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Eading and Writing about Arguments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Eading and Writing about Arguments - Essay Example One should always pray to request for assistance from God. Prayers should always be everyone's first resort since we should always invite God first under various life situations. Just like the way, a child comes to their father to talk to them; every person has the responsibility of coming to speak to him (Bounds, 2007, p. 12). For Christians to live a straight life, they should be guided by prayers just like Jesus. A Christian faces the problem of securing a private place where they can have their prayers. Jesus always found a way out through which he could have his prayers. Prayers are tremendously influential in the life of a Christian since they strengthen a person’s faith. For us to emulate the life of Jesus Christ, we have to pray on a regular basis. It is difficult to be consistent in one's prayers, but one has to make it a habit to pray on a regular basis. There is no difference between praying in a church service and praying at home. Prayer is a means through which Ch ristians communicate to God to express their needs and their love for Him. There is no difference between praying at home or in the church since God will answer the prayers. I feel that provided one prays appropriately the place of worship is not vital. The crucial thing is to express one's prayers and feelings to God. God will answer everyone's prayers. Some people think that praying at a church service is more effective than praying at home. This is because; at the church there is a congregation of people who ensure that the prayers are collaborative. When people pray in a group, they encourage one another and praise in a group. This acts as a more effective way of praying and God is immensely happy when people cooperate in prayers. At a church service, Christians have other ways of worshiping which are also tremendously effective. People believe that praising is twice as effective as prayers and hence people desire praising to praying as the process of worship. In the church, Chr istians share testimonies about Gods manifestation in their life and this strengthens the faith of other people in the church (Bounds, 2007, p. 32). When one faces a challenge, one meets other people who might be experiencing challenges that are a bit difficult. This will ensure that people will have a different approach to the problems they experience. It is true that praying together as a group is better than alone. People should always join hands when it comes to prayers. They should have the spirit of togetherness that will ensure that they enjoy the prayer session. Jesus led by example by illustrating the need of praying together. He showed his disciples the Lord’s Prayer and encouraged to stay together. Before the high priest gave the soldiers permission to persecute him, he encouraged the twelve disciples to pray until the last minute. Praying is particularly vital for all people and Christians have a responsibility to make a routine act. Priests should ensure that the y remind people to pray regularly so as to maintain a cordial relationship with God. For a person to acquire the kingdom of God, one has to be persistent in prayers and avoid being sinful. It does not necessarily matter the place where Christians communicate to God through prayers. God will answer the prayers that one communicates to him (Bounds, 2007, p. 36). People may recite their prayers in church or at home depending on the circumstances that they face in their day to day life. For instance, there are people with various body disabilities and hence cannot make

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