natural methods that are chemical-free and allow the consumer to take responsibility for their health . This is a viable business opportunity because it utilizes the key foundational factors of health and fitness. In 2010 the health and fitness industry in the United States generated $24.23 billion (Ibisworld, 2011). Sunnyside Wellness & Spa Centers (SWSC) competitive edge will be the new and dynamic organic cooking classes within its facilities in addition to the sauna & spa. This venture will be successful because it addresses the nutritional and physical concerns that many consumers have. â€Å"Public and private organizations have mounted ongoing efforts to change Americans behavior toward nutrition and exercise† (Fatworld). The other similar businesses in the greater Chicagoland area currently do not offer nutritional instruction along with fitness programs, sauna/spa, and workout equipment. A full service health and wellness center with an equal emphasis on healthy cooking & eating will be a positive impact on society. The firm expects to see a significant impact the fi rst year; the sales projections for the first year are over 3 million dollars. This information is contained in the sales forecast. The target market of the enterprise are  males, females, either  single and/or with families in the greater Chicagoland area. The first task is to convince consumers of the benefits of enrolling in an organic cooking class along with the fitness programs. This will be accomplished by aggressively pursuing interaction and relationships with individuals who would profit from using this new service. Once a strong image is established, Sunnyside Wellness

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