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Pauls Relationship with Clara in Sons and Lovers :: Lawrence Sons and Lovers Essays

Paul's Relationship with Clara in Sons and Lovers       Paul's relationship with Clara is based on passion. Her womanliness impresses him from the first time that they meet and throughout their relationship. Since Paul has never had any sexual experiences Clara amazes him thoroughly because she is so sensual, unlike Miriam who is afraid of any physical contact and his mother who is not in a position to offer him such things. During their relationship, Paul matures from a boy into a man not only physically but also mentally. Sadly, due to their age difference and their different perceptions of life, their relationship falls apart. Another great reason for the failure of their relationship is the fact that Clara is married.    When Paul had to go to Willey farm to meet Clara he was very excited even though at that stage of his life he was seeing Miriam; "Evidently his eagerness to be early today had been the new-comer" (p.269). Not only was he eager to meet her but "There was something he hankered after", whenever he heard Miriam speak about Clara he "rouse" and would get "slightly angry" (p.268). When he entered the parlour the first thing he noticed was "the nape of her white neck, and the fine hair lifted from it" (p.269). Unlike him, Clara was quite indifferent towards Paul in the beginning: "She rose, looking at him indifferently" (p.269). It is rather curious how in the beginning Paul is obsessed with Clara's body: "He noticed how her breasts swelled inside her blouse, and how her shoulder curved handsomely under the thin muslin at the top of her arm", while she in a way was annoyed by him: "She did not mind if he observed her hands. She intended to scorn him" (p.270). He was self-conscio us in her presence while she most of the time acted as if he was not there: "Paul was rather self-conscious because he knew Clara could see if she looked out the window. She didn't look" (p.272). Paul is not only attracted by Clara, but he is also curious to find out about her since he has never met a woman like her before: "A hot wave went over Paul. He was curious about her" (p.

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