Saturday, August 31, 2019

Professional Philosophy Essay

Kellie Boudreaux kab1631 9/12/13 HLTH-214-S4A (Personal Professional Philosophy) Health is a very important lifestyle choice. It is not only physical but also a mental way of thinking. Being healthy can change ones perspective on life in a positive manner. Health helps you achieve balance and tranquility. Health in general can bring a community together and enforce positive behaviors. I believe health educators can mentor individuals to make choices that would enhance their life style. Health Promotion and Wellness stresses prevention techniques and being conscience of ones state of health. It is valued because it directly affects ones daily lifestyle. Health promotion employees may work from schools, any work environment, or within the community to spread health promotion. As a health promotion and wellness major we should be a role model to the community. We are the example and should â€Å"practice what we preach†. Just with any other profession, a cardiovascular doctor would not promote smoking or anything harmful to the body to cause illness. With this major you can work in many environments such as a hospital, school, community center, and businesses. Health promotion is necessary in all aspects of the community. It is important that a community maintains a healthy value to restrict illness and viruses from spreading. You could serve as a personal mentor to someone who is searching for help with their health. Or you could work for a business promoting healthier lifestyles dealing with their work ethnic. Health education can be both formal and informal. Meeting scenario or classroom environments can be a type of formal education. An informal type of education can be just a one-on-one conversation in a relaxed environment. In the profession you are dealing with peoples health, so you need to be ethical and respect peoples privacy. It is your job to understand and respect peoples health history. Everyones health is equally important no matter of race, age, or social background. As a health educator, I need to always remember each person I work with will have a different attitude and out look on life. Supporting ones health is a major key to lead someone to their healthy life. I must always respect ones background and beliefs. If  they are willing to improve their health then that is what matters. It is our job to highlight the importance of ones health. It is not just going to the gym, it is managing stress and mental prosperity. I believe that health is an important aspect of life. Many things involve mental and physical health. I hope to contribute to individuals well-being by providing healthy lifestyle choices. I want to work with the client and also any outside support systems that would contribute to their success. I believe supporting my clients is an important factor in ones goal set for a healthier lifestyle. Health promotion also involves with an on going relationship with your clients. I believe in being committed and connected with all of my clients in all environments I work with. No only being committed, I also want to be a mentor and role model to show my clients what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. Each individuals have different plans to manage their health according to their belief system and goals they want to achieve. Teaching my clients how to integrate healthy living into their daily lifestyles will be a goal of mine throughout my future career. I can achieve this goal by establish ing personal relationships and creating a personalized health plan for each of my clients.

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