Wednesday, August 7, 2019

People resourcing(HR) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3250 words

People resourcing(HR) - Essay Example They are men and women who lead by example, team work, communication skills, and dedication. In the modern times, it is not enough to be highly skilful. One has to be adaptable to adjust with changes in technology and environment. The need for development of a strategic approach is correlative to the 'best fit, best practice' concept in management of human resource. Best fit is not simply use of the best man or woman for a particular job slot. It goes beyond to achieve the winning situation by harnessing the talents and skills of one employee for the purpose of achieving a specific target or goal. People sourcing align with the company's strategy and strategic human resource management has a stake in the company's performance and results. (Sandeep Krishnan and Manjari Singh). The importance of this approach is gaining ground as traditional management techniques based on 'one system fits all' approach is rapidly losing out in view of the frustration felt by both the management as well as the employees to fit into an outdated system which is no more suited for either. Instead, today the preference is for capability with communication skills. For instance, the capability of a particular employee may not be of very high order, but if his communication skills are noteworthy he may be the ideal choice to carry out a job, a project, or even a whole enterprise. ThModern day technology is designed to bring out the best even in the most mediocre individual provided he or she abides by the simple instructions codified as commands. The tremendous growth of information and communication technologies has exposed the new generation today to a system run efficiently with the help of sleek computers, printers, scanners and other gadgets which has left the system of the previous generation overwhelmed and on the throes of extinction. The system which was in vogue just a decade ago has been outpaced in terms of efficacy and communication methodologies. The present office scenario in most establishments, even in third world countries, presents an atmosphere of youthful exuberance blending with computer aided data systems in place. Handling men enjoins a host of activities and concepts. It has to do with operating, planning, control, research and development, and decision making. Indeed, the present age's requirement for 'best fit, best practice' approach is necessary in the highly competitive nature of doing work today. Even with

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